Yasmine Sabry revealed what Ramez Jalal did to her behind the scenes, so he took revenge on her in a way that did not occur to Satan !!

Despite the intense dispute that took place between Yasmine Sabry and Ramez Jalal after she became the victim of his scam two years ago, “Ramez Majnoun Rasmi”, she became the victim of Ramez on the “Ramez” for the second time this year. Movie Star “polish program.

It came as a result of her dream of reaching the world with action movie star Van Damme, and Ramez abandoned his sarcastic introduction and contented himself with presenting phrases for flirting in the beauty of Yasmine, commenting once on her enjoyment of her husband’s wealth, and he also once mocked her for failing to memorize the dialogue of the first scene.

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Ramez, instead of the usual introduction of insulting and ridiculing the stars, received Yasmine Sabry and said: The pride of Egyptian production, come down, beast of the beast.

The international star, Van Damme, commented on Ramez Jalal’s description of Yasmine Sabry and said: “Oh, yes.”

Ramez Jalal continued on the authority of Yasmine Sabry in the episode: A star of high caliber, in beauty, which she does not like, combines Dalaa Souad Hosni, on the body of Hind Rostom, about the cruelty of Suhair Ramzi, with the knowledge of the value of herself and to be able to say her name.she

He added: There was a disagreement between us. She came out with me in an episode, and as usual I gave her the wait. Are you looking forward to getting lost in me? He thought of me as a coward and was scared, I planned for her and I will bring her back and he will give her … Beautiful beauties who change women and want to get rid of the stars, Yasmine Sabry.

Ramez referred to Yasmine Sabry’s statements to the “et in Arabic” program in May 2020, during which she said: “I have to be bothered by her and I have so far found no explanation for her,” referring to her question about the reason for her love for her husband, Ahmed Abu Hashima, where her answer appeared in Episode: “He makes me laugh.”

And Yasmine Sabry explained in her statements: “The truth is, I said I love everything in him, that he is successful, confident, the ambition of his personality is strong, and I said that he is the master of people. and that he has many common needs and that he makes me laugh. “

And she expressed her annoyance that the answer was cut off so that only the word “make me laugh” appeared, and accused Ramez Jalal and the preparation team of doing it on purpose, and she said, “It’s a need that bothers me. and I was bothered. could not expect that from Ramez. “

Ramez commented on the elegant appearance of Yasmine Sabry by saying, “I finished the book of femininity and her husband gave her a private plane and a yacht, and he has now locked her up in Qatar,” and added: “The collet in her neck wishes the whole caravan.

And while acquiring Yasmine’s sizes to prepare the shooting clothes, Ramez said: Honestly, he’s an adulterous player, from back to front, there’s no question, but the remedy is done in installments.

The presenter of the “Shahid” program, under the paragraphs of the “Ramez Movie Star” program, asked the artist, Yasmine Sabry, and said: “What is your philosophy in life?” Ramez Jalal jokingly replied, “Take care of yourself and do not be wasteful because you fall into someone who has money.” .

The artist, Yasmine Sabry, received the international star, Van Dam, where she welcomed him and expressed her love for him about her beauty and appearance.

And the artist, Yasmine Sabry, repeated the scene she performed with Van Dam as part of the events of the second episode of the “Ramez Movie Star” program.

Yasmine has not stopped screaming and crying since the beginning of the filming of the second scene without knowing that Ramez Jalal is with her in the chase between the cars, and after Ramez survived the possibility that the car from the top of falling off the bridge, Ramez revealed his face, and unexpectedly Yasmine Sabry laughed and kept asking, “He It’s really hard.” Yasmine declined to comment on her previous attack on Ramez.

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