Apple Milk by Yahya Salam Al-Mandhari .. Try writing a different story

It includes a number of stories

■ ■ The story gained wide popularity at one time, and was closest to the reader, due to its presentation of various social and other issues, in addition to its few pages. It differs greatly in its philosophy from the novel and the technical conditions, until the novel came and pulled the rug out of the story, and the story was in fact the first to come into being (in the second century AD in Greek literature, while the Arabs came up with stories and stories that depended on the style of the story, such as the days of the Arabs and the stories of the knights, but it is based on elements other than those of the story, as the Arabs had no stories because their orientation was focused on poetry and rhetoric, as they say Dr. Abdul Qadir Abu Sharifa and Dr. Hussein Lafi Qazak in their book An Introduction to Literary Text Analysis). ■ ■
Return to the short story Apple Milk by author Yahya Al-Mandhari, which includes a number of stories. This applies to all the stories included in the Apple Milk Collection), which indicate the author’s professionalism, the scope of the culture and the ability to formulate the art of writing the story he enjoys, which is an important thing and gives an idea of ​​the extent of passion, love and interest in the continuous development of writing the most beautiful story and enriching knowledge until the highest goal is achieved. a story.
The novel, which today competes with poetry, is awarded prizes such as poker and others through which any novel through which it could come closer to the reader and increase his love for it; Unlike poetry, which has been abused by those who today commit themselves to writing poetry, and which is in fact important, because of this constant destruction of poetry by young poets, has not been accepted by the recipient and has is more interested in the novel than in poetry.
And the short story Apple Milk is trying to be a new project, maybe in the future. For several reasons, because it’s an exceptional story, because of the topic it touches on and the ambiguity of the title, the title of the storybook, which is apple milk.
To bring the reader closer, apple milk is a metaphor. It has an erotic tint. The apple is according to the custom a fruit, and it is used from its juice and not from its milk. Therefore, the title can be considered a mythical symbolic title.
It is open to all possibilities, and as the critic Basma Arous says (that the title does not help to reveal the foundations of reading that work through the stories, but it does give expression to the general philosophy of the whole work, which is that the observer turns to the clear information, and quickly reflects on it, but rather that he searches behind this deceptive system From programs not announced by signs and clues) When we dig into the story of apple milk, we find that there are several characters, but the center of the story is a kid named Isaac, and he loved apples and bit them, but his father did not buy him apples while his colleagues at school ate their red and green apples nibbled before her eyes And he heard the sound of gnawing and saw the nectar dripping from his lips, and one day he asked his father to buy him one apple, but his father could not, and therefore he gave Isaac the fruit and his hot bread edwing. When the child reached the age of fifteen, his father developed a rare disease that prevented him from talking and walking.
His father took him with his mother to the way of the mountain, and gave them folk medicine and told them that medicine is nothing but painkillers, but it does not cure the disease.Her pregnancy, with white apples in her and, as it turns out in the narration of the story, that the story is full of riddles and symbols, with which the reader is puzzled. Then we find that Isaac himself walks on a path that cuts through a forest of apples, and in between ‘ an apple and an apple pronounce the woman and a light from her body illuminates the way.Then he turns into a soft apple, from which fresh liquid spills, and on his journey with his friends to Mount Shams, his friends were ‘s journeys like the wind that shook the branches of scattered trees and crashed against the edge of the rocks and fell like arrows, to the bottom of the mountain, where the houses were planted between the palm trees, and it struck and brought the villagers almost to a halt. And Isaac saw an apple tree in the neighboring mountain, and noticed that one of his apples was white, and he did not tell his friends about it, and when night came he came out of the tent and put them to sleep, the cold crept into the tent and had fun in their bite, and scattered in the air black balloons that ran and hit the body of the mountain and were torn, and so it goes The story goes from one event to another, so we get for Isaac who longed for the apple, he no longer loves it but wants his medicine.The tree with its leaves, its children and its grandchildren grows to the bottom, its fruit falls to the top Apples are scattered in the air that flying in the air of the earth.A story with different names for the characters, where the story of apple milk did not escalate its events through the character of Isaac, but rather different stories are devised in the same. so we find that the story of apple milk transfers us to another title.The street is threatened, and as soon as the first boy appeared, a bullet was fired at his head, piercing him fiercely in his imagination, the flow of saliva from his mouth the boy suffered hunger and thirst, then the story moved us to another event, where the penetration into the Apple Cave more, the light led him to those happy lands with cold weather, The song of the kangaroo baked in his ears and in her soul.There the apple saw one or more glorious looks. He saw rivers of milk and saw people like birds, did not make their likeness in their eyes, nor watched themselves and their minds, they saw eager to live, dared to fly, and then it became clear that the group of apple milk. You are trying to present to us or by which the author presents some issues to us, but in a symbolic way, as he does not present according to reality what he wants, but rather with other meanings and vocabulary that are on the social and cultural aspect focus. Or the recipient gets lost a lot while enjoying reading this collection of stories Apple Milk. But as it seems, the author’s work is based on the philosophy of the fictional work, which is ambiguity, different from the language of the novel, which is characterized by more fluidity. Hence the Apple Milk Collection, which is perhaps the fifth collection of leading fictional works, by the leading author Yahya bin Salam Al-Mandhari.

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