Depression: How do we know if we have it? What are the methods of treatment?

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10% of people worldwide suffer from mental illness

“I did not leave my room at all for 4 months”, “my reaction was violent and sometimes I hurt myself and my children”, “I only slept two hours a day and fell out for a year”, it was part of the symptoms that both Youssef and Neamat And Amer experienced – and these are not their real names – while suffering from depression.

The three of them shared their experience with mental illness with the BBC, which is perhaps the most common and widespread in the world.

Youssef lost his mother more than a year ago and when entering a state of severe depression, at that point he did not leave his bedroom for many months, to escape to meet someone or talk to someone.

Youssef told the BBC, “The room has become my home, I eat, drink and sleep in it. I do not communicate with anyone and do not use my phone at all as I was very sensitive to any attempt to approach my isolation or to help me from those around me. ”

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