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ABU DHABI, 21 June / WAM / The main articles of the UAE newspapers issued this morning shed light on the UAE’s humanitarian views on the issue of refugees and displaced persons, as the UAE is at the forefront of countries which pays particular attention to this issue, through the initiatives and immediate support packages it has provided to support and alleviate refugees around the world.the scientist.

The main articles also dealt with the UAE’s interest in the development of the industrial sector, as part of its economic and development path, while retaining many stimulating benefits of attracting capital to invest in this sector. They also touched on the announcement of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin. Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. “May God protect him”, because he transformed the Expo 2020 site into “Expo City Dubai”.

Under the headline “Authenticity and a Human Sense”, the newspaper Al-Bayan said that the issue of refugees and displaced persons worries the world, and additional burdens lie on the host countries and the international community, as this phenomenon stems from wars and natural disasters. a humanitarian dimension par excellence, especially as the figures from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees confirm that the number of victims of asylum and displacement is constantly increasing, and more than 100 million people are outside their countries or homes. , from last May.

The newspaper emphasized that with regard to this humanitarian issue, the UAE does not stand a spectator position, but rather is at the forefront of countries that pay particular attention to this issue, through initiatives and immediate support packages, which it provides has to support and relieve refugees around. the world, as an expression of his human values ​​of tolerance and love. Giving is without limits.

She pointed out that the UAE has established itself in recent years in the field of refugee assistance, as it adopts a humanitarian approach, which does not distinguish between gender, color or religion, and is eager to work with the world to to find solutions. to the suffering that refugees experience in various parts of the world. Therefore, the UAE provided great financial and in-kind assistance to refugees in war and disaster areas, from Palestine to Ukraine, who went through dozens of countries sheltering refugees as they were eager to provide food, shelter, health care and field. establish. hospitals, and all that would ensure livelihood, protection and various social services.

The newspaper pointed out that the UAE’s record of honorable and well-known charity work, which began 5 decades ago, is based on the humanitarian approach of the late founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, following the approach by the leaders of the state, based on giving and sincere generosity, which turned it into a global human capital.

The Al Bayan newspaper concluded its editorial emphasizing that the humanitarian aid provided by the UAE is not linked to political orientations, or ethnic or sectarian considerations, and has no motive other than a humanitarian sense for people and their health, food and educational needs, and their right to enjoy a dignified, stable and secure life.

On another topic, the newspaper Al-Ittihad in its editorial entitled “Our industrial sector is an integrated vision” claims that the UAE has an integrated vision for the development of the industrial sector, as part of its economic and development path, while very stimulating has been retained. benefits of attracting capital to invest in this sector, the most important of which are infrastructure and digital. It provides financing and an attractive business environment, in order to achieve its strategy aimed at increasing the contribution of the industrial sector to GDP to 300 billion dirhams by 2031.

The newspaper pointed out that there are many elements that can ensure the success of the national strategy for the industry “Project 300”, the most important of which are the presence of competitive legislation, the strength of the financial sector, ease of doing business, in addition to the availability of elements of security and safety, an ideal environment for work, accommodation and investment, and the state’s ability to access regional markets. Globally, and most importantly, the vision is based on the concept of sustainability, which ensures performance. of the desired development in all its aspects in parallel with the protection of the environment and climate.

The Al-Ittihad newspaper concluded its editorial, emphasizing that this vision, its elements and implementation mechanisms made the UAE attractive to industrial investors meeting in the Make in the Emirates forum today, in the context of strengthening partnerships in introduce various sectors of industry, more than 1,300 investors and decision makers to competitive advantages, in addition to exploring New opportunities for future industries, so that the sector will be an effective contributor to achieving the centenary goal of the best economy in to be the world.

In turn, the newspaper Al-Watan in its editorial entitled “Expo City Dubai …

Sustainable magic and a renewed dream. ” Expo 2020 Dubai was not limited to the most prominent event for 6 months, and received more than 24 million people, including leaders, leaders, presidents, scholars, specialists and visitors, and an oasis of encounter with unprecedented in history and the introduction of the cultures of almost 200 countries and a platform to showcase challenges and the basis for proper cooperation. On the contrary, the results and its lasting impact as a source of inspiration and the foundations of a new era on which much will be built for the benefit of all peoples.

The newspaper added that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced the transformation of the exhibition grounds in the “Dubai Expo City” … to be, as Described His Highness. it, “a city that represents Dubai’s finest ambitions.” It will be the dream and the most prominent model around the world, and one of the most beautiful permanent projects that adorn the decade of unique achievements and collectively make up the miracle of Dubai.

The newspaper pointed out that the Dubai Expo City, from the beginning of next October, will be one of the most prominent global destinations for housing, employment and innovation, and an integrated model for future cities, and this is the fruit of the genius. of the leadership thought of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, “may God protect him”, and with all that constitutes a creative building. Unprecedented in human history with its prominent landmarks and the civilization communication it provides are the results of what will be in the service of national development, the region and the world.


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