Etisalat UAE upgrades its brand to become Etisalat of e & in line with the position and identity of the new e & group

The development of the new brand builds on the success of Etisalat Emirates as the group’s growth engine over decades

The brand aligns with e &’s journey as a world leader in technology and digital investment

The updated brand reflects e &’s determination to continue its successful path and increase value for subscribers, shareholders and investors in the context of implementing its transformation strategy.

Abu Dhabi: e & (formerly known as “Etisalat Group”) introduced the updated corporate identity of “Etisalat Emirates” under the trademark “Etisalat at e &”, consistent with the group’s position and the identity of e & which it recently launched in the launched context of its transformation into a world-leading technology investment group It empowers communities digitally.

This step comes at a time when the group continues to accelerate its digital leadership in line with its goals of investing in new markets and areas, and seizing acquisition opportunities and strategic partnerships.

Etisalat Emirates has always been one of the key factors in the growth of the group’s business, and it has been the key mediator behind the UAE’s global leadership in the percentage of fiber optic network penetration linked to homes since 2016, and has managed to maintain its leading position in the local market, and is consistently ranked among the most mobile networks The world’s largest mobile provider, providing high-level communication services and supporting customers through its comprehensive digital offerings. The company continues to lead the digital transformation of its customers, based on its strategy for the local market, to be the preferred digital communications operator for customers in a digitally interconnected world.

Commenting on the new brand name of Etisalat in the UAE, Hatem Dowidar, CEO of e & Group, said: “The launch of the updated brand for Etisalat Emirates builds on the strong foundations of its successes as an engine of growth for the group since 1976, and is an indication of the change its business is witnessing to keep pace with its ambitions to bring about further growth, in the light of a rapidly changing business landscape. ”

Dowidar added: “With a renewed approach to the e & group’s strategy and brand, we will work to improve customer satisfaction, scale business integration, expand our digital services and explore neighboring business opportunities. I am confident that the updated brand will express our dynamic journey towards technology adoption digitally while maintaining our commitment to make significant change beyond expectation. “

A new stage in Etisalat Emirates’ journey

Etisalat Emirates, a pioneer in the technology sector, is embarking on a new phase in its development path to achieve growth, transformation and excellence, based on a business model that supports the sustainability of its leadership position, enhances digital customer experiences, and enhances operational flexibility .

As part of its strategy, Etisalat Emirates will work to develop its basic and digital services by enriching experiences

Clients via digital services in line with new lifestyles and growing needs along with traditional communication services including games, health and insurance. Etisalat Emirates will also continue to play its role as a trusted partner for the business sector, by providing the latest connectivity and connectivity capabilities and more, leading to the accelerating pace of the digital economy, and the sustainable demand for more stimulates advanced fields, such as e.g. private networks, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence.

Customer service excellence remains a cornerstone of Etisalat Emirates’ transformation into a digital telecommunications operator. The company uses data analytics capabilities to provide customized experiences to customers across digital service channels and service centers. This paradigm shift in service experiences will be made possible by a total simplification of the business model that will help create added value in an innovative and efficient way.

For his part, Masoud M. Sherif Mahmoud, CEO of Etisalat Emirates: “‘Etisalat’ symbolizes our strong local roots of which we are proud, and we will continue to appreciate them as the brand begins a new chapter in its development. The “Telecommunications business was the main growth engine for our group, which is still committed to keeping up with the aspirations of leadership. The rationale in the UAE is to be the world leader in telecommunications and technology indicators.”

He added: “For more than four decades, Etisalat Emirates has played a major role in building bridges of communication between people, and now connects our past as a giant telecommunications company with our future as a comprehensive digital communications group. We developed brand ‘Etisalat by e &’ embodies the group’s latest slogan to achieve The alignment of our technological capabilities with our extensive experience in the telecommunications sector highlights the strong ambitions of our strategy. ”

He said: “While maintaining the rich communication heritage of the e & group, our focus remains the same in the era of the revival of communication: to increase value for customers and make a positive change in their lives in the era of digitalisation.We will build on our strong foundations to stay top of the list regionally and globally in various aspects of network excellence, To ensure success in implementing the transformation strategy, consolidating our position in the digital communications sector, and achieving harmony with our future ambitions to be the best choice for customers, in a digitally interconnected world. “

Masoud added, “Human capital is the key asset in our transformation journey to a digital telecommunications operator, and we will continue to develop talent in the technology and communications field while encouraging a culture of innovation. Etisalat Emirates will ‘ remains a beacon of technological leadership that serves society and bridges digital divides. “

In the midst of the changes taking place in the sector, and in the light of the achievements made so far, the “Etisalat at e &” brand will support the resilience and strength of the company’s performance in line with the Group’s efforts to explore the possibilities and a bright digital future.

Etisalat Group has launched its new corporate identity e & from 23 February 2022 and seeks to accelerate growth through its strategy through a flexible business model representing the group’s core business sectors. The telecommunications sector comes at the forefront of these sectors, as its operations are managed by Etisalat Emirates in the main market for e &, and by subsidiaries for international operations, in order to ensure the group’s legacy in the telecommunications sector, and its strong communications network, and doubling of the value provided to all customer segments. . To enhance the digital services of individual customers and enhance their digital lifestyle, “e & life” offers next-generation digital services technology through smart communication platforms in the fields of entertainment, retail and financial technology.

e & Enterprises focuses on maximizing value through robust cyber security, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence solutions, as well as the service of mega projects. “e & Investment” will increase its efforts to focus on investment opportunities, acquisitions and the returns provided to shareholders to enhance its global presence.


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About e &:

e & is a world leader in technology and digital investment. With consolidated revenue of 53.3 billion dirhams and consolidated net profit of 9.3 billion dirhams in 2021, coupled with the strength of its credit rating, the group reflects the strength of its long-term financial and operational performance.

Based in Abu Dhabi more than 4 decades ago as the first telecommunications service provider in the UAE, the group currently operates in 16 markets across the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

e & offers innovative digital solutions, smart connectivity services and next generation technologies, which benefit a broad customer base across key sectors that are the Group’s pillars, namely communications, e & life, e & enterprise, and e & investment.

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