Khazna Data Center Continues to Boost UAE Digital Economy

Dubai: “The Gulf”
This month, Khazna Data Center Company (Khazna) celebrates the tenth anniversary of its founding in 2012. Since then, it has taken its position in the axis of digital transformation, contributing to the plan to turn the UAE into a global technology hub, and in strengthening its efforts to build an advanced digital economy.

Khazna Data Center was established with a vision to harness the power and capabilities of data to empower customers and stakeholders to accelerate their businesses and open up a world of new business opportunities. Over the past decade, Khazna has been a pioneer in supporting the growth of institutions and improving their ability to manage the level of communication needed to provide services effectively to partners, customers and users, and to create a digital system inside and outside the UAE.

On this occasion, Hassan Al Naqbi, CEO of Khazna Data Center, said: “Since the company’s inception ten years ago, the company has come a long way in achieving its vision. We have succeeded in starting a leading commercial data center company in the region, which strives to build facilities that meet the needs of future digital infrastructure, and enhance digital flexibility for companies and digital transformation experiences. ”

successful integration

Demand for digital infrastructure continues to grow; To be an essential component of success in light of the increasing importance of digitization. Khazna Data Center is committed to providing data spaces that support the long-term growth strategies of companies in the UAE and the region as a whole, and are able to transform their business vision into reality through secure, efficient, reliable, sustainable and scalable facilities .

Following the successful merger of the commercial data center companies (G42) and (e &), Khazna Data Center has become the largest commercial data center company in the region. This strategic partnership provided Khazna with an opportunity to increase the value of its infrastructure assets while optimizing the use of operations and resources, by providing superior and customized hosting solutions tailored to customers’ business needs.

Khazna Data Center has also entered into major collaborations and initiatives to meet the growing demand for distributed digital infrastructure; Khazna announced its partnership with Dubai Internet City in 2022 to build two modern facilities that support companies of all sizes by enabling the integration of technology into all business functions. The company has also started construction of its second data center in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, a new facility with a capacity of 31.8 megawatts of information technology capacity, to bring about the continuous expansion of the impact of (Khazna) in the UAE . The company is also building a purpose-built data center with modern infrastructure, the Tier III facility of which is certified by Uptime Institute.

28 data centers

Khazna Data Center now operates 12 data centers based on its proven expertise, and has 13 data centers under construction, 3 of which are planned. The total capacity is planned to be 300 MW by the end of 2023, across its sites in the UAE.

Given the importance of preparing for the future, Khazna is committed to achieving its strategic growth by strengthening its data center business offering with new investments, and planned expansions in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt.

a vision for the future

The UAE paves the way for a future that supports data, innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge and diversification. The rapid development of network connections, government support and investment, the evolution of cloud and hybrid infrastructure adoption, big data and Internet of Things (IoT) services were all strong factors for the growth of the data center sector in the UAE.

With the expansion of Khazna data center services and operations due to the increasing demand for distributed digital infrastructure, the company’s principles have remained unchanged. Khazna Data Center has revealed a new identity for its brand, in line with the continuous provision of innovative participatory solutions, which open up potential horizons, and connect customers with better business models and new business opportunities, through a permanently linked global digital system.

Khazna Data Center enables leading companies in the digital economy to connect seamlessly with the global digital ecosystem. Led by leading experts, the Commercial Data Center Company strives to build a more connected and connected world by creating and managing superior and sustainable data centers, providing customized solutions and optimizing performance for massive data distribution.

information flow

Hassan Al Naqbi, CEO of Khazna Data Center, said: “Data centers are the basis for information flow as data has become the lifeblood of the global digital economy. Today, these centers have become an important meeting point for data for individuals, companies, and economies.

Al Naqbi added: “As an active company at the heart of the digital system, we are keen to coordinate our vision with the UAE’s strategic plans aimed at creating a strong digital economy, through innovative solutions “We are also committed to working side by side with our clients to achieve their ambitions and provide solutions that drive business forward.”

It should be noted that digital infrastructure has become an indispensable necessity to enable the important role that the digital economy plays. Data centers are essential to support business growth, adoption of digital technologies, enabling new business models, and the ability to manage the level of connectivity needed to deliver services effectively.

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