Mohammed bin Rashid Library .. Prepare to travel back to the beautiful time

An experience rich in knowledge and beauty, presented by the Mohammed bin Rashid Library, the new cultural building on Dubai Creek, to its visitors.And the first copies of a wide range of Arabic and international books and magazines.

On the seventh floor of the Mohammed bin Rashid Library, which recently opened its doors to visitors, and through five sections, the valuable exhibits are spread, from the story of manuscripts of the Holy Quran, through the most wonderful international intellectual and literary works and rare books, to write writing tools, groundbreaking medical letters and embellished atlases, to suggest These works are a rich human experience that encourages the expansion of perceptions and from the experiences of others learning, and a unique journey called love of knowledge.

The Library of Ammunition includes a set of sections, beginning with the history of calligraphy, as this section contains possessions related to the Holy Qur’an and Arabic calligraphy, in addition to a set of calligraphy pens, and tools used in those ancient times. art. This section contains unique manuscripts, emphasizing the development of Arabic calligraphy in which the verses of the Holy Qur’an were written, and how the most prominent Qur’an of the first three centuries was written on parchment of doctrine and in Kufi script.

Doctrines inscribed with verses from the Noble Qur’an date back to several centuries, including those written in the plaster script, dating back to the 12th century in the Arabian Peninsula, in addition to patches dating from the Umayyad era and the beginning of the Abbasid era. This section is adorned with a group of golden Korans bearing artistic and historical value, including those dating back to the Qajar era, in addition to patches from other eras. The exhibits in this section are complemented by a large collection of Arabic calligraphy tools, including gold-embossed ink sets dating back to antiquity, and Ottoman-era calligraphy boxes with compartments for storing calligraphic tools and inlaid with mother-of-pearl, as well as pens with ornaments and inscriptions inlaid with precious stones, including emeralds and rubies.

Literary and historical value

As for the Islamic Heritage in Europe section, it includes a group of translated Arabic books, and it offers some of the translations covering the use of science, medicine and mathematics in ancient stages and with the beginning of the entry of the Islamic religion in Europe. Among these books are the history of the Arabs in Sicily, dating back to 1790, and Arabic grammar and grammar by Agapetus Vilmarum, from 1687.

While the Department of World Literature, it is a unique opportunity for visitors to the Mohammed bin Rashid Library to view the first copies of the publications of international creators, and a group of novels and books of literary and historical value. The collection on display is chock-full of precious pearls, some of which fall within the framework of the best literary production in the world, while what sets them apart is that many of them are the first editions that enable visitors to go back in time and experience experience. of their issue.

The book “The Divine Comedy”, by Dante Alighieri, dating back to 1491, is one of the oldest exhibitions in the relics section, and is one of the most important literary productions of the European Renaissance. The book is a long narrative poem about a journey that takes the reader from the depths of darkness to the manifestation of light. The copy contains 100 illustrations and poems with explanations.

As for the author William Shakespeare, he is preparing the second edition of his first book, which contains 36 of his plays, some of which are still shown today. In addition to the first copies of books, a large number of international books, novels and collections of international and Arab creators, such as Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Al-Mutanabbi and Imru ‘Al-Qays, in addition to books in Latin and German, stand out. From the Arab world, distinctive classical titles emerge in this section, such as The Looks by Mustafa Lutfi Al-Manfaluti, Al-Shawqiyat by Ahmed Shawqi, and Al-Aasif by Gibran Khalil Gibran.

fascinating magazines

From books to magazines, where the visitor is captivated by the covers of old magazines, the first issue of some of them is displayed, such as the first issue of Majid magazine, in addition to magazines specializing in fashion, art or theater, such as e.g. Chic magazine, Al Naqid magazine, Al Jadeed magazine, and Dubai News, which is the first magazine to be issued in the emirate. As for the atlases and maps section, it takes the visitor to the Mohammed bin Rashid Library on a journey to maps through history, and how it was the way to identify points of convergence and interest between civilizations. The passage emphasizes how the maps of antiquity were small in size, and of a picturesque nature, as they are often primitive, showing only what the maker wanted to show. Next to the atlas is a group of travel literature, most of which are early and rare editions offering unique human experiences, starting with the novel of a Dutch traveler to Mecca, to the book of the Sultan of Zanzibar on his official trip to Europe .

Four women

The relics section of the Mohammed bin Rashid Library celebrates women’s experiences and highlights the achievements of women since ancient times, and is first highlighted with a stylized painting from the Mughal era, drawn in ink and gold, depicting a scene from a lesson in the open, in which a teacher appears sitting on the ground in the middle of The Painting, where he gives a lesson to an Indian princess accompanied by her maids.

In the section on masterpieces of literature, a group of books on women’s rights is being prepared, or which appears in Mary Willstonecraft’s book entitled “A Defense of Women’s Rights, with Restrictions on Political and Moral Issues.” The library also offers the book “The Role of Women in the Eastern Renaissance.” Hoda Shaarawy.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Library, which includes nine libraries, also contains many leading publications by creative pens from different eras.


Sections containing valuable exhibits are located in the ammunition library, which is located on the seventh floor.

Exhibitions abound in the Mohammed bin Rashid Library, which recently opened with precious pearls, some of which fall within the framework of the best literary production in the world.

Next to the atlases is a group of travel literature, most of which are early editions that provide unique human experiences for lovers of knowledge.

First issues and covers of exquisite magazines sail the visitor to distant years.

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