Our “ambassadors” students to 5 international destinations next July

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The Ministry of Education has announced the fifth edition of the “Our Ambassadors” program initiative for the year 2022, in which the Ministry seeks to consolidate and improve aspects of modernization and development to keep pace with the plans and directions of the future State, which is committed to the development of the capabilities of civilian human resources at various educational levels in a way that ensures that the state maintains its competitiveness in various fields and sectors, it qualifies to enter the future with confidence and competence. stab.

This is done by creating direct contact between students and global houses of expertise known for their efficiency and scientific and knowledge leadership, according to the areas of competence and work of the initiative.

The initiative, in its fifth edition, targets 100 male and female students en route to 5 international destinations next July: Japan, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore and the United States, in two tracks: “Innovation” and “Future.” Our ambassadors’ programs revolve around 5 pillars represented in the methodology and skills of scientific research, collaboration, teamwork, innovation, creativity, imagination, critical thinking and problem solving. The initiative includes 6 training programs and the duration of the training program is two weeks.


Dr. Muhammad Al-Mualla, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Academic Affairs, said that the Ministry is eager to apply the highest standards in the selection of students participating in our ambassador programs to achieve quality, excellence and maximum knowledge benefit for students.

These programs are considered the cornerstone in preparing students for the university study stage and improving their chances of success in them, and are in line with the bursary plans developed by the Ministry, as well as the priority bursary areas for the state.

He added that our ambassador programs contribute to the achievement of the UAE Centenary 2071, which the country strives for and continues with confident steps, as well as the achievement of its pillars aimed at optimal investment in the youth. Create solutions to future challenges and explore opportunities with economic returns.

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Dr. Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, Assistant Secretary for the Care and Capacity Building Sector at the Ministry of Education, said that the Fifth Edition of Our Ambassadors Program will focus on two tracks: “The Future” and “Innovation”, which meet a number of sustainable development goals.

She referred to the modification of the selection mechanism for students of the international program “Our Ambassadors”, which focused on the degree of academic achievement, the degree of conduct, the results of the English language examination, in addition to the result of the personal interview, their achievements and their participation in local programs.

She explained that the “Ambassadors of the Future” course aims to send a group of students with outstanding academic achievement to countries that are distinguished in education and to give them the opportunity to visit a selection of leading universities that globally advanced in terms of quality of education. .

It also enables them to learn about the mechanism and conditions of joining these universities, which helps them to determine their future academic and professional paths in line with the aspirations of the state.

As for the “Ambassadors of Innovation” track, it is aimed at sending a group of students who have trends and achievements in the field of innovation and leadership outside the country to participate in a training program that contributes to their abilities improve and provide them with twenty. first-century skills in these areas The program includes scientific and cultural visits to leading institutions in countries Advanced in the world in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship to inform them about best practices and the latest innovative developments in them.

She added that the program targets students from ninth to twelfth grades in government, private and technical schools at the state level, and they are exceptionally prominent students in terms of achievement, interaction and achievement.

She stated that the Our International Ambassadors program, launched from 2016 and continued until 2019, has reached the number of students participating in it, including 1993 male and female students in various careers (the program of ambassadors of giving, the future, innovation). , ambassadors of masterpieces, diplomacy and sports excellence, and ambassadors of education).

In the year 2020-2021, the Ministry was eager to develop the “Our Ambassadors” programs into the national “Our Ambassadors” program “Readiness” of 1850 male and female students, of whom 250 were selected on the basis of the evaluation of university professors through their participation in previous years, and accordingly the Ministry sent invitations For students to nominate in the fifth issue of “Our Ambassadors”, based on their performance, the nominated students will be subjected to personal interviews, on the basis of which the best 100 students will be selected to participate in “Our International Ambassadors” for the current year.


The “Our Ambassadors” initiative aims to send leading public and private school students from grades 9 to 12 during the summer holidays to the best universities and institutions in the world to receive world-class training that enhances their knowledge and abilities in various fields. with the skills required in the twenty-first century, informing them of the best innovative international practices.

The “Our Ambassadors” programs are primarily aimed at strengthening and enriching the spirit of creativity, innovation and leadership, building world citizens, fostering a love of volunteer and humanitarian work among students, and the next generation of leaders prepare and empower with the skills needed to play an active and constructive role in advancing the global competitive knowledge economy in the twenty-first century.

Our Ambassadors programs revolve around five main pillars: scientific research methodology and skills, collaboration and teamwork, innovation, creativity and imagination, critical thinking and problem solving.

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The initiative offers outstanding students a passion and self-motivation to acquire knowledge, research, research, discovery, innovation and a love of lifelong learning, the opportunity to participate in these valuable training programs.

This year, the “Our Ambassadors” initiative will provide the opportunity for outstanding students, in terms of achievement, interaction and achievement, during their participation in one of the programs of the national “Our Ambassadors” initiative, “Ready” to participate to one of our “international ambassadors” programs. It has become a prerequisite for students to be eligible to participate in one of our “international ambassadors” programs.


Amna Al Shamsi reaffirmed the Ministry’s zeal to provide students with the latest knowledge and developments in various fields of science, to improve their skills and abilities, and to refine various aspects of their personalities in a way that enhances their chances of success in their university studies and professional life, and prepare them as world citizens and future leaders of the country, which is in line with the vision of the UAE’s outstanding leadership. It improves the quality of educational outputs, achieves national strategies and undoubtedly contributes to raising the country’s global competitive ranking. in various fields.


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