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News issued by the Ministry of Education indicates that he has completed his preparations to hold the general secondary school certificate examination for the current year 2022 AD, at a time when all his staff and cadres have mobilized to pass to work for a clean exam, as it has completed the implementation of the preparation plan at the highest levels of professionalism and responsibility to ensure early readiness To the exam, which will begin its first session on the thirtieth of this month, we every year become accustomed to the correctness of the measures taken by the Ministry of Education, and the elegant way in which it deals with all data and circumstances, to ensure the provision of a safe, comfortable and reassuring examination environment without any problems the exam disturbs or Our students confuse our children, so what the ministry takes in terms of protection measures is every year applied with all credibility and applied with all seriousness.

The Ministry of Education is fully aware that it administers the examination file with full professionalism, and therefore it has continued to take smooth organizational procedures, with an integrated coordination with all relevant authorities to work in an integrated way around the ingredients and provide benefits of holding this course. in a safe and comfortable atmosphere that reassures students and parents, therefore the Ministry of Education appeals to Jordanian society with all its components to ensure the success of the high school certificate examination, and wishes everyone a comfortable and maintain calm atmosphere that enables us beloved students to write the exam without any useless stress.

We and I are at the gates of exams, it is necessary to get out of the emergency and the atmosphere of tension that accompanies, especially when those with a son or daughter “prepare” for the exams, it requires them “as parents “more psychological care that is supposed to be provided to our students to be overcome at this stage with all the pressures it carries, as well as the need to instill in them more optimism about the future in the sustainability of contemporary life. . The traditional methodology imposed on them takes only a small part of the social transformations, so we need to take advantage of our positive energies and plant in the hearts of parents a message reinforced with emotional intelligence that assures them of During it, on their souls, and its contents is the kind word in a thirsty land, to water it with love and care, waiting for what will sprout from a tree with shades in which those who walk to the exam, we will shelter from our precious requests. The exhausting summer, make their hearts rejoice, calm and confident that the next is beautiful.

Let us look at the fatigue of those in charge of this national law and appreciate all their good efforts, and the zeal of those who run this ministry to maintain jobs and guarantee the rights of students, and to make sure that all possibilities used for this. process The general secondary school certificate represents the standard and outcome of the national education system, as it reflects the aspirations and aspirations of society The whole of Jordan, which is worth the great efforts to preserve this historical heritage, this legacy that the Ministry of Education still insists on making it a sovereign national heritage, striving to promote and develop it, so that it is not the end of a stage, or a gateway to the unknown, but rather a guarantee for the future of our students.

The Ministry of Education is keen to ensure that the student evaluation process is objective, accurate and honest, and subject to sound educational foundations and standards. Consequently, the high school exams are necessity-controlled exams, with established outlines and desired educational goals, in addition to standards for measurement and evaluation processes that stipulate comprehensiveness in questions. with fairness and the right of the outstanding student to excellence, which gives us a clear picture of the Jordanian education system.

Of what we are advancing, what we wish for the media these days, what is the most important media pillar to help the ministry and the success of its work, is to focus during this period on the publication of material that enhances students’ positive concepts, their abilities, increase their determination and will, and increase their confidence in their academic abilities before taking the exam. In addition to providing scientific and health information that contributes to their preparation and inspires comfort and reassurance in their souls, with the need to meet professional standards in press material, the most important of which is the element of balance, avoidance of excitement and negativity in naming of headlines, and a commitment to objectivity and accuracy in news reporting. It is a national responsibility represented in To maintain the psychological stability of us. students, and not to focus on what boosts their confidence.

Finally, we wish our fathers and daughters high school students all the best, because we all hope that they will pass this stage with determination and determination and reach their goal and aspirations to reach a new stage in their future lives that they have always dreamed of worked hard to achieve ..

It goes without saying that our hearts are with them and our minds are always thinking of them, and we are confident that they will reap the fruits of their labor and efforts so that we can rejoice together when the results are made known.
With best wishes for success and excellence.

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