QNET provides a global e-commerce services platform in partnership with Microsoft

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QNET, the company based directly on e-commerce, announced its intention to take advantage of the rapid growth seen by e-commerce for the benefit of the retail industries, in light of the expectations of a report released by Shopify has released that the volume of global trade sales will reach $ 5 trillion by 2022.

QNET has partnered with Microsoft to adopt an integrated strategy based on “Microsoft Security Products and Services”, such as the use of cloud security by the Microsoft Azure platform.

Happy experience

“With the amount of data that can be obtained, used and shared across our global offices, working with a trusted partner like Microsoft is a logical step to ensure our customers have a seamless, intuitive and secure experience,” says Yigal Yigal, Director of Information Security at QNET. For example, we’ve integrated functionality into the QNET Virtual Office that makes changing credentials easier and safer than ever, even in less than a minute.

He continued: “As internet traffic increased with the outbreak of the epidemic, we realized we needed to take proactive steps to ensure that the digital experience was not affected by the increase in the number of transactions.” The latest report from the World Federation of Direct Sales Associations (WFDSA) indicates a strong trajectory for direct sales over the past two years, with a global growth rate of 2.3 percent in 2021.

“As an e-commerce company, the user experience has always been our top priority, as we have implemented measures that increase the efficiency of our systems and structures so that our distributors and customers can use our platforms while realizing default information such as order number and special delivery status. They are constantly updated and accurate. ”

innovative solutions

Amir Dean, chief technology officer at QNET, explained that the company is always looking for innovative solutions that advance the horizons of the electronic experience.

He said: “Our team has one goal in mind, which is to provide the best e-commerce platform for our customers. In Africa, we have implemented a mobile money payment system that allows you to manage your money in an account linked to your mobile phone, not unlike any other bank account, and to purchase our products. We have introduced this system in 8 countries and have achieved great success. ”

Today, QNET is an industry leader with clients in nearly 100 countries, and has won numerous awards for its digital excellence, online communications campaigns and mobile application. The company’s rapid success is no coincidence, as QNET believes in providing the best online experience imaginable to its employees, distributors and customers – starting with the creation of a world-class e-commerce platform.

With a well-developed IT infrastructure, QNET was able to focus on other aspects of the business, such as integrating innovative features into the unique QNET mobile application. In this context, Dean says: “Our field of work is largely based on e-commerce. Any technical problems may result in a malfunction.

This significantly affects revenue, not only from our own but also from our distributors. By diversifying our digital offering and building an ecosystem of electronic tools, we can reduce the risk of downtime for our distributors and customers. ”

Business expansion

QNETPro, QNET’s online training program and one of the initiatives that was key when the company began expanding its business into new and emerging markets, provides comprehensive training to existing and new distributors on how to successfully manage their direct sales activities across borders.

QNET’s extensive digital tools such as Virtual Office (VO), social media workshops and live virtual training sessions have made it possible for QNET’s European subsidiary to be awarded the Digital Business Award by one of the largest network marketing newspapers in Europe.

Malu Kaluza, CEO of QNET, points out that creating an integrated electronic environment is one of the key factors for the growth of QNET, explaining that “developing economies, such as Africa and Asia, are constantly adopting digital technologies, which increase productivity and jobs because e-commerce is opening up new horizons for doing business.

QNET’s direct sales business model offers an attractive opportunity for those who want to start an online business, as it does not require much capital, as our distributors can manage their projects effortlessly from anywhere and anytime through our digital ecosystem.


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