Raneen Matar: My role in “Beirut 303” challenged me to focus on the language of the eyes

Young actress, Raneen Matar, appears in the series “Beirut 303” as a covered woman who requires a lot of effort, focus and mastery of the language of the eyes. She looks forward to leaving an imprint in the public’s memory through this role, to climb on the ladder of her big dreams. In this interview we learn more about a beautiful actress with heart and soul, who was able to convince us role after role, character after character, with her talent and aptitude.

Photo: George Saliba

– You look at the audience through the series “Beirut 303”, tell us about your role in it?

I participate in the series “Beirut 303” with a selection of Syrian and Lebanese actors, and it is produced by “Al-Sabah Company” and directed by director Elie Semaan. I present a new and complex character that differs from the roles I have offered in the past, and I would prefer that the audience get to know her more by following the work and discovering its secrets.

– What was the most difficult in this role?

The hardest thing in this role was to wear the niqab as it was necessary to focus on expression mainly through the language of the eyes, and that is what I tried to do, and it has a lot of effort and a challenge for yourself and capabilities.

– How’s your character?

Every character I play is somehow similar to me. My character in the series “Beirut 303” looks more to me with her great love as I am an emotional woman.

– What about working with the great Abed Fahd?

This is not the first time I have met Abed Fahd, and my previous experience with him was special, and it forms a valuable addition to my artistic career, and this time I will not have many scenes with him, but I is happy to take part in this great and wonderful work with him and the rest of the actors.

Tell us about your participation in the series “Amber No. 6”, what did it leave in you?

My participation in this work was very special, especially because it is a wonderful and collaborative work, as it included many great Arabic talents, which made an important addition to the work. We’re supposed to start filming the second part of it soon. It’s produced by Eagle Films and directed by Ali Al-Ali.

– What left the character “Lisa” in you in the series “True Love”?

“Lisa” is the character through which the audience gets to know me more, and she has a special place in my heart, especially because she does not look like me very much and I made an effort to introduce her to people now.

– What about your role in the series “To Death” – Part One? Did he tell you to cook?

The character “Farah” in the series “For Death” made a qualitative leap in my career in its first part, and it is one of my favorite roles, especially since it was directed by the creative director Philip Asmar.

– Did you like the ending, or did you wish for a better ending for the two heroines, “Sahar” (Maggi Bou Ghosn) and “Wejdan” (Daniela Rahma)?

I loved the friendship that appeared between “Sahar” and “Wejdan” and the promise that each of the two friends made to the other. I see Maguy and Daniela presented both “Sahar” and “Wejdan” in a distinctive way that touched people’s hearts, and they achieved great success regardless of the tragic ending.

– What about your role in “Month 10”, is it the beginning of roles that discuss humanitarian issues that you are striving for?

Yes, and that’s what I’ve been striving for in my artistic career, that is, to take part in works that carry humanitarian issues, and I see that this work was different and made an important addition to the drama.

– Do you want to shed more light on the issue of abused women in society?

Of course, this issue affects every human being in our society. It is true that there are many roles that have directly addressed this issue, but I would like to contribute to conveying the voice of every oppressed and violent woman in the world, and to cultivate awareness about her issues.

– What about other issues like conservation?

Every human issue touches me, and I am honored to take on, in my roles, issues that emulate our Arab reality, especially women in it.

Tell us about the development of Raneen’s performance in the space between “True Love” and the series “Beirut 303”? Who was on your side in this development?

Every director, actor and team member who stood by me in my professional life was the reason for the development and crystallization of my performance, in addition to my constant striving to develop my abilities and benefit from the experiences before me.

– You always say you are an “actress who climbs stairs at a time”, at what level did you become?

I no longer look back, I only see the steps that follow in this long ladder, which I strive with all my talent and effort to ascend.

Who is the young actress who attracts you the most?

Every young actress tries to develop her abilities and offer new and different roles, and in my opinion the number of good actresses in Lebanon has become very large today.

Who is the director you would like to work with?

I have worked under many directors with whom I have strived to work together. I would like to stand in front of the lens of Egyptian director Kamel Abu Zekry, Syrian director Rasha Sharbatji and others.

– “Beautiful women in politics”, does the idea appeal to you? Would you like to be eligible for a parliamentary seat, a municipal seat or a political position?

In politics and public affairs, candidacy should be based on program and competence, not beauty. Today I have no idea. But no one knows what the future holds for us. Everything is included.

my beauty key

Has your beauty served you and opened doors for you in the world of acting?

In the beginning, yes, but beauty alone does not guarantee continuity in this profession, as talent is the basis for success on acting. Similarly, beauty is relative and each role needs certain specifications, and I do not mind appearing in any way, which means I appear as a distorted, ugly or unfashionable woman as long as the new look serves the job and the story and emphasize the requirement. personality.

Are beautiful women wronged in terms of focusing on appearance and neglecting the beautiful content they contain?

An actress can be very beautiful and striking at the same time. There are also beautiful and creative actresses in acting, and I refuse to limit the idea of ​​beauty just to this point, as it is an injustice to beautiful women. A woman can be beautiful and smart at the same time, why not?

Did you inherit beauty from your mother or father?

I look like my mom and dad in appearance, but I think the most important thing I inherited from them is the principles, values, and culture that they have cultivated in me since I was young.

– How do you take care of your beauty?

The normal worries that every woman has to undertake to maintain her own beauty, such as the use of creams and masks, and the most important thing is to take care of my mental health, which is positively and radiantly reflected on my outward appearance.

– How is your grace?

(Laughter) I struggle to stay fit because I’m known for being a foodie and a gourmet of good dishes. But I always try to do different kinds of sports that help burn calories.

What is your favorite perfume?

Christian dior Aoudispahan.

What about the brands you like?

Louis Vuitton.

– What about the Lebanese designers? What relationship did you make with their creations?

I love all the creative Lebanese designers who decorate the red carpet at major international festivals and events. I would like to highlight the designs of the designer, Sadeq Majed, whom I like a lot.

me and love

– What about the stories of the heart? Are you in love? And who is happy?

Today, I am in love with myself in the first place, and I encourage every girl to love herself so that she can receive the love that exists in the world. If you’re asking about a partner in my life, today I’m not family.

– do you think about marriage? What are your conditions in a partner?

Every girl thinks about getting married and settling down and starting a family, but marriage is not a primary goal for me. This fateful decision depends on finding the right person. As for the conditions, there are certain qualities that should be available in a partner, such as ambition, respect and tenderness.

– Are you one of those who believe in the saying that beauty deserves money and pampering, which means that a beautiful woman must look for a rich man to pamper her?

I agree that a woman spoils herself regardless of her appearance, and every man in this life should take care of himself and make it a priority in his life and not wait for someone to pamper him or change or add to his life.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Are you waiting for a dream knight on a white horse?

I do not believe in love at first sight, it can happen of course, but not love. And I’m waiting for someone who deserves it, not necessarily a knight on a white horse.

– What is love for you?

Love is what gives us strength in moments of weakness and confidence in moments of abandonment!

Is there a love story that inspires you?

I love the love story in the movie Notebook.

Was your parents’ marriage a marriage of love or reason?

The two together.

Would you accept to marry a man who asks you to give up acting and fame?

I do not accept association with a man who does not respect my ambitions and dreams. At the same time, I can give up acting and fame for the sake of my family if I am convinced, so retirement is my own, not a prenuptial agreement imposed on me.

Do you believe in division and division?

yes. But I believe that part sometimes comes because of our right decisions.

Does your audacity allow you to ask the hand of a man you love who does not notice you?

No, I will not do that! (laugh)

Are you eastern in your whims or westerns?

I am a mixture of Eastern and Western, and the most important thing is that the situation is appropriate for my own principles.

What is the trait that the public does not know about you?

“very sensitive”.


– Your favorite color … Black and pink.

A gem you love … Amethyst.

Your favorite class … the summer.

Your favorite designer … Sadiq Majid.

Your favorite city … Beirut.

Your favorite book … The secret.

Your favorite poet … Khalil Gibran.

Your favorite movie … Finally, I loved the movie Miracles From Heaven.

– An old series that lives in your memory … “My aunts, my daughter and I.”

A song you sing in your loneliness … “Oh, my mirror.”

A painting that never leaves your imagination … Beautiful nature paintings in Lebanon.

Your favorite wisdom … “In denial is transfiguration”.

A dream that never leaves you … Happiness, peace of mind and nothing more.

A wish you wish from your heart will come true … The downfall of murderous sectarianism and the basis of every problem in Lebanon and our Arab world.

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