The occupation demolishes a house in Jerusalem and attacks female sellers in “Bab Al-Amoud” and a Palestinian report confirms that the detention of children has increased by 140%

Occupied Jerusalem – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: The Israeli occupying forces today, Wednesday, demolished a house in the town of Sur Baher, southeast of occupied Jerusalem.
In particular, the occupying forces, accompanied by heavy vehicles, stormed the Wadi Hummus area in Jerusalem’s Sur Baher town, surrounded a house belonging to the Raba’a family, and continued to demolish it without the residents any of their possessions out.
The owner of the house, Mahmoud Rabay’a, said in a personal interview that the occupying forces attacked the house, broke down the door and started removing the family members.
He added that he had lived in the area for seven years and paid a fine of 20,000 shekels, and that the Israeli court had ordered the demolition of the house 9 months ago and that he could freeze the file, but the municipality could to return the decision that was implemented this morning.
Rabaya confirmed that he did not allow the family to take out the house’s belongings, “everything remained in place. We managed to get clothes out. The bedrooms and the kitchen were all comfortable. ”
He described the life of Jerusalemites as “a life of jihad, as the situation is difficult, all transgressions and very high taxes, with the aim of disrupting the lives of Jerusalem and displacing them from their neighborhoods.”
In the Bab al-Amud area, the occupation municipality in Jerusalem today, Wednesday, attacked the female vendors at Bab al-Amud, the main entrance to the Old City of occupied Jerusalem.
And local sources reported that members of the occupation municipality attacked the female sellers in Bab Al-Amoud and destroyed their goods and confiscated part of it.
Members of the municipal police attacked the farmers and confiscated some of the products they brought for sale while throwing vegetables and fruit on the street, amid the screams and anger of the farmers.
As for the target of Jerusalem, the occupying forces have arrested three young men from the town of Al-Isawiya, east of occupied Jerusalem.
And local sources reported that the occupying forces: Aziz, Wadih Alyan and Muhammad Dari, were released under house arrest for a week and deported them from the French Hill area for a month.
The occupation authorities also deported the child, Suhaib Abu Nab (14), to the city of Tamra within the 48 countries and imposed open house arrest on him, after the court released him after a month of arrest and interrogation, on condition that he be imprisoned at home.
The child was reportedly arrested for the first time in Abu Nab and interrogated for nine days at the Al-Maskobiya Center, west of Jerusalem, after which he was released on parole for a week. interrogation, his brother Hamza (19 years old) was arrested and tortured. Sohaib was released on parole from Jerusalem and restraint, while Hamza is still being held.
In a related context, the Commission on Prisoners and Prisoners of War warned against the growing “Israeli” target of Palestinian children in general, and Jerusalem children in particular, and stressed that 1,300 Palestinian children had been arrested in the past year. is, and it was an increase of almost 140 percent over what was recorded during the preceding year 2020.
The commission has been monitoring the arrests of some 450 Palestinian children since the beginning of this year through follow-up reports, including 353 children from Jerusalem, and they make up the vast majority, and (78.4%) of the total Palestinian children arrested. this year.
She added that the occupation authorities still detain about 170 children in their prisons and detention centers, in addition to dozens of others older than childhood while in families, most notably the imprisoned Ahmed Manasra.
The commission indicated that the occupying state had made the detention of Palestinian children the first resort and for the longest possible period, without taking into account their young age, the innocence of their childhood and the weakness of their physical structure, and without to provide them with the minimum of their basic and humanitarian needs, other than those stipulated in international human rights conventions, specifically the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which has made children’s arrest a last resort.
And the occupying forces did not respect the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Palestinian Children Detained in Detention Centers and Detention Centers, which are aimed at distorting their reality and destroying their future. The commission added in its statement that the occupants deliberately keep children out of their homes at night, intimidate and intimidate them, and sometimes arrest them while playing in the streets, or on their way to schools, and put them in prisons and detention centers, and keep them in bad circumstances and deprive them of their most basic rights, such as the right to Treatment, further education, fair trial, etc.
The occupation exposes them to solitary confinement and to various types of physical and psychological torture. and harsh sentences without regard to the torture and how confessions of the children were withdrawn Or the circumstances of the signing of the declarations, which are often in Hebrew, in which the children are not powerful.
Referring to the imposition of financial fines against them, she said: “We are almost certain that all sentences issued against children, especially children of Jerusalem, will be accompanied by the imposition of excessive financial fines, which is an economic burden. on parents who are forced to pay them out of concern for their minor children and to avoid their continued imprisonment.
The commission pointed out in its report that Palestinian children had paid a heavy price over the years of occupation, and whoever read the testimonies of Palestinian children who had been arrested, especially those who had spent long periods of time, was stunned and shocked. , and discover that interrogation rooms, torture, detention centers and prisons of all kinds, It is nothing but a slaughterhouse for children and places to instill terror and fear in them and destroy their future, within the framework of a consistent and systematic Israeli policy aimed at addressing the reality of Palestinian childhood and the destruction of its future.

doomed to failure

In turn, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Exiles criticized the issue of Israel’s integration into the Middle East without a fair solution to the Palestinian issue, and considered it doomed to failure.
The ministry confirmed in a statement issued today, Wednesday, that “Al-Quds Al-Arabi” had received a copy of it, that the policy of the occupied state was aimed at skipping the Palestinian cause to widest integration in the Middle East. the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a mandatory condition will not lead to this integration, as it threatens the security and stability of the entire region, in addition to the fact that this declared Israeli policy is new evidence of the absence of a Israeli peace partner.
In the statement, she stressed that the resolution of the Palestinian issue is fair and in line with the resolutions of international legitimacy is the key to achieving security, stability and prosperity in the region. Without it, the result will be an extension of the conflict and create more. tensions.

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