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In the fifth grade of primary school at Said Al-Bahra School “Al-Salt” .. I loved math .. And when I asked any question .. I often went to the teacher while lifting my finger and my tongue and repeat “I, sir” ..

And when I answered .. he would lean on a colleague and say: “I already know the answer..but you answered.” This behavior was repeated in most cases by more than one student..with my certain knowledge that they do not know the answer ..

The principal – the virtuous educator Ali Abu Amira – at the time worked like an educational guide in the present time. Each period he chose a student and sat with him in one of the corners of the courtyard between the classrooms .. and listened to him ..

And once he sat with me .. and asked me about any problems, harassment or observations .. I told him in all innocence and simplicity .. my problem is to answer math questions and what my colleagues say ..

He told me..the solution is simple..do not raise your hand..and do not answer unless no one answers the question..and when the professor repeats: “Who knows anyone the answer ?!” Raise your finger. It is also normal to ask: “Who knows the answer ?!” Before you give your answer ..

And in fact, it was a magic formula that silenced all the intrusive people who quarreled over others’ ideas.

I have remained so for most of my scientific and practical life .. I will be completely silent if someone submits the same or close to my proposal .. and if I am asked directly to express an opinion .. I will without any hesitation say .. what others preferred .. if not It was close to my opinion..it’s much better..I do not accept for myself to repeat the repetition..or to take other people’s ideas and give it to myself to attribute ..

I have not dealt with the opposite of this rule, except sometimes … with people who are dear to me … and I hope in them that they really want and appreciate my opinion.

And even some of those relatives..you will find that they treat the advice or opinion of others as if it would take them high positions..or possess large fortunes..and if they mention that others have that idea..they will miss them !! ..

What made me write this article is a short story that happened to me yesterday and the day before yesterday .. I moved this topic ..

One of the friends wanted to buy a car. He contacted me and said: “Because you have been buying cars for a long time, and you wanted to work in a car factory, so you would recommend a car to me.”

To be honest, the thing that amazes me the most is the question of the general request. If I had specified the type of fuel, countries of manufacture, engine power or the shape of the car, it would have had a lighter impact on my thinking.

And because, thank God, I focus a lot on the conversation of the others and what they hide between the words .. Between the folds of his speech I came to the conclusion that he is willing and inclined to a certain type .. He mentioned in its entirety. of his speech that this type is comfortable to look at when you stand next to him .. Even the sound of “the horn and the engine” is not annoying, but rather makes him feel happy.A smile appears unconscious on the face .

So I said in my mind .. He shortened two thirds of the way for me, if not all.

So I immediately started searching and asking about the specifications and defects of the car..I found that it has defects that are considered fatal..and because of my habits and beliefs I always give the alternative if my opinion is different or is negative about something ..I was looking for a type close to it and its flaws are much less ..

I called him .. and told him that I had studied various options .. I explained to him .. and put the name of that car between the names ..

I felt his resentment and anger when I called her bad, contrary to what he was convinced .. But he rectified the matter and listened to the rest of the options .. Then he thanked me with a bit of a swipe – other than his habits – and hung up the phone.

Last night .. he called me back .. and after peace .. he told me in the way of questions .. you know that God is with me and loves me .. you know that God always chooses the best for me .. you know that God always makes me wait and not rush until I lose my money .. Like these phrases …

I told him it was a blessing from God.

He replied and said .. by definition, that I had just come out of the car show .. and I wanted to staple and buy the so-and-so car – about which I had warned him and about his shortcomings – and accidentally stopped it. .

Tell him, what does that mean ?!

He said, I rode in it..and if it was somewhat comfortable..and it suited me in everything..but God made me turn on the headlights..and if it was not as strong as I would like. .is it possible to cause accidents..and people to drive that I can not see .. God saved me from this accident.

Of course, here I drank a cold sip of tea..because I listened to him and forgot the cup of tea..I told him..true, God always opens the eyes of someone like you to the bad things that can you kill..before it’s too late ..

This friend of mine and those like him .. We need to know that they are suffering from ego obsession .. If it is not them who have the right idea completely .. Their touch, whatever it is, should be the magical touch to the subject of what has become of power, right, or success. .

And that, if your opinion is wrong and it is proven wrong .. then his magical touch will have the important effect of demonstrating the inaccuracy of your opinion ..

The people of the magical touch are present in every place and time .. They are the ones who are scattered on the shoulders and minds of others .. They are adept at understanding the meanings of hadith and reforming it to be approved for them to be .. These are the ones you find at the forefront of blank content boards .. The best way to know them is their size .. Take the advice of my manager at Saeed Al-Bahra School, and you are healthy. .

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