How do you handle a person who loves you?

How do you handle the person who loves you? Love is the light that illuminates a person’s life, and illuminates his way of giving him support and encouragement to achieve his goals and overcome the obstacles he faces. Thanks to love, relationships become more solid, and bring loved ones closer together? But the question remains, how do you handle the person who loves you? We will answer this question through our article.

How do you handle a person who loves you?

I will give you some tips on how to deal with the person who loves you to strengthen the relationship between you and it will last forever:[1]

  • You may have a few things in common, try to do your job on these things together, and make sure you consult your lover about what you do.
  • Be gentle in dealing with your loved one, men love a gentle and calm girl, always be calm in your voice, wise in your actions and not in a hurry.
  • Men love attention, train yourself to ask the person who loves you daily and bring him some symbolic gifts on his special occasions so that he will remember you every time he sees those gifts.
  • Tell your boyfriend what you like about him, such as his handsome appearance, elegant clothes and the scent of his perfume. Also talk to him about how much you love him.
  • Do not hurt the person who loves you and blame him in an unkind way or out loud in front of others, it all makes the person who loves you away from you, but if you want to draw your loved one’s attention to something, the talk should just be among you, and he begins to speak by praising the things in which you greet him.
  • Do not sit still, and the words between you are not just small conversations that end when you talk to your colleague, but talk to your loved one about your dreams and ambitions and about what you plan for your future and get him involved in those ambitions and dream and ask him advice and hear it well, and tell him that you did the advice he gave you and the results were good.
  • Try spending the first time with your lover. If you have a joint job or study, you can spend time together for work or study.
  • Do not ignore the language of the eyes, it is the most expressive way to express love, when you look into the eyes of the person who loves you while you are talking, it strengthens the relationship between you and makes it more longing.
  • Be who you are, do not compliment, make yourself a person a man loves and avoid neglecting your relationship with your friends when entering into a love affair, but you can practice your usual activities and hobbies on it.

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What do you do when someone loves you but you do not repay that love?

If someone loves you but you do not feel the same, tell them so they do not relate too much to you. If that person is a friend of yours, you should go for a walk together and talk to them honestly about what is on your heart, that you feel comfortable with them, and that you two are very strong friends, but no
you can get married; For the feelings within you are not feelings of love, but do not go into more detail so as not to hurt his feelings, and you can then talk about any other topic and continue to walk and spend the day together, and when you go home tell him that the day was beautiful and that you enjoyed that time you spent with him. But make sure you do not make frequent calls and go out with that person so that he is no longer related to you, but try to reduce your conversations with him so that he leaves his feelings of love towards you.

But if that person is a colleague of yours at work, it is not possible to go out together and talk honestly, but in that situation you should talk very little with that colleague and just talk about work, without talking about talk about any personal matters, and also try to avoid talking about any topics General.

If someone confesses his love to you but you love someone else, you must confess it at the same time without any hesitation. You may feel that it may seem difficult but if you do not tell the person who confessed their love to you, the matter will be even more difficult.[2]

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Signs of infatuation

If you are hesitant about whether you love the person who loves you or not, there are many signs that indicate infatuation, including the following:[3]

  • Always in love we find safety, if you feel safe and feel free to make decisions with that person, then it is a sign of love.
  • Love means caring, if you realize that you care about someone and you want to know all the details about them whether they are big or small, then you are undoubtedly in love with that person.
  • When you accept someone’s thoughts and opinions without feeling angry, even if you have not accepted those thoughts before, it’s love.
  • If you like to hear advice from a certain person and ask him for it and are convinced of his opinion, even if he does not agree with your opinion, then it indicates your love for him.
  • What is known about love is jealousy. If you feel jealous when you see a certain person in another girl, then the fire of jealousy of love has ignited, but you need to be calm and not be in a hurry to get angry.
  • Initial attraction can happen in an instant and is often at your first interaction, but lasting love requires more time and commitment, knowing that love does not come at first glance.
  • The most important element in love is sacrifice, and that sacrifice is of the two parties and not of one party.
  • To provide emotional support and help meet the needs of others Friends also provide emotional support to each other, but support between a man and a woman who love each other has a different taste and is more concerned, in love every party does their best
    He has to make the other party happy, even if it costs him a lot.

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Finally we completed an article How do you handle a person who loves you?We also offered some methods you can follow when someone falls in love with you, but you do not give that love back, and at the end of the article we talked about the most prominent signs of falling in love.

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