Iranian women marry Shiites around the world … What are the details of the idea and how did it ignite the platforms?

The statements of an Iranian MP about the marriage of Iranian girls to the children of Shiites around the world have caused a stir in Parliament, and have been echoed by girls in recent days against his thesis, which he called “international marriage” has, where interactions are still at the forefront of the communication platforms.

Last Saturday, June 18, the Iranian news agency ISNA published an exclusive interview with the head of the Population Renewal and Family Support Committee in the Iranian parliament, Amir Hossein Bankipour, in which he asked about the details of the idea of ​​”international marriage” that the MP who was presented at the meeting of students of Al-Zahra University last month.

“We have about two million and one hundred thousand girls who are single or divorced, or who have lost their husbands for any reason, and their ages range between 30 and 50. If they want to marry men who are five years older than them. the prevailing culture there are not so many single young men, therefore we propose to marry either marriages or with persons younger than them, provided the girl retains her vitality.The second proposal is to marry single young Muslims and Shiites in Iran “; This is how Bankipour expressed his idea, which was hostile to Iranian girls in society.

Solve the problem of non-marriage by foreigners

And Isfahan City’s deputy parliament added that this idea would strengthen international relations, develop culture and even address the unbalanced relationship between young single men and women in the country, and the cultural problems that can occur between different races as a result of this marriage. Then he added, “We have important observations in this regard, but some people come from different continents, American, Europe, Africa and Asian, with love for Iran, Islam and the Shiite sect. They even leave their high positions in their countries for that, as their firm conviction covers cultural differences. “

“9 million rented families are suffering from the problem of high rents for flats and the state is seeking an increase in the country’s population. Young married couples are helpless and the parliamentarian is seeking international marriage”; This is how the Iranian influencer, Muhammad Sadoqi, tweeted

Proposals came to solve the problem of non-marriage, but it was completely rejected by Iranian girls by setting fire to communication networks with their sharp criticism of the idea, which was considered against women, and it was a clear insult for them.

“It is unbelievable that this man is a Member of Parliament who has to pass laws, while his interest is in how Iranian women over the age of 30 can marry foreigners,” wrote the influential Zainab Mousavi. Another tweeted: “The representative meant by naming the Shiite youth around the world, these foreign students in religious schools in the city of Qom.” Others added that the purpose of this idea is to mix generations and create Shiite peoples.

Statistics confirm the presence of 10,000 foreign students and about 3,500 foreign students from 100 countries in Iranian religious schools.

Young people’s reactions to young women’s footsteps

The reactions of Iranian women faced interaction from Iranian youth, and they criticized Parliament, where the tweeters instructed that the problem does not lie in the imbalance of celibacy, but rather in the enormous economic problems in the country that needs a real will to solve it that way. that all young men and women have the opportunity to marry.

“9 million rented families are suffering from the problem of high rents for flats and the state is seeking an increase in the country’s population. Young married couples are helpless and the parliamentarian is seeking international marriage”; This is how the Iranian influencer Muhammad Sadoqi tweeted.

At the parliamentary level, Iranian women MPs gathered around the head of the Population Rejuvenation and Family Support Committee in the hall and criticized its statements about Iranian girls. The chair of Parliament’s Women and Families Committee, Fatima Kassempour, has indicated that these statements affect the dignity of Parliament and that preserving the dignity of boys and girls is our duty, and we work on this basis.

The girl is not a commodity

On the other hand, MPs called on Representative Bankipur to apologize to the Iranian people and girls. One of the most prominent statements in the parliament hall, which expressed its total rejection of the idea of ​​international marriage, was the speech of MP Moinuddin Saeedi: “Whoever has an Iranian race does not speak such words, therefore he advises “Women to marry foreigners. Who are we to decide Iranian girls? You have to apologize to the people.”

Representative Masoud Bezishkian demanded a solution to the problem of the culture of society, which causes an increase in divorce and the spread of moral corruption, and then goes to proposals for international marriage, emphasizing that such statements are untenable.

The politician of the reformist movement, Muhammad Abtahi, wrote that what the Iranian girl needs is the non-interference of others in her personal life. He raised his tone towards the idea of ​​international marriage and said that the girl is not an export product. commodity until some decide to conclude their marriage with Shiites in other countries.

As for the former Minister of Communications, Muhammad Jawad Jahromi, he expressed his opinion on making such controversial statements that it coincides with the entry into force of a new law in Parliament to take away the right of the people to their violation of the decisions of the Supreme Council for Virtual Space and the Supreme Council for the Cultural Revolution in the country, which we can consider a media operation. To divert public opinion from the ratification of this law.

“It is unbelievable that this man is a member of parliament who has to pass laws when he is interested in how Iranian women over the age of 30 marry foreigners.”

In turn, the head of the Association of Social Workers, Hassan Mousavi, published an article in which he criticized the parliamentarians’ statements from the perspective of sociology, noting that Iranian society is moving towards an industrial society, and influencing it automatically people’s lifestyle, and the most important part of the impact is to increase the age of marriage, and this is one of the basic principles of science meeting.

Local newspapers also covered the issue with detailed reports on the MP’s statements and the reactions that followed him. Parliament where the representatives gathered around. Bankipur. The newspaper “Sazandegi” wrote an article about marriage under the title “The Wonderful Marriage Recipe”.

At a direct meeting of Parliament last Sunday, June 19, the head of the Population Renewal and Family Support Committee in the Iranian parliament, Amir Hossein Bankipur, apologized to the girls who were upset by his intermittent statements by the opposition media, he said. . He also noted that this speech was aimed at a scientific and academic meeting for research and study, and was not a general talk aimed at the people, but the media took the initiative to publish an incomplete hadith to create agitation.The representative’s insistence on the issue of non-marriage, and its solution through its announced proposals.

The Iranian regime seeks to increase the country’s population by introducing parliamentary and governmental laws that provide financial benefits, cars, land grants and assistance to families giving birth to more children, in addition to restricting the distribution of contraceptives in health centers, and the restricting women’s access to some reproductive health services for fear of abortion.

Iranian statistics indicate that there are about 12 million single people in the country, according to the Population Research Center, but the living barriers such as unemployment, housing and imposed military service prevented most of them from getting married, which made those involved and those. interested in the cause, emphasizes the removal of obstacles and the assurance of the community’s well-being and its secure future instead of pumping money to provide bank loans and temporary assistance.

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