Mahmoud Yassin Junior: I live in a state of great happiness with my success

A young man who has won the hearts of the masses in a short period of time has talent, presence and charisma bearing the name of the late great star Mahmoud Yassin. He is the grandson of the talented star Mahmoud Yassin Junior, who bears the name of the grandfather of stars and originality, but he introduces himself in a different way and various roles that stars of a special kind play. My stars are far from the roles and personality of late great star Mahmoud Yassin’s grandfather. Mahmoud Yassin Junior starred in Ramadan 2020 in the series “Al-Fatwa” with star Yasser Jalal, and Ramadan 2021 in the series “Elly Malush Kabir”, written by his father, writer and screenwriter Amr Mahmoud Yassin. Mahmoud Yassin Junior opens his heart to “My Lady”, and tells us his experience in art, his many ambitions and the reasons for his happiness with his success in the series “Zay El Qamar”, the episodes of “Umm Al-Ayal “. “and” Except me “, his memories of his grandfather, and other things in the next meeting.

What are the reasons why you did not participate in Ramadan this year?

I was offered some work, but it was not appropriate, and I saw that it would not contribute to me, so I decided to apologize and just look at my colleagues.

Are you happy with your success in the early years of your star as a young man?

Yes, I live in a state of great happiness with my success in the recent period, and the audience’s reactions to my work appearing in 2021 and 2022 in the series “Elly Malush Kabir”, “Except I” and “Zay El Qamar has been shown. ”. I’m very happy with the audience’s reactions to my work through their opinions on “Social Media”, or when I meet them on the street. I will never forget when the audience met me and called me “Malik”, and they talk to me about their sadness, crying and their serious impact on the scene of Malik’s murder in “Al-Malik Kabir” past Ramadan, so the audience still remembers “Malik”. This success gives me the determination to always do the best and best, and for every job I do to be more successful than the one before it. I do not like that the success of any new series is less than the previous one. I work hard and ultimately succeed from God.

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My family cried so hard

In your opinion, why did the character of “Malik” achieve success in the series “Elly Maloosh Kabir”, and the audience still calls you “Malik”?

I think the secret of Malik’s success and people remember him so far is that he is a very rich personality, with great transformations, and a great area of ​​drama that shows the talent of any artist who performs it. In addition to the scene of Malik’s murder, I studied it well before I carried it out, and lived the situation well, and people had such sympathy with him, that my whole family cried after this scene.

In the series “Zay El Qamar” in the episodes of “Umm Al Eyal”, what did you love about the role of “Salam”?

I loved Salam in the nature of the character. He is a good young man full of innocence, uneducated, but he has noble principles and morals, and a sense of responsibility towards his poor family. He wants to be a support to his struggling mother, who works for the existence of her children, and who lives with Man, feels no responsibility. Salam tries to comfort his mother, and seeks any source of livelihood, although he does not like illegal ways, the need for money convinced him of what his friend who traveled through illegal immigration and got a lot of money did, so he decided “Salam” to imitate him. But he did not know that he needed a good knowledge of swimming. Peace drowned and departed during the journey.

I was deeply touched by this character, and I also sympathized with her. All the elements of the series were successful, from a creative writer and director like Sherine Adel. She was keen for every actor to be creative in his role, as teamwork led by a creative director is one of the reasons for the success of any series.

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My father’s opinions were motivating for me

How has your artistic family responded to your success in this business?

Certainly, the opinions of my father, the writer and screenwriter Amr Mahmoud Yassin, were very motivating to me, and he always encouraged me, and he was happy with my performances in the series “Zay El Qamar” and in “El Maaloosh Kabeer “, although my father initially, when I told him about my love of acting, was afraid that my opinion would be. artist Rania Mahmoud Yassin, my aunt’s husband the artist Mohamed Riad, my father the writer Amr Mahmoud Yassin, and my media mother Ayat Abaza. But I told him that my love of acting is really in me. Indeed, I proved it to him through my success in the works I presented, and he became very convinced of my talent, and I insisted at the beginning that I myself in the decisive exams for the series “My Share and My Division “must submit. written by my father without knowing that I am the author’s son. I did not say my full name. Indeed, I passed the exam with my best efforts. As for my media mom, Ayat Abaza, she is happy with my success, and cried a lot about her belief that I played the character “Salam” in “Zay Al-Qamar”. and “Malik” in “The One Who Doesn’t Grow Up”, especially since the ending in the two series was similar, This is the Death of “Malik” and “Peace”. My grandmother, the great artist Shahira, is always eager to look at my work with accuracy and high concentration and tell me her opinion, what scenes she liked and what scenes she did not like. She is very accurate as she has been accurate in her work as an actress, and she always makes sure she watches all episodes of any series in its entirety. Besides, she wished my grandfather would see my success in the works I offered. My grandfather only saw me in my first works “My Share and My Division” and “Al-Fatwa”. He was very happy with me. I will never forget when he encouraged me and said to me, “You will be better than I am.”

I understand and embody the character in my own way

Did you feel that your role in the series “Zay El Qamar” shows your talent more than your role in the series “Except I”?

To a large extent, the series “Zay Al Qamar” showed my talent more; Because my role was one of the difficult roles that show the talent of any actor to play. The role is very well written, with many scenes from “Master Sin” showing the talent of any actor. As for my role in “Except Me”, it is the young man who lives under the oppression of the father and loves his mother and wants to be her support, but he does not have the experience in life to judge things correctly, except that the series does not contain scenes of “Master Sin”.

Your acting style tends towards the school of naturalistic performance, is that correct?

I study any role I play well, I read and understand it and memorize the role, but I do not study the way it is interpreted. I understand and embody the character in my own way; Because I leave myself to my sense of personality. I worship the artist Yehia El Fakhrani; Because he is the owner of the School of Natural Performance, and I belong to this school.

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I worship the artist Yehia El Fakhrani; Because he is the owner of the School of Natural Performance, and I belong to this school

There is no comparison between me and my grandfather, the great artist Mahmoud Yassin

Cinema is my next ambition

Will you be satisfied with your success only in television drama, or is theater the next ambition and dream of Mahmoud Yassin Junior?

Sure, film is my next ambition. I like cinema a lot. I have themes and roles that I hope to present. I love roles that have different psychological structures and show the true talent of the actor.

Which movie star would you like to appear in front of the cinema?

Mona Zaki, Hend Sabry and Nelly Karim.

Memories with my grandfather

Which of the star periods in the movie theater for your grandfather, the great artist Mahmoud Yassin, in the seventies or eighties, do you like more and are you eager to watch it all the time?

Sure, all my grandfather’s movies in the cinema in all its periods are films of great characters, but I especially like the last period in my grandfather’s work in the cinema, which are the films: “Al Jazeera,” “The Promise , “and” My Oupa Habibi “; Because I saw my grandfather, and lived with him during this period, the same appearance and the way he spoke. Here he is my grandfather I know. As for his old films, despite my great love for him during this period and his presentation of major roles in the movie theater when he was a young man, I did not see Mahmoud Yassin, who I know, in it.

And how was Mahmoud Yassin’s grandfather?

He was very loving, and he prepared us all his life. He was always eager to sit with us and tell us about his country, Port Said, his childhood memories, his youth and his love and belonging to Egypt. Teach us to love the country. He always got up with us on school days in the mornings, broke the fast with us, reassured us and greeted us while we were on the school bus.

You bear the name of your grandfather, Mahmoud Yassin, do you see it as a great responsibility to you?

It is definitely a big responsibility that requires me to choose my roles well. But sometimes some people, because they praised me and my success in some of my roles, put my picture next to my grandfather’s photo. Although it is a tribute to me, I sometimes feel that it is not in my favor; Because there is no comparison between me and my grandfather, the great artist Mahmoud Yassin.

What are the characteristics of the future wife?

To share my life with me, and her interests are the same as mine, and she carries me anytime. Woman understands me well.

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