Paintings inspired by the beach, its sand and its waves .. and the mountains and its birds

Rana Haddad

It was the real inspiring place for a group of plastic artists from the country to create amazing works of art, which came full of colors and formations, inspired by the natural landscape provided by their presence on the shores of the Grand Tala Bay Hotel in the city. of Aqaba, which leaves each artist with his own brand that reflects the beauty of his artwork.

The forum, organized annually by the National Museum of Fine Arts, in which participants strive to complement and enrich the fine movement with serious experiences characterized by the fragrance and charm of the place.

The forum chose to introduce the Aqaba tourist area and highlight its geography and the attractive areas in it, in addition to a suitable geographical space for meditation and expression of hope by the feather. Dr. Khaled Khreis, “The Forum”

A busy artistic procession carried by the participating artists, forming a legacy documenting Jordanian plastic art that has transcended boundaries from local to global.

The academic plastic artist, dr. Khaled Khreis, who has always contributed to the enrichment of the Jordanian plastic scene, presented a painting entitled “The Forum” which places a group of people on the beach and behind them the sea in a mysterious atmosphere, a celebration of the beaches of Aqaba and its people, emphasized by its brush that “hope beckons and says no.”

With his artistic work, dr. Khreis confirms that the encounter and encounter between people in general and artists in particular is an opportunity for a close dialogue of experiences, exchange of ideas, communication and creativity as well.

Suhail Baqain .. the fragrant color

As the eyes and senses of his followers were accustomed to, the paintings of the Jordanian artist Suhail Baqain came in summer colors that reflect the moods of the feeling that make up the painting that speaks poetry and music and oscillates between abstraction, romance and realism.

The artist Baqain, who throughout his artistic career has tried to draw his creativity and paintings from the space of the place,

Bekain’s paintings are full of open ways to deepen and enhance the visual vision associated with the cultural, visual and historical inventory, and his participation came with two paintings inspired by the place .. works that came alive and passionately .

Asmaa Sobeih “My Song”

A member of the Jordanian Plastic Artists Association and a holder of a degree in interior design and decoration, she always carried drawing tools and the idea of ​​”Women’s Issues Her Concern” in her pocket so that her artwork and every feeling she could wear to print on a piece of cloth.

Making the feet of “female wings” is far from tampered with its destination, as it has a strong foot and can stand with confidence, even if it sometimes has incomplete wings !!

Mays Hassouna’s painting “Seashells”

A Jordanian painter with a BA in visual arts from the University of Jordan. She has participated in a number of personal exhibitions in Jordan.

In her latest work she presented at the forum, Mays Hassouna focused on dealing with the quiet nature and its expression with space and color in modern ways in modern art.

Muhannad Qusous, “The Buyers”

The rock formations of the Shara Mountains still inspire the artist’s soul, and he sees in them the divine creativity in all that God Almighty has created, as it is a nature that consists of parts of an integral whole that balance of the elements of life preserved. for the dove bird that was the guest of the painting drawn by the priests It is an ancient symbol of peace between earth and heaven, and it forms a state of spontaneous unity with nature, which the closer one gets to it, how closer man is to the great God who created it. In his creative work, Qusous wrote a message that “the simplest things in life can constitute a state of inspiration on which the artist can build.”

Al-Jarrah painted a blue symphony.

The painting, which came acrylic on canvas, represents the movement of the sea and air together in an impressionistic style, and was inspired by the city of Aqaba, where the rhythm of the painting is represented by a broad brushstroke of dynamic events in the pictorial surface.

The texture of the painting is one color and its gradations, i.e. the monogram. In the blue painting and its gradations, the blue dipped in green, turquoise, lapis lazuli, dark, light and glowing with some white sparkles to diversify the rhythm, the painting’s coherence and strength lies in its single color and the way on which it was spread over the whole space. ”

Mustafa Al-Youssef’s painting “The Crow and the Sea”

A plastic artist who studied art at the Institute of Fine Arts presented a painting of the crow and the sea in canvas in acrylic colors, an expressive painting influenced by nature, sea waves and winds … The crow was placed in the painting with many memories, feelings and reflections of the sky, the sea and the earth.

Jamal al-Jaqqa’s painting “Oh, You Travel Alone”

The artist and the architect used the brush to draw the drawing of a “human” in acrylic and ink on canvas by wearing the place, which lies on the sandy beach with a distant view of the sea full of ideas, fantasies and dreams. .

Samar Haddadin’s painting “Nymphs and Palms”

Artistic beginning of the studio of the University of Jordan, a student of the artist Muhammad Qaytuqa, the artist Ibrahim Al-Abdali and the artist Saeed Haddadin, an artistic biography that needs a full-time biography, an artist who needs the whole left work as soon as the painting was presented to the public, and the painting became the property of the viewer, who could see it as he wished, away from the artist’s opinion.

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