The Anti-Addiction Fund: Funding for people’s recovery projects to integrate them into society

The Fund for the Combat and Treatment of Addiction and Substance Abuse, led by Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity and Chairman of the Fund’s Board of Directors, participated in the 37th international conference hosted by the Grass Foundation in the state of Kuwait was arranged. collaboration with the International Organization for Women’s Empowerment and Capacity Building under the slogan “Drug addiction between the challenges of confrontation and the demands of rehabilitation.” At the invitation of the “Grass Foundation” to share the Fund’s experience in the social and economic development of those recovering from addiction and its role in improving the quality of life for them as one of the pioneering experiences that many countries consider inspiring experiences has, and began to convey to them the experience of the Fund, in the presence of representatives of 10 Arab and foreign.

Dr. Amr Othman, Assistant Minister of Social Solidarity and Director of the Fund for Combating and Treating Addiction and Abuse, spoke during the conference about the services provided by the Fund, including primary prevention, which include the implementation of awareness-raising activities on the harms of addiction. the voluntary associations of the Fund, which so far number 32 000 volunteers at the level of the Republic Implementation of activities in schools, youth centers and developed areas “alternative to slums”, as well as the launch of media campaigns with the participation of influential personalities such as the international star “Mohamed Salah”, as well as early detection of drug abuse through campaigns to track down employees in the state’s administrative apparatus, which managed to reduce the rate of abuse from 8% with The Begin or detection campaigns in 2019 to 1% now, as well as the support and availability of all treatment services for addiction patients free of charge and in complete secrecy and in accordance with international standards by the “16023” hotline, represented in counseling, treatment, rehabilitation and community integration in the light of the expansion in the provision of therapeutic services by 28 A-treatment centers in 17 governors so far, after the number of treatment centers in 2014 did not exceed 12 centers in 7 governors, and preparations are underway to open. Two centers in the governors of “Qena and Giza”, bringing the total number of treatment centers to 30 treatment centers during the current year, and treatment services will be generalized by 2025 at the level of all governors of the Republic.

The link between the social integration of addiction recyclers and sustainable development goals, including good health, well-being, good education, decent work and economic growth, has also been reviewed. Achieving social integration for them as it is one of the most important subsequent ones. stages of medical, psychological and social treatment for addiction patients, in addition to helping them reduce the chances of relapse.The Fund also launched the “Artisan” initiative to train addiction recoveries in professional trades required by the labor market such as “air conditioning and mobile maintenance.” electrical appliances and joinery ”, and nearly 9,300 repairs have been trained so far, having provided all treatment services to addicted patients free of charge.

Amr Othman pointed out the link between addiction and a decrease in quality of life on the one hand, and between recovery and its positive impact on improving quality of life, as recovery from addiction increases the feeling of positive improvement in self-efficacy. and improvement in better health and gaining more confidence and respect, While a person abusing narcotics frustration, anxiety, boredom, depression, the possibility of losing a family, deteriorating health and being exposed to premature death than expected age feel, where the Anti-Addiction Fund provides all treatment services to addiction patients for free and in full confidentiality, and the number of beneficiaries of treatment services through the hotline. 5% are women.

The Fund for Combating and Treating Addiction, led by Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity and Chairman of the Fund’s Board of Directors, launched the “With Our Hands” initiative, which promotes innovation, design and implementation of drug abuse survivors within the training workshops in Al-Aziya Centers affiliated with the Fund, all furniture “carpentry” works for the new addiction treatment centers that will be opened in the Qena Governorates. And Giza soon, and it’s the first center in the world to be equipped with the forearms of the recovered. ” The Fund was also keen to provide social development services through the implementation of family awareness programs for those recovering from drug abuse and those about to get married within the “Mawaddah” project implemented by the Ministry of Social Assistance. Solidarity to preserve the entity of the Egyptian family. The training aims to help healthy people form a stable family in the light of the close relationship between family breakdown and drug abuse and addiction. A series of sports courses are organized under the slogan “Recovery Championship” in addition to permanent sports leagues in all Al-Aziya centers for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients affiliated to the Fund, in addition to the Fund’s zeal to hold graduation ceremonies for new groups of the recovery in the affiliated and partner treatment centers with the first line Jerk for the box, as well as organize relaxation outings for the recovered.

The participants praised the experience of the Addiction Control Fund in the social and economic development of the recovered and its role in improving the quality of life and considered it as one of the important experiences, describing it as a groundbreaking and global experience for the free post-treatment services rendered and the community integration of the recovered and their return as useful individuals in the community, and “Amr Othman” was honored. “In appreciation of the Fund’s efforts to reduce the demand for drugs and to treat and rehabilitate addicted patients. Socially and economically in line with international standards,” Dr. Ahmed Al-Shatti, CEO of the National Drug Prevention Project at handed over to him the Grass Foundation, the “Shields” of the Foundation.

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