The Ministry of Education announces the names of the winning students in the Microsoft application competition

Today, the Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced the names of the winning students in the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship, which is qualified to represent Egypt in the global competition in the United States, organized by the General Administration of E-Learning in the Quality and Information Technology sector, in collaboration with Certiport Company The main organizer of the competition.

Dr. In her speech, Fathia Khairy, Director-General of the General Administration of E-Learning, welcomed the greetings of dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, conveyed to the participants and thanked him for his support and provision of all technology to students, noting that this competition is one of the strong international competitions in the field of applications Microsoft Office, which believes in the role that the ministry plays in enriching and spreading the culture of digital transformation, developing students’ technological skills and improving their creativity.

She added that the Ministry of Education is interested in preparing a generation that is aware of the most important requirements of the time and keeps up with technological development, and explains that this international competition hosted by Certiport Company is held at a local level , under the direction and supervision of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, Microsoft International, and EgyptAir, the national carrier the official.

She explained that this competition took place at the level of the Republic in three phases, the first (introductory) phase, in which almost 3,500 students participated in the Republic, trained on the programs participating in the competition, and in the second phase, the best 2000 students were selected, and 130 students were filtered after passing the exams. Required, note that today the selection of the 6 best students is announced, to represent the Arab Republic of Egypt in the international competition, where 119 countries will participate this year.

Engineer Yasser Mohamed Omran, head of the information sector at the Ministry of Aviation, stressed that in light of the accelerating global developments at the level of the fourth industrial revolution and modern technologies, digital transformation is a key element to sustainable development in Egypt achieved and Egypt’s Vision 2030, which notes that the national company EgyptAir plays a major role. In support of initiatives that contribute to the refinement of the skills and experiences of young people in a way that enables them to contribute effectively to the technological renaissance in the country, by believing as a national company in its societal role to Contributing to the enhancement of the effectiveness and ability of Egyptian youth to absorb the resources and technologies of the coming era that qualify them to work in the global and local market, He thanked Microsoft, the leaders of the Ministry of Education , and all in charge of this global competition, wishing more success to all students.

Engineer Mazen Hanna, Regional Director of Certiport, in turn explained that this competition is international in collaboration with several partners, including Microsoft, and that the competition took place over 18 years with the participation of 119 countries worldwide, and that in recent years and the current year, the competition was sponsored by Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, and the international competition was held, and he thanked the Ministry of Education, parents and students and said: “Our presence today in the Ministry represents the greatest honor for all, and he noted that next year’s competition will take place in the first of September 2022, and the local qualifiers during the month of May. 2023 “.

Eng. Amr Al-Masry, Director of Education at Microsoft Egypt, in turn praised the honorable representation of students and pointed out that Microsoft embraces the idea of ​​skills, support and motivation of skills within each student, emphasizing that Egypt is full of skills which requires guidance, and Microsoft is working with the Ministry to attract leading-edge skills within the Republic of Egypt to Arab Egypt, and to help students achieve their goal, and we have the capabilities and capabilities to make the name of Egypt worldwide.

During the celebration, the winners were announced. Student Christ Hany Abdel Malak Saeed of Sohag Governor, student Malak Hussein in the Suez Governor, student Hussein Walid Hussein Zaki in the Matrouh Governor, student Ahmed Khalil Ibrahim in Cairo governor, student Ahmed Sherif Abu Al-Maati Al-Afifi in the Dakahlia governor, and student Mohamed Walid Mohamed, Fayoum governor.

At the end of the ceremony, all students and supervisors who took part in the competition were honored by the Governors of the Republic, and shields of honor were presented to the participating companies.

The ceremony was attended by Major General Ahmed Abdel-Fattah, Head of the Central Security Administration, dr. Fathia Khairy, Director-General of the General Administration of e-Learning, Engineer Yasser Mohamed Omran, Head of the Information Sector at the Ministry of Aviation. , Engineer Mazen Hanna, Regional Director of Certiport, and Engineer Amr Al-Masry, Director of the Education Sector at Certiport. Microsoft Egypt.

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