The National Bank of Egypt holds an exhibition to announce the winners of the portrait art competition

The National Bank of Egypt held an excellent celebration to introduce its collection show at the main center and an exhibition to announce the names of the winners of its art competition to attract former council chairmen.

The celebration was honored by the attendance of the former heads of the bank’s board of directors, as well as Minister Khaled El-Anany, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, former and current members of the board of the National Bank of Egypt and a number of its leaders.The celebration coincides with the bank’s founding day and the passage of 124 years.

Hisham Okasha, chairman of the board of directors of the National Bank of Egypt, said the display of the property at the bank’s head office has a special value as it contains important historical documents and records, rare banknotes, commemorative coins and prominent works of art of the pioneers of Egyptian plastic art.

He pointed out that this initiative comes within the bank’s project to revive its ancient heritage, which also included the announcement by the National Bank of Egypt in April last year to launch the bank’s artistic competition to create portraits. sign for his former board chairmen, where Hisham Okasha expressed his pride in that competition, which is the first of its kind in The Banking Sector to Support Culture and the Arts, aimed at celebrating previous generations and their achievements in enrichment of the long-running march of the National Bank of Egypt and their valuable contributions to serve the national economy.It also sheds light on the bank’s extensive journey.

He added that the winning paintings in the competition will be displayed in the Board of Directors’ meeting room at the bank’s headquarters in the new administrative capital, emphasizing that this competition will help the bank’s management’s interest in supporting arts and distributing art. reflects cultural awareness, and believes in the role of arts in community development, as well as the crucial role of large institutions in supporting arts and culture. Increasing the number and value of prizes offered from £ 510,000 to £ 850,000 is spread over 18 prizes, including £ 35,000 prizes for winning portraits, and three other prizes are the 35th Creativity Prize 000 pounds, the jury prize of 25 000 pounds and an incentive prize of 15 thousand pounds in addition to appreciation prizes for the participants in the competition.Okasha thanked the members of the competition jury for their efforts and time to select the best works and their interest in art and to stimulate artists in Egypt.

It is noteworthy that within the framework of the National Bank of Egypt’s project to revive its ancient heritage, the exhibition of the bank’s possession has been developed using the latest display methods in accordance with the standards followed in international museums, which is specifically designed to suit the nature of the exhibits while adhering to the highest standards of preservation, as the museum’s interior design emphasizes the illuminated exhibits To show its value, movement paths have been made available in width, and new doors were designed inspired by the antique doors of one of the oldest branches of the bank located in Sheriff Street in central Cairo, taking into account all security elements, in addition to the introduction of various elements to control the level of lighting of the place around the show of collectibles in full, with the design of the sealed windows to ensure the highest levels of safety to achieve the exhibits against weather conditions or attempted penetration, as the glass used is of a high-transparency type to provide excellent views for the visitor and at the same time is difficult to penetrate, and it also reduces the penetration of ultraviolet rays.

The lighting used in the exhibition is one of the best types used in the major international museums as it controls the degree of color, angle and direction of lighting.The bank will also be presenting documents on a electronic platform that provides access to it, in the interest of the bank to spread knowledge awareness.

Nihal Wehbe, artistic coordinator and founder of Square Art Space for artistic consulting and technical adviser to the National Bank of Egypt’s Heritage Revival Project, said the exhibition is an important artistic addition to the portrait art in Egypt, as it is the most important portrait artists , contemporary artists and many promising talents.The competition also offered a new space for artistic creativity singular.

The competition was witnessed by great interest from artists on social media, where the number of participants exceeded more than 700 artists, where the technical committee met, which Professor dr. Abdel Ghaffar Shedid, professor of art history at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Helwan University and at the University of Munich, artist and critic Tharwat Al-Bahr and dr. Umniah Yahya, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Arts Al-Gamila Helwan University at the National Bank of Egypt to select artists to qualify for the next phase, and after the screening process, 34 artists representing different generations and various art schools were selected , and their names were announced at the celebration held by the bank at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization on June 22, 2021. for final arbitration.

The winners of the competition were announced during the exhibition organized specifically for it by the Bank – the artist Ahmed Eid, who won two awards for the portraits of Ali Al Shamsi Pasha and Ahmed Dia El Din, the artist Mahmoud Ashour for the portrait by Abdul Jalil Al Omari, and artist Islam Al Rihani for the two portrait awards. Ahmed Zaki Saad, Mohamed Abdel Moneim Rushdi, and artist Rania Fouad, with three prizes: two prizes for the portrait of Dr. Abdel Hakim Al-Rifai and a portrait of d. Tharwat Okasha and the Creativity Award for her composite work of a portrait of Tariq Amer, and the artist Islam Abdo with two awards for his portrait of Dr. Nour El-Din Tarraf and the portrait of Hussein Abdel Aziz, and the artist Ahmed Abdel Fattah with two awards for his portrait of Dr. Hamed Al-Sayeh and the portrait of Tariq Amer, and the artist Alaa Hegazy won four prizes for the portraits of Mohamed Mahmoud Abu Shadi, the portrait of Mohamed Nabil Ibrahim, the portrait of Mahmoud Abdelaziz and his portrait by Dr. Farouk Al-Aqdah.

The jury award was also given to the artist Essam El Din Taha, for his portrait of Mohamed Nabil Ibrahim, and the artist Sarah Mohamed Khair for his portrait of Mahmoud Abd Mohamed.

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