The public sector is at the top of the highest salaries in the Kingdom, with 215 000 riyal

10 job titles were above the average total salaries, where an assistant minister in the public sector came first with an average of 215 830 rials, a governor in the public sector second 198 365 ria, the Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa in the information technology sector third 192,700 riyal, and the deputy governor in the public sector fourth, with a salary of 130,399 The fifth head of information technology in the information technology sector, with a salary of 101,413 riyals, the sixth chief human resources executive, 96,555 riyals, seventh chief marketing officer, 90 987 rial, eighth vice president of supply chains, with a salary of 87 364 riyal, and executive vice president of sales in the information technology sector ninth, 87 040 rial. The tenth chief financial officer in the finance and accounting sector is 84 610 riyals.

Top 10 salaries

The public sector was above the highest average salaries in the Kingdom with the highest average monthly salary of 215 830 rials for the post of assistant minister, followed by the average salary of the governor which amounted to 198 365 rials.

The 2022 Salary Report issued by the Recruitment Professionals Company, which specializes in the UK labor market in various industries, revealed that the report focused on the most sought after jobs in various industries related to large and medium organizations.

The report indicated that the rate of talent attraction in the financial sector increased by 50%, in each of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, risk management and cyber security, and the supply chain sector has an increase in the rate of talent attraction of 27 % saw. to 33%, according to the huge demand in the field of The supply chain, and the wheel of employment in technical companies in the information technology sector developed by 12% last year, and the rate of talent acquisition increased from 24% to 31%. , while the field of marketing is one of the fastest growing areas in 2021, as the employment rate increased in various marketing positions In the Kingdom, the digital marketing employment rate related to e-commerce increased by 20%, and e-commerce and food delivery sector from 2019 to 2022 had a 50% increase in talent recruitment at all levels of companies.

High polarization rates

Top 10 Salary Jobs in the Kingdom

01 Assistant Minister in the Public Sector

215 830 riyals 02 governor in the public sector

198.365 riyals 03 Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa, Information Technology

192,700 riyals 04 Deputy Governor of the Public Sector

130 399 riyals 05 Chief Information Officer, Information Technology

101,413 riyals 06 Senior HR Manager

96 555 riyals 07 Chief Marketing Officer

90 987 riyals 08VP of supply chains

87,364 riyals 09 Executive Vice President of Sales in the Information Technology Sector

87 040 riyals 10

Chief Financial Officer in the Finance and Accounting Sector

84 610 riyals average salaries for the financial and accounting sectors

Chief Financial Officer 84 610 riyal

Director of Financial Management44 694 riyals

Director of Accounting Department42,371 riyals

Investment Manager39 245 riyals

Account Manager31 664 riyals

Financial Manager30,071 riyals

Financial controller23 530 riyals

Chief Accounting Officer19 896 riyals

Financial Analyst11 699 riyals

Debtors accountant, paid 10,059 riyals

Accountant SAR7.506 Supply Chain

Vice President of Supply Chains87 364 riyals

Director of Supply Chain Management58 645 riyals

Supply and demand manager 28,722 riyals

Categories Manager 27,666 riyals

Logistics Manager26 376 riyals

Purchasing Manager25 482 riyals

Warehouse Manager19,507 riyals

Store Supervisor16 388 riyals

Supply and demand chart 14,405 riyals

Equipment engineer12,238 riyals

Buyer 11,055 riyals Marketing

Chief Marketing Officer90 987 riyals

Director of e-commerce division 51 763 riyals

Director of Marketing Division49 141 riyals

Marketing Manager 28 205 riyals

Senior Marketing Specialist 27 299 riyals

Marketing Specialist26 406 riyals

Ecommerce Manager26 375 riyals

Senior e-commerce specialist 15 782 riyals

Marketing Officer 15 294 riyals

E-commerce specialist 12 042 riyals

E-Commerce Officer 7,503 SAR Human Resources

Senior HR Executive96 555 riyals

Director of Human Capital Management 66 200 riyals

Human Capital Manager37 877 riyals

Human Resources Business Partner37 432 riyals

Talent Procurement Manager36 232 riyals

Director of Education and Development31 988 riyals

Remuneration and Benefits Manager30,560 riyals

Talent Management Director30,377 riyals

Human Resources Operations Manager27 221 riyals

Human Resources Specialist19 277 riyals

Talent Recruitment Specialist 17 377 riyals

Recruitment Officer11 865 riyals

HR and Administration Officer 7 832 riyals Information Technology

Executive Director for the Middle East and North Africa 192,700 riyal

Chief Information Technology Officer 101 413 riyals

Executive Vice President of Sales87 040 riyals

General Director of the State 83,200 riyals

Chief Information Security Officer 73 027 riyals

Director of Emerging Technologies 51 200 riyals

Blockchain Technology Manager48,640 riyals

Internet of Things Manager 48 640 riyals

Cloud Computer Manager 46 080 riyals

Sales Manager / Business Development Manager44 800 riyals

Technical Design Manager42,000 riyals

Information Technology Manager 38 400 riyals

Pre-Sales Industrial Engineer21,760 riyals

Administrator / Cyber ​​Security Specialist 18 176 riyals

Network Engineer16 640 riyals

Information Technology Specialist15 360 riyals Ecommerce and Food Delivery

Chief Operating Officer45,851 riyals

Director of Operations Department38 747 riyals

Operations Excellence Manager27 602 riyals

Operational Commander 16 299 riyals

Transport regulator5 200 riyals Technical and product

Chief Technology Officer52,801 riyals

Chief Product Officer46 444 riyals

Product Manager31,401 SAR

Interface and user experience designer

IOS System Developer12,740 riyals

Front and rear developer 12 004 riyals

Android System Developer 111,668 riyals

Research and development specialist10 137 riyals Logistics and delivery

Director of Delivery Division34 858 riyals

Logistics Manager23 383 riyals

Area Delivery Manager 22,240 riyals

Supply Manager21,175 riyals

Resource Planning Manager18 183 riyals

Delivery specialist, order 10 962 riyals, business and customers

Chief Commercial Officer 43 043 riyals

Director of Business Development Division31 687 riyals

Digital Marketing Manager 24 671 riyals

Client Success Manager 20,927 riyals

Content Manager 19 225 riyals

Account Manager13,115 riyals, public sector

Assistant Minister 215 830 riyals

Wallets 198,365 riyals

Deputy Governor 130 399 riyals

General managers 77 832 riyals

Director of Program Management67 322 riyals

Divisional Managers46,090 riyals

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