To doctors and athletes: Egypt is most driven by creative minds with “information technology” when Sisi rules. !!

Barely days passed after the emigration of the squash champion, Mohamed El-Shorbagy, from Egypt and his announcement to play in the name of Britain, and before him thousands of Egyptian heroes and creators in various fields, until the results of a study done is through LinkedIn, which confirmed that Egypt is at the top of the list of countries that drive most minds and creators in the field of Information Technology, worldwide.

The LinkedIn Employment Company announced the results of a comprehensive and comprehensive study, in collaboration with the World Bank, which showed that Egypt was at the top of the list of countries that have driven the most creative thinking in the field of information technology. most benefiting from Egyptian talent are the United Arab Emirates, then Germany, Canada, Kuwait and the United States.

skills migration

It’s an old phenomenon, and what was new about it and more dangerous than that is the migration of specialized skills in health matters, as doctors and nurses, as “Nader” says, a pseudonym for one of the professors in space. technology working abroad..

The migration of creative thinking for better opportunities is not a problem in itself, and it is a worldwide phenomenon, as the person with an exact specialization moves to a country where there is a scientific basis and a system that benefit and benefit from its specialization, but the danger that the LinkedIn study shows is “the bleeding of cadres who are dependent. It has important industries and vital activities, for example the increasing emigration of doctors in the recent period, which threatens the health system in Egypt.

The migration of cadres and technical skills abroad is also a danger that will result in delays in these industries.

According to numerous testimonies, thousands of innovative young people in the field of information technology and owners of small and medium-sized companies are fleeing Egypt to work in the Gulf countries as technicians, instead of staying in Egypt where they are experiencing exciting job problems, e.g. such as taxes, fees, security prosecutions, adult monopoly and government restrictions on their work.

technology market

Perhaps one of the most serious threats to the technology market in Egypt, on the side of brain drain, is the low level of educational programs in technology institutes and colleges in Egypt. Studies have lapsed and are no longer necessary for the market to accelerate progress, and only those who are trained will survive.

To the extent that many managers of information technology companies complain, when they ask technicians to hire them in their companies, they were offered by graduates of information systems, none of them could download a copy of Windows or primitive tasks on the Internet or in programming, and many companies are struggling to find qualified programmers after attracting programmers in the Gulf states and Europe, while technical and specialized educational institutions in information systems continue to pump more certificate holders out of a thousand of them, with a view to fingers of one hand those who have technical and technical skills, and they will soon join the first opportunity to travel and emigrate.

immigration rates

The recent increase in technical brain drain figures is also due to the spread of the Corona virus, in the form of “companies pushing to get their employees to work from home, which has created tremendous pressure on the demand for technical systems that work from home. , and with the lack of technical cadres there, they hired workers from other countries, and Egypt was closer to Geography of India, the largest and strongest competitor in the world in this field, which coincided with the desire of Egyptians to go abroad to emigrate.

Although it is financially better for a person to sit in his country and receive the same wages, living abroad has become less stressful than working from home, where threats are many, apart from the lack of professional appreciation or respect in Egypt, leaving the first choice. , so that young people can move freely, and also work freely. According to Egyptian youth abroad, the phenomenon of immigration and naturalization without Egyptian nationality goes beyond the mere desire of a player to become a professional or a technician to earn, but is rather a protest against the deteriorating conditions in general.

According to Egyptian scientist Essam Hajji, “Before we get angry at a virtuous player between big or small abilities and care who has been mocked over the years in Egypt for more generous conditions in England, I mourn for the thousands of researchers and students who have emigrated and scatter in search of the minimum capabilities to complete their message in the service of Read nation that only reads news of play and entertainment“.

On the other hand, Member of the Senate and Assistant Chief of the Wafd Party for Strategic Planning, Engineer Hazem Al-Jundi, have requested a general discussion with the President of the Senate on the Government’s explanation Al-Ali, the acting Minister of Health and Population, and Al-Jundi in the request for general discussion revealed that there are about 110,000 doctors are – for example – who have emigrated from Egypt during the past three years, representing half of the number of doctors estimated at about 215 000, explains These figures indicate that the average number of doctors per citizen is declining , as it has become 10 doctors for every 10 thousand citizens in Egypt, while the global average is 32 doctors for every 10 thousand citizens..

Perhaps this is what applies to doctors, applicable to university professors, engineers, teachers, professionals, technicians and experts in various fields.

What does the human, civil, social, scientific and economic downfall of Egypt mean?

The tragedy is exacerbated by the military’s control over all jobs, employment and projects, turning the most skilled technicians and scientists into mere people or subcontractors working in Egypt.

This increased during the years of military rule, as the military controlled about 60% of projects and Egypt’s economy directly, despite the presence of thousands of companies and houses of expertise providing high quality offerings and feasibility studies, but Sisi and his regime , which does not recognize feasibility studies, where he repeatedly went out on television and in front of his soldiers and brokers of his projects, boasting that if he had followed the feasibility studies, there would have been no achievements in Egypt, which was considered dangerous to the revealed that Egypt, after Argentina, had become the largest city in the world and was subject to bankruptcy. On the contrary, all his money and national income are no more It is enough to pay off only the interests of the debt, while the debt rose to more than 300% than they were before the military coup in 2013. In fact, projects are now entrusted directly to Hajj Saeed, and its cost is even reduced by about one billion pounds on the air, which is the peak of underestimation of Egypt’s And often it will be done at the expense of quality and scientific studies, which daily disasters and disasters resulting, such as road accidents and collapses of bridges before their use, without the liability or supervision of anyone, and therefore science and scientists. was lost in Egypt and the ignorant and the military progressed to lead Egypt to ruin. t striped.

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