Ghala Hammoud Al-Enezi is the champion of the Arab Reading Challenge in Kuwait

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The sixth edition of the Arabic reading challenge crowned student Ghala Hammoud Al-Enezi, a champion at the level of the state of Kuwait, among 161,564 male and female students from 964 schools who participated in the largest reading demonstration of its kind in the world. has. in the Arabic language.

And it was announced that Ghala Hamoud Al-Enezi, from Grade 12 at Jumana Bint Abi Talib High School, won the Arabic Reading Challenge in his sixth session at the Kuwait level.

This was during the closing ceremony of the Arabic Reading Challenge in Kuwait, which was held under the protection and presence of dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf, Minister of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research in the State of Kuwait, and dr. Waleed Al Ali, advisor to the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, which organizes the Arabic reading challenge, and a number of officials and educators based on the initiative.

The final qualifiers at the state level of Kuwait led to the qualification of ten first entrants, and the jury selected them as the challenge champion at national level for this year’s session.

He was awarded the title of Prominent Supervisor Mutlaq Al-Mutairi of the Capital Education District after being distinguished among 1200 supervisors who participated in the empowerment of students participating in the challenge at the level of Kuwait.

As for the title of the leading school in Kuwait in the sixth session of the Arabic Reading Challenge, it was awarded to Ali Al-Salem Al-Sabah Intermediate School for Boys, affiliated to the Jahra Education District.

Top ten

In addition to the first winner at Kuwait level, the list of the top ten who excelled in the Arabic Reading Challenge in his sixth session at state level included Salma Muhammad Al-Alfi of Grade 12 at Al-Nawar Bint Malik Secondary School, Abdulaziz Faisal Al -Baijan of Grade 12 at Rawd Al-Salihin School, and Jannah Taha Muhammad Darwish of Grade 12 at Al-Najat National School.

Jinan Jaber Al-Sharif from Grade 9 at Hafsa Intermediate School for Girls, Moaz Ayman Abu Al-Yazid from Grade 12 at South Sabahiya Institute School, Ibrahim Fahad Al-Mubarrad from Grade 9 at Al-Noor Joint School, Youssef Thamer Al-Mahtab from Grade 5 at Al-Awael School – Bilingual, and Youssef Dia Al-Din Rushdi from Grade 12 at Al-Najat National School, and Duaa Adel Muhammad from Grade 10 at Al-Noor Joint School.

knowledge and culture

Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf, Minister of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research in the State of Kuwait, stressed that the continued participation of Kuwaiti students in Arabic and international cultural and knowledge events is a qualitative addition to the concept of self- and continuous learning, and improve the paths of knowledge and cultural enrichment, especially through reading, reading and learning about civilizations and production Scientific nations and peoples.

Which constitutes a positive collective consciousness that believes in knowledge, culture and openness to sciences and cultures to build a better future for man based on dialogue, openness and communication with others.

He believed that the Arabic reading challenge, which continues for the sixth consecutive session, is an opportunity for young people and younger generations in the region and the Arab world to strengthen their relationship and strengthen their relationship with the Arabic language, and they motivate in the future to enrich the Arabic content available for future generations.

He congratulated all the participants and winners of the Arabic Reading Challenge at the state of Kuwait, as the presence of Kuwaiti students in all sessions of the challenge since its inception is an indication of the importance of culture, knowledge and read as a well-established value in Kuwaiti society and its educational and cultural system.

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In turn, dr. Walid Al Ali, adviser to the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives: children, their teachers, their families, their schools and educational administrations in the countries participating in reading and reading as an essential pillar of societies.knowledge-based economies of the future.

Al Ali pointed out that the full coordination of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum global initiatives, organizing the Arabic Reading Challenge, with the ministries of education and educational institutions in each country, extended the challenge to new horizons and provided the opportunity for more students and schools in dozens of countries around the world to participate.

He congratulated the champions of the Arab Reading Challenge in the state of Kuwait and all who participated and supported it, and the role of the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, educational districts in all governors of Kuwait, school administrations and supervisors. , who told the students: “You are all winners in the Arabic Reading Challenge, because you contribute to the acquisition of Knowledge that builds the future and increases the status of the Arabic language and its status as a language of science , literature and culture recovery.

Cultivate a love of reading

Launched in 2015 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, the Arabic Reading Challenge aims to promote knowledge and cultural openness among students, and arouse a love of reading in them. since childhood, taking into account knowledge among the The most important foundations of progress and excellence.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives are organizing the Challenge for the sixth consecutive session in the largest Arabic project to encourage reading among students in the Arab world. This year’s session is the largest of its kind in the history of the Arabic reading event, with 22.27 million students from 44 countries participating Read and summarize the books in Arabic.


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