Let’s shape our future in our own hands

duration/ How many times have the Palestinians felt that pain and sadness are pressing on their hearts? How many times have they felt that they could not cry because their tears dried up? But the pain still remains in their hearts, and the heartburn still expresses their hearts, fear, illusion, sadness, hesitation, oppression and pain. These are some of the feelings of our people that I may have felt one day, but no one know their buried feelings that do not appear to the surface.

If every Palestinian citizen writes that saddens him and all his worries and all his problems, how much paper does he need to write down all the worries and all the sadness and all the problems? The Palestinians need someone who sincerely listens to them to feel that he carries their worries and suffering to resolve and resolve them. It is true that getting rid of these worries easily is a kind of imagination, but we must create hope for the generations to a prosperous and bright future away from the annoyance of the influential, politicians and those with private and partisan advantages.

The Palestinians are still living through critical challenges along the way, security, economic, financial, political, social and cultural challenges, and the Palestinian homeland has become an access point for conflicts and a focus of crises in a region that is already suffering under major crises and open conflicts.

Politicians, influential people and decision-makers planted frustrating factors among the youth, which prompted them to migrate abroad, after realizing that the spaces of hope before them had begun to narrow, causing many of them to drown in the sea. has, and our people’s grief for their children who have migrated has increased due to the irresponsible behavior of some of them. Influential people, politicians and decision makers who do not know how to lead the country.

The Palestinians ‘frustration also increased over the previous governments’ delay in implementing a package of reforms, and the people were waiting for the implementation of those reforms, but we found that the former and subsequent prime ministers were bound by the influence of political and partisan alliances in the country.

Governments missed many great opportunities that could be invested in building a better life for the Palestinian citizen and in building stronger institutions for the Palestinian state, but they were reckless in wasting public money on projects that did not work and in allowing close factional and partisan conflicts and external interventions and wasting great opportunities on our homeland and our people that are difficult to compensate.

Our people’s fire for their homeland is not extinguished by reforms here or there. No, reforms must be in all legislative authorities, the most important of which is the judiciary that has been silent from the first and the last about the corrupt.

We do not need fiery speeches and promises from which nothing can be fulfilled, threats and threats that did not bring the fatherland and its people other than disasters and conflicts, and we are tired of the many conversations from morning to night, because our real need for fatal and decisive decisions that restore the homeland and its institutions their prestige and enforce their authority and bring to the people a glimmer of hope for a decent life Blink villain for all.

Some may think that the desired reform is limited to the enactment of certain laws or the cancellation of previous decisions, the change of people, the building of schools or hospitals, the reduction of grants or privileges granted to ministers and others, the increase of salaries to other groups, the provision of grants and gifts to the poor and needy. families, and addressing the file of services and the most prominent problem of electricity, water shortage and opening. .

It is supposed and required to start working according to a comprehensive plan that addresses all the problems of the country here and there, and above all we put the right man in the right place, according to the standard of experience and competence, and give national powers a strategic role at this sensitive stage, which has not happened before.

We need to reconsider and return to the starting point to address the root of the problem, it is the division that has caused us many plagues and problems, and to develop real treatments for it according to an objective vision that takes into account the interests of all components of the Palestinian people and retain their rights and duties for them.

Rebuilding the legal system and working on its independence and non-interference in its affairs, and reducing the number of ministries according to the interest of the country and not in the interest of its rule and keeping them away from political conflicts, around their work professional and patriotic.

The task of those who today bear the responsibility for change and reform is not entirely easy, it is rather to lay the foundation for a successful and strong state, which is required of them in spite of the difficulties and challenges from within and outside, but it is the best solution to all our problems, to either stay in the same past or move to the future.Here is the crossroads.

We must first succeed in a very important struggle, which is the struggle of self-construction, and the provision of the elements of self-power, which require of us exactly:

1- Providing the benefits of democratic reform in all dimensions and meanings, especially as we are a people who love democracy and freedom.

2- Correcting and increasing the pace and trends of construction, development, institutional growth and organizational professional work.

3- The integration of the organs and institutions of the Palestinian National Authority and the non-conflict and conflict of efforts and achievements between them.

4- Firmness and striking iron in the face of the elements of social chaos, intellectual fanaticism, bias, destructive blocs, chaos of power, tribe and family, such as false tendencies, chaos of weapons, security and social chaos, and the emergence of centers of power.

5- Firmness with measures, punishment, deterrent liability and disclosure of negative behavior, because “a nation that loses the values ​​of its behavior will lose the values ​​of its goals and the nobility of its aspirations.”

6- There must be an informative, informative and educational mechanism at the level of tactical work and at the level of moral construction and human construction, which strengthens confidence in achievements and is hostile and confronts media and mobilization work in all its forms, so that we has a competitive media mechanism “capable of influencing, enlightening and educating.”

7- Worked hard to provide all the elements and dimensions of national unity, whether within the popular domain, the relationship between the people and the government, or the political and organizational forces.

8- It is necessary to create programs for future construction at the level of culture, education, higher education, scientific and technical research in particular, health, economics and technology that combine privacy, needs and the necessities of modernization and relief and step keep up with the level of scientific and civilized development of high-level societies and the level of our pursuit of progress and civilized development and the necessities to face the future.

9- Progress must be made in building the establishment of the judiciary and the realization of its authority, as justice is the highest value of the values ​​of good governance, and the provision of justice has become dependent on a judicial institution that has the capacity, competence, integrity and authority needed for our lives, without justice we will not build, develop and develop our society and we will not achieve our system There will be no noble values ​​and there will be no social stability, “not security or safety.”

It is clear that there is a difference between ability and desire, and between possibility and ambition, but there must be a direction and steps on the path of this direction and the will to build achievements part by part, to our aspirations to achieve, dreams and hopes in a strong and sophisticated Palestinian society that has the elements of power, progress and moral progress And the value.

In this context, I would also like to emphasize that one of the most important reasons for achieving victory, prosperity, development and progress for our people and our country lies in the following:

1- Absolute belief in the justice of the matter.
2- Full confidence in the Palestinian leadership and its decisions and programs.
3- Our Palestinian masses gather around themselves, support their leaders and protect their institutions from sabotage, rumors and riots.
4- If the Palestinian national issue is considered as the first central station on the agenda of every member of society. Based on these reasons, there should be other reasons to support and trust them, such as:
1- Always reconsider the Palestinian governmental, organizational and institutional structure.
2- To put the right man in the right place.
3- Ongoing administrative reform in the internal and external structure (especially embassies, diplomatic departments, civilian work institutions and ministries dealing directly with citizens).
4- Consolidation of the concept of relative justice.
5- Continuous liability and persecution of the corrupt, the bribed and the hypocritical hypocrites.
6- Dissemination of the concept of joint work.
7- To draft laws and enforce them fairly.
8- To place all powers, institutions, departments and individuals under control.
Undoubtedly, the extent of our claims to land and independence, in the liberation of our people, land, sea and space, is the basis for the balance of our power that is added to the power of the Palestinian spirit.

There is also no doubt that the other side of the balance of our power is the extent to which we order and load the elements of our subjective power. Organizing and mobilizing subjective forces is very important so that the subjective can coincide with the objective in one moment. , and at that time a clear victory was achieved, in the building, development and development of a local community and the establishment of a modern independent state, and this success in itself is part of the elements and factors of our struggle with the brutal Israeli side for our freedom and independence, as every degree of freedom feeds our civilized power, and every degree of civilized success feeds the power of our freedom struggle.

If the aforementioned foundations and principles are applied and implemented, we will not find a flaw in our national and organizational structures, but we will find expansion, development, growth and strength, no matter how much our wills are destroyed or our national cause be eliminated. …

Our people are deprived of living in freedom, peace and tranquility, because of the evil forces that have robbed them of security, safety and a decent life. It is high time that we formulate our future and inflate ourselves with our own hands . , because we prayed for the dawn of Palestine.

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