News & Reports – Drugs .. a disaster that threatens societies and a cancer that destroys the bodies of young people

The plague of drugs is still a phenomenon that worries and hangs over the horizon as it has spread in an easy and frightening way, and even spread like wildfire among young people in the southern governors, causing a real catastrophe predict what threatens the future. of future generations, as the increase in its use causes great problems among the southern community and the It is different for those who are poorer, who make them more likely to use it, and while trying to do to get the substance, he can perform very incomprehensible and unusual behavior towards those around him.

In this regard, the “Voice of Southern Resistance” sheds light on the key solutions and penalties owed to drug dealers and the ongoing campaigns to educate community members about the dangers of the drug plague by the “Drug Control Department in the Seat Belt” in the capital, Aden, founded in 2019 and founded by Brigadier General Mohsen Al-Wali and director of the Department of Anesthesia, Captain Mayas Haidara, and has achieved great success since taking on these tasks as it has destroyed large quantities of drugs from 2019 to 2021, in coordination and direct supervision of the criminal prosecution and Brigadier General Mohsen Al-Wali. “Great efforts to eliminate the plague of drugs,” said Captain Mayas Haidara Al-Jadani, director of the anti-narcotics department in the seat belt forces, “in the recent years of this year 2022 AD, a new drug made in our appearance. land and spread with great force among young people, which is “Shabu”, the drug called the scientific substance (crystal). Meth) and I have destroyed (101) kilos of it myself, and this substance is many, very dangerous, and its use can lead to death and cause you to kill and do things you did not realize while intoxicated, as it is important that the media spread a lot on social media about the danger of this destructive pest invader in the capital, Aden.

He stressed, “The joint work between the Anti-Drugs Department of Security of Aden, Abyan, Lahj and Al-Dhale’e. We are in touch with them on any recent issues and the exchange of information between us continues as our points that are affiliated with the Seat Belt are those on the ground that continue inspection and security vigilance from 2016 AD to today, and in the case of any other security body we ask of an accused person with criminal records or serious cases, we handing over the accused immediately to them so that the necessary measures can be taken against them, he added: We are also holding seminars and a workshop on how to combat drugs between us and the Aden security department of the Mutahhar Al-Shuaibi Brigade, who participated with us in several meetings, the last of which was a few days ago and was held in the Facility Guard Camp of the Seat Belt Forces.

“Security vigilance … and deserved penalties”

Capt. Mayas Haidara, Director of the Narcotics Control Department, said: “The distribution of narcotic hashish has become constant because it is cheap and the demand for it is high. Hashish is a black substance like clay that is burned and mixed with tobacco and drunk. like a cigarette. This substance comes from the land of Afghanistan through the ports of Al-Mahra governor. “
Addition: The campaigns warning against the dangers of drugs will continue as we have never stopped warning about the dangers of this plague, and in recent times we have more than campaigns, meetings, seminars and lectures in the media and activated in prisons with the accused who are the main group for advice, as well as by printing posters about the danger of drugs in our society with The lack of capabilities we have, but we have not stopped this plague in the field, administratively and in the media. “

He explained that quantities of narcotics, which are (3,184) kilos of hashish, equivalent to three tons and more, (56) kilos of heroin, and (101) kilos of narcotics, were also destroyed at the seat belt points. points, Dofuss point, and all the accused were handed over to the prosecution The competent authorities with all their files and some of the accused were sentenced to 25 years imprisonment while others are awaiting punishment. * A message to parents * Capt. Mayas Haidara, Director of the Anti-Drug Division in the Seat Belt, presented a message to parents during a recent closing of the “Voice of Southern Resistance”

: That the youth group is the target, and we say it honestly, we are facing a clear war that wants to harm our young men and girls by distributing drugs and facilitating the process of selling them and bringing them into the country .It’s dedicated to drugs, so I advise young people not to enter the drug path, because it destroys the family, divides the group, spreads ideas and erases the future. The drug path means death. I hope our young men and girls understand and are aware of the drug war and its danger to society, and that they look to the future and are more aware in combating this dangerous plague.What destroys homelands, and my message to parents is to their children to succeed, because most of those who end up in the path of drugs are young people who have missed the role of the family, and you know that the absence of the role of the family to succeed their children makes them vulnerable make for drugs. * Dangerous effects in the long and near term: Drugs destroy the nervous system due to their dangerous effects on the mind, which often leads to chronic mental illnesses that can not be cured when such drugs are used for periods.The reason is that drugs the liquid chemical substance in the nervous system, which is responsible for nerve conduction to the brain

In a related context, dr. Muhammad Taher, a neuroscientist at City Medical Center in the capital, Aden, spoke to “Voice of Southern Resistance” about the health risks that accompany the addict and his future for the short and long term. Dr. said. Muhammad Taher: Drugs are a pervasive plague on society and among young people, but social and security vigilance and scientific renaissance are required to combat this plague that is spreading very rapidly among our society. Religion and science are the weapon with which we fight addiction. He explained: The effect of the drug on the brain depends on several factors, the most important of which are the type of drug, the number of drugs, the period of use and the number of times of abuse The substance again, because the substance has a strong effect on the brain reward system (the brain reward system), which simply means that the brain rewards the person when it gives him this substance, by giving the person a strong feeling of happiness, and for this the person develops a feeling of happiness’ An urge, or the so-called crave, a person continues to use this drug.

He said: Many young people were able to restore their psychological balance and got rid of addiction, as well as some addictive cases, which we treated, there was a noticeable improvement epilepsy;

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