Suicide survivors .. “Akhbar Al-Youm Gate” monitors models who have overcome mental illness

The suicide incidents that struck our hearts were not the first or the last of their kind, due to the mental patient’s struggle with his illness and with the society that rejects and does not accept him, as if he were a rejected person, and does not acknowledge that mental illness is like other organic diseases, and society has become part of His disease, if not He was the first to blame.
Akhbar Al-Youm portal contacted a few cases who had suicidal thoughts, but this crisis could be overcome to recover again to face life.We interviewed specialist doctors about the nature of mental illness and how society signs of symptoms that threaten suicide.

Figures on suicide
The World Health Organization has indicated that depression is one of the most common mental disorders, with nearly 400 million people of all ages suffering from depression worldwide. Women are more vulnerable to depression than men.

The number of people with mental disorders who do not receive treatment for their condition in low- and middle-income countries varies from 76% to 85%.

Between 35% and 50% of people with mental disorders suffer the same in high-income countries.

“Josony when I was 17 … I was a kid and suddenly I surrounded myself with responsibilities that weighed heavily on me.” Mrs. S. signed it. a (39-year-old) “housewife”, a victim of early marriage who burdened her with great responsibilities that overturned the innocence of childhood. Her husband did not spare her to reduce the burden on her when she insisted on completing her studies, but rather it was a heavy burden on her, not to talk about him and say, “May God forgive him. “
She did not realize that she had been depressed for four years, and everyone testified to her that she was an exemplary woman as well as an unparalleled mother to four children in various educational levels, from primary school to university, and they always held excellent positions. . in their studies.

She expressed in sad tone, “I was a very cheerful and social person, but I grew up in a closed and conservative family, and most of my life in Saudi Arabia, and my parents did not allow us to to communicate with neighbors or strangers, and when I returned to Egypt and got married, gave birth and my children went to school, then my husband allowed me to perform my duties with the children. their schools went to follow their academic level, I decided to create a circle of friends, and they were the parents of my sons’ friends at various educational levels, and they soon became jealous because the school was nominated for the position of To take over President of the Parents’ Council.

let down

And here was the great thunder for her, as she treated them with love, kindness and calmness of intent, she did not know that betrayal is a trait among the traits of people, as well as hatred and jealousy that made them people without people to master them and continue with attempts to harm, and shocked them all, which let her down, and she ended up in depressive episodes and stepped out of everyone and stayed in her room and refused to food and even refused life, and she often had a tendency to commit suicide, and she found a lack of welcome in family members by going to a psychiatrist, for fear of scandal, as they think, but her father encouraged her to go to the psychiatrist, so she went to the doctor The psychological one who was the main reason for her complete recovery from the disease and the practice of her life normally, and she was able to confront herself strongly.

Restriction is the master of the situation

“s. A. says:” The psychopath … is a very intelligent man .. He is the one who understands life as it really is … and rejects it completely with all its disadvantages. “

From her point of view, she got a big shock about the people she thought were her friends, and she saw all people as angels, as she is the victim of excessive kindness, advising that the mental illness should be treated so that he can overcomes his shock or crisis as he is a normal person, “The most important thing is that a period of illness He will see the people he loves.”

bitterness of loss
“I lost my mother. Then my father followed her. I was a child who needed care and restraint, but I did not find him. I was subjected to a painful rape.” She knows she is suffering from psychological accumulations that she ignored until she became a ghost threatening her as she is a victim of a pharmacist who went to him to tell him that she felt severe pain in her back which she can not tolerate, and she was accompanied by those pains after giving birth to her first child a year and a half, and he prescribed Tramadol as a painkiller, and she did not know that she was the world of addiction in the hands of a doctor.

And she goes on to say that she had a car accident in one of the Arab countries when she was traveling with her husband, and she suffered concussion and a fracture in various parts of the body.In hallucinations, confusion and a wrong estimate of distances, and when she suddenly fell into a public place and one of her family members carried her to the nearest hospital, the doctor told them she was taking an extra dose of drugs.

When a doctor spoke to her for an hour and a half, the doctor found out that she had a mental illness and that she had its roots since she lost her parents, saying, “I looked at anyone. who was addicted or had a lonely look … I discovered that we all have psychological problems and each one empties it in its own way. ”

The doctor told her that she would stay in Al-Khanka Hospital for a month and a half, but he just said softly to her and expressed, “You will rest for a while from the children’s shower. ” The opportunity to visit, but she was surprised that after she recovered and the doctor allowed her to leave the hospital, no one came to visit her, who uttered a choking that choked her voice, “even though I like a little child came out of the hospital “, and the appearance of those around her differed, as if their looks narrowed her, even her friends left her” I knew I did not have a companion, by the nature of me condition I am social, and with the first real test I chose to be alone. ”

She advised any person to go to the psychiatrist when he felt any defect in his life and said that the treatment period, which lasted for a month and a half, was a real achievement for her.And the unrest which she overcame and overcame. self-confidence, and other traits gained after the treatment journey.

Wael Fouad, “Consultant of Psychiatric Illness and Addiction Treatment” explains that the stigma of mental illness in our society is due to two things, the first of which is the false cultural heritage. For a long time, society treated the mental illness as if he were a “crazy” person, and the second thing was the result of distorting the image of the mental illness in dramatic works. And the consolidation of an offensive image among the receiving public.

Its first symptoms are psychotic disorders, schizophrenia, emotional disorders, as well as a sudden change in people’s behavior, as well as thoughts, different ways of expressing feelings, and always resorting to isolation.

There must be a strong media system that correctly represents the psychiatric patient and the attending physician, and raises awareness of the classes of society against this disease, and how to treat the psychiatric patient properly, and how to contain it. As for the statistics. on mental illness, we meet international health standards.

Point out that there is a difference between illness and the demand for the doctor, because the greater the awareness, the greater the demand for the doctor as well as psychiatric hospitals, and for that there is an increase in awareness among some members of society became. , and their recognition of the existence of mental illness and that it has ways of treatment and should be followed.

And the question of how to prevent mental illness? He stressed the need to communicate with others, to share love, feelings and thoughts with others, and that the individual understands that the visit of a mentally ill person is not a defect or an embarrassment, “there is not lacking or forbidden. ” Raising awareness with mental disorders and psychological problems, the individual needs an increase in awareness of mental disorders, and that the person accepts the idea that he is a mental patient and hears the words of the doctor.

Warn against following websites as they provide advice on mental illness, and receive advice from people over the internet as these are scam pages and tarnish the reputation of mental illness.

Jamal Fruiz, “Consultant of Psychiatry at the Military Medical Academy”, added that mental illness is being fought from various directions, from the side of society and from dramas on the other side. The mentally ill person is the person who is attracted and thus has the stigma among people, and therefore they were afraid to admit their mental illness.

Society has resorted to charlatans and witchcraft and preferred to go to the psychiatrist, despite his knowledge of the importance of medicine and that it is the only solution, but it is preferable to tell his family that he is through the djinn is affected and not mentally ill Some for financial gain, causing the condition to worsen and his disease to become chronic, that is, it reaches its worst stages.

Mental illness is nothing more than an organic disease of the brain, and it is currently being discovered by magnetic resonance at Ain Shams University, as it has been discovered that every mental illness has a specific change in the brain, and there are seventeen hospitals to treats mental illness, and there are many psychological diseases, including neurological and mental illnesses, Psychological diseases represent 7% worldwide, while in Egypt it represents 10%. The reason for the increase in the percentage of the global average is the increase in addicts, and people with mental disorders represent about 21%.

He further said that a psychiatric patient can be detected, in the case of any individual who notices that he has a defect in one of the functions, whether it is social, scientific or sleep disorders, and the treatment differs from one case to another It is the same in adults with different types of mental illness that are specific to the category of children, such as hyperactivity, and the disease begins in children from the age of 15 years.

Mustafa Muhammad, “Head of the Psychological Rehabilitation Unit at Abbasiya Hospital,” indicated that every unknown person is rejected, for mental illness about which we have no culture, but there are doctors who have no knowledge of the disease, although the doctor at university level study all specialties, and for the sake of false information about a mental illness such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, some refer to it due to religious beliefs, and therefore go to charlatans and spiritual sheiks before coming to the clinic. , the patient takes a tour through the charlatans and witchcraft, and some of them think that the person with obsessive-compulsive disorder suffers from visual hallucinations, warns that dealing with the person who claims suicide, The law allows a doctor to treat a patient to keep those who threaten him with death.

He stressed the need to raise awareness of mental illness in schools, and children should be taught to balance various aspects of life, exercise and eat healthy food.
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