The Egyptians ask “Amal Maher Fein” and no one answers them

“Maher’s hope true?” This question was at the top of the list of people circulating for days in a row on social media in Egypt, following a rumor that a “young Egyptian artist” was abducted and detained, and even physical and sexual assault, on instigation of her ex-wife. , without any source coming from the Egyptian Syndicate of Music Professions, or any artistic or other desire to deny or confirm.

Since her name was associated with Saudi adviser Turki Al-Sheikh in 2015, Amal Maher’s artistic production has declined, and she has repeatedly expressed her and her family’s harassment. The last of the seasons was when she announced her retirement from singing in early June 2021, before returning – spurred on by a strong support campaign from the audience – and signaling that she would return after about three weeks of ongoing controversy to the song about her at the time.

This time, questions about the artist’s fate began after a rumor spread that a young singer had entered a hospital in a coma after being tortured, raped and deprived of food and drink in a desert prison “due to her relationship with her ex-husband, who is waging a war against her and using all his influence to kill her slowly. “

Under the title “a semi-deceased Egyptian singer”, I claimed The rumor went around: “A female singer was locked up in one of Egypt’s desert prisons, where she was raped several times, and she lost at least 15 kilograms of weight and suffered brain damage” until she “almost a corpse” and ” a very critical health condition. “

“Because of her relationship with her ex-husband, who is waging a war against her and using all his influence to kill her slowly” … Concerned about the fate of the artist #Amal_Maher, and her audience asks #Amal_Maher_Fin, and warns against becoming a “new Suzan Tamim”.

Although the name of Amal Maher was not mentioned from near or far, the talk about the circumstances of the “war” of the liberated man and his “influence” led many to associate the rumor with the singer’s absence from any interaction with her. accounts about two months ago on social media.

Amal Maher’s last Facebook post was a congratulatory message to her followers on the occasion of the month of Ramadan in early April. her Share a tweet a week later on Twitter.

Connect the allegations of kidnapping, detention and torture with her name, published Amal Maher tells, Tuesday, June 21, photos of the artist appearing on the beach, with a brief remark in English: “Summer weather. I miss you all.”

And cross and my name #Amal_Maher_Fin And the#Amal_Maher_in_gefareMany commentators have expressed their lack of confidence in the artist’s fate, even after publishing the pictures, which they say may be “old”, especially with their belief that “her criminal divorce is in charge of all her accounts.”

And thewonder Some claim that the latest publication is “funded” to reach the largest possible number of audiences, although the interaction with the artist’s publications is great and does not require such a step.

The audience was also not convinced by the message of reassurance broadcast by singer Marwa Nasr – who is reportedly close to Amal Maher – when she posted a photo of the artist attached to her that she “like the “elephant and in the middle was not. of her family and she is doing well, and if God wills, she will return soon. All that is said are rumors.”

The “Al-Jaras” website also published a statement attributed to her brother Amr, in which he stated that she was doing well and would soon go on a live broadcast to reassure the public.

Many people have demanded that Amal Maher appear in a live media interview or a live video clip through her accounts, talk to the audience, deal with them and assure them that she is good, not detained, and able to to say and do what she wants. .

The audience was divided between those who believe that the rumor about #Amal_Maher is true, and that its publication could be a prelude to announcing the news of her death, and those who believe it is false and the purpose is to to discredit the artist and the artist. killing her psychologically. The two agreed that it was definitely not okay

Among these is the artist, Enas Ezz El-Din, who said through her Facebook account: “We all hope that #Amal_Maher goes well, and that these words are just ridiculous rumors and empty talk, but we all love them too her and is afraid of her, and the rumor entered fear into our hearts … As fast as possible the subject will not take seconds. And Enas returned to comment: “The last information I received, God is higher, and I know that Maher’s reaction to the rumor that has spread will be alone and within days at a party for her and on stage. “

Commentators are divided into two groups. The first believes that the rumor about her is true and it is likely that its publication is an attempt to prepare public opinion on the news of her death. As for the second, he thinks the rumor is incorrect and the aim is to kill her morally and damage her reputation. The two parties agreed that it is certain that she is not healthy and suffers from the consequences of her previous association with the prominent Saudi official.

Meanwhile, there have been calls for #Save_Amal_Maher “so that Suzan Tamim is not a new one”, referring to the young Lebanese artist who incited Egyptian businessman Hisham Talaat Mustafa to kill her, i.e. to kill a victim be of a man’s obsession that combines money, power, love of ownership and revenge.

And thequestion Comment where are her family and friends of the rumor circulating around her, andthey said “It’s more frightening (than her disappearance) that there is no artist or media person talking or asking, and they are all scared!”, Which according to them indicates that it is “not good”, that is, it is not okay.

And thedenounce Commentators also commented on the official silence and the failure of any party to disclose the artist’s fate, warning that “it is unfounded and has a negative impact on society. The silence of all is suspect.”

Under the little local press coverage that covered the rumor of Amal Maher’s disappearance, the local newspaper Al-Osboa reported that Maher’s family was “unable to reach her”. While the “Cairo 24” website quoted a “mainly close source” to the artist as saying she was “good and absolutely not true.”

It is noteworthy that the source of “Cairo 24” said that Amal Maher is in her “house” and does not, as the photos published the day before the website report show on a beach. Note that the source views what is being said about the artist as “arguments whose causes are known, and whose financier is known” with the aim of “harming the reputation of Amal Maher” and “the Egyptian state” and ” attempt to manage a wedge between her and the Arab brothers ”.

#Amal_Maher_Fin tops the trend in #Egypt … and calls out to #Save_Amal_Maher “so Suzan Tamim is not a new one”, ie a victim of a man’s obsession that combines money, power, love of ownership and revenge

A number of Egyptian media professionals living abroad have accepted the artist’s case, including broadcaster Osama Gawish, who … tjirp: “#Amal maher Where are you Turkish? Shame on a country as big as Egypt, ruled by Shawwal, whose name is Rice #Turks_Al_Sheikh. Shame on the men of Egypt that he is such a stranger who so controls the fate of the children of the land. Anyone tell us where is the hope?

in a sarcastic tone, proposal Journalist Gamal Sultan, presenter Amr Adib, has to conduct a media interview with the artist on his program #Amal maherIn it, she answers the concerns of millions of viewers who are now wondering about the most famous hat brand in Egypt #Amal_Maher_FinAccording to media standards, this will be the interview of the season, and a teachers’ strike, “he added, along with his tweet, with a photo of Adeeb with Al Sheikh.

It is noteworthy that publications have appeared in the last hours attack Amal Maher tries to tarnish her image, while accusing her of “creating pleasure” in raising public concerns about her silence.

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