The Minister of Manpower leads the meeting of the Steering Committee of the National Employment Strategy

The Minister of Manpower, Mohamed Saafan, today, Thursday, chaired the first meeting of the Management Committee for the Preparation of the National Employment Strategy at the Ministry’s General Office in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Darwish, a strategy consultant and former Minister. of Administrative Development, and Eric Ochlan, Director of the International Labor Organization’s office in Cairo, and representatives of all parties involved.

The Minister emphasized that the preparation of this strategy is a national action to which we must devote sufficient effort to get it out in the best way that suits the Egyptian state, and expressed his hope for a strong product and output which achieves the desired results.

In his speech, the Minister said that the work to prepare the strategy comes in the implementation of the prescriptions of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and based on the third objective of Egypt’s Vision 2030, which is to have a strong, competitive and diversified economy by increasing employment figures and decent jobs, improving the business environment and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship.

He pointed out that the strategy aims to create new jobs for young people in line with sudden economic changes and modern technological transformations and to keep pace with successive changes in the current labor market through future jobs, as well as to reduce unemployment rates, training and support training. employment, fostering a culture of self-employment, investing in employment and supporting people with disabilities. Disability and an increase in women’s employment rates, taking into account the changes being forced on the labor market by the Corona pandemic.

The Minister said that since there are many facts on the ground that need to be monitored to build a sound strategy, we considered it necessary that the first steps be to prepare a diagnostic study on the situation of the Egyptian labor market so that it can be built. on, provided this study presents the best practices in similar countries that can be used.
The Minister expressed his joy over dr. Ahmed Darwish’s acceptance of the preparation of the diagnostic study, and his thanks and appreciation to him for his participation in this committee, which will have a great impact as he has a long experience and excellent experience in developing plans and strategies .

The Minister thanked Eric Ochlan, Director of the International Labor Organization’s Office in Cairo, Luca Fadi, Labor Policy Specialist in the ILO’s Office in Cairo, and the ILO’s working team for their continued support of the Ministry’s activities and fields of work, and all members of the committee for their presence today.
Ochlan, in turn, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Minister for hosting today’s meeting, emphasizing that preparation for this strategy is one of the important steps for cooperation between the organization, the ministry and the partners involved.

He said the presence of this number of representatives of the relevant authorities indicates the great interest of those authorities to come up with a strategy that contributes to changing the working situation in Egypt for the better.

He added that with regard to the strategy, the provision of jobs for young people of both sexes would be included, while supporting the Egyptian labor market, in collaboration with the strategy consultant and the Ministry of Manpower, to come up with positive results that crown that cooperation and achieve the goals of the strategy.
In the same context, Darwish thanked the Minister of Manpower for this effort and support for the preparation of this strategy, emphasizing that Egypt has available opportunities that make it qualified to prepare a strong employment strategy.

He said the population of the Egyptian state was a reason to create strong economic activity, as had happened with China, where a large number of jobs had been generated in line with the population.
He pointed out that the study was prepared and discussed in Vienna in 2012 and stated that by 2030 there will be 10 million jobs available in Europe that will be announced without anyone applying for it. These opportunities will be in the “work export” system, and Egypt must be a part of it.

In turn, Luca Fadi conveyed his gratitude and appreciation to the Minister and Director of the ILO Office in Cairo, and reviewed some international trends and practices related to the strategy, based on his experience as a employed employment policy specialist for the ILO office. Cairo, which emphasizes that the ILO assists its member countries around the world in doing such work, including Egypt, which has a unique nature among all countries.

He also reviewed the ability of the economy to create jobs and jobs that are characterized by quality in the light of complex dynamics and policies made by the state at the level of macroeconomics and various sectors, and the policies of the labor market and its relationship with education and other economic policies, and the need to conduct specialized studies in these areas to measure their effectiveness and identify their basic elements needed for implementation.

The meeting was attended by members of the committee, representatives of the ministries of manpower, education, higher education, trade and industry, youth and sport, planning and economic development, finance, the National Council for Women, the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, the Enterprise Development Agency, the Central Bank of Egypt, and representatives of the International Labor Organization The organization’s office in Cairo.

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