Traits that women look for in a man

Every woman’s dream is to find the knight of her dreams, that charming prince who will take her on his horse to the land of their dreams. Every woman may differ in the qualities of the man she dreams about, but there is one thing in common: every woman wants true and eternal love, as well as a man who can protect her and make her feel safe and comfortable. This is normal because women need love and attention because of their emotional nature.

Characteristics of a man to whom women are attracted

According to Brides, most men believe that they possess these qualities and ingredients needed to attract women, but their tasks often fail as women have several preferences that they want in a man; So if you are single and looking for the girl of your dreams, here are some tips so that you can draw the girl’s attention to you, and for sure win her love.

1- elegance

Women are attracted to men who are interested in their elegance

Wear elegant clothes and look good wherever you are, because you never know when you will meet the girl of your dreams. It’s a simple tip, but most men do not focus on it. Choose your clothes carefully and wear beautiful perfume.

2- Respected among people

Women like to be respected by men, and they like to be with a man who is respected by others. If someone does not respect you, try to solve the problem if you are the cause, and if not, walk away from them or confront them and ask for the respect they deserve.

3- Self-confidence in himself

Trust is a great quality that all men demand, it is the inner strength you show to the people who meet you. A man with confidence is more attractive because he is confident in his abilities and is not afraid of confrontation when he is ready.

4- He who possesses masculinity and generosity

The gentle man attracts the attention of the woman

Masculinity took first place in surveys about the qualities that women look for in a man, such as pulling a chair for her before she sits down, taking her where she is going, carrying her suitcases when it is heavy and the by opening in front of her. departure. But be careful not to exaggerate these actions.

5- Encouraging women

A woman wants a man who comforts and supports her

Keep encouraging her to make her dreams come true, it makes her very happy. Be by her side during her success or failure as it gains moral support for her. Celebrate with her when you achieve her dream and help her during the journey of success and also give her advice, and be her best guide because she appreciates your efforts well.

6- The man with a sense of humor

Women prefer men with a sense of humor; Because it would be nicer to spend time with him. Be playful, see the positives in everything, and see how incredibly attractive a girl is to you.

7- Compatible personality

Compatibility and harmony is an important factor, you may be a big man, but there is no harmony between you and the other party. Even if she likes you, she will not hook up with you because of her incompatibility with you. To avoid this, be fun and gentle, focus on her interests and know her likes and dislikes while talking to her. If you feel the harmony between the two of you, she will love you right away.

8- The strong man

A man shares his interests with his wife

The weak man is one of the worst kinds of men; Where he prefers to accept the loss to avoid facing his opponent. Do not let anyone control you, even if it’s one of your friends. Be firm and strong and face those who make mistakes in your right and do not evade the confrontation.

9- A man who makes a woman happy with herself

Women love men who make them feel comfortable during the first minutes of a conversation. Be the man who takes away anxiety and fear in your first conversation. Start a fun conversation and make sure she enjoys the topic of conversation.

10- Romance and tenderness

Women like romantic men

When it comes to attracting women, a man of compassion, tenderness and sympathy has a step forward as the woman wants a man who can sit with him after a bad day, or tell him about her hope and fears that he would shower her. with his love and tenderness, rather than being a source of fear for her, and being romantic Emotionally, he is not afraid to express his feelings, and surrounds them with love, attention and care.

11- The man who listens to the woman

When she talks to you, listen to her She does not always complain, but sometimes she needs someone to trust. And if you want to be this person, you have to listen to her well and when she talks about problems, try to show compassion and offer her appropriate solutions to this problem, as a woman does not like a person who does not does not give her attention. address.

12- Be honest with her

A woman wants to know every detail of a man’s life because she loves him and wants to stay with him and is afraid of losing him. Tell her all about your life and the important people in your life, and do not try to cheat on her, as it will lead to mistrust between you and the failure of the relationship. The key to the success of any relationship is therefore honesty and trust.

13- The complimentary man

Women like a complimenting man

A woman loves a man who makes her feel feminine, as if he always shows his interest in her taste in the choice of her clothes and words, and giving gifts in a creative and elaborate way has a big impact on her happiness, in addition to that it is an express statement of him about her closeness to him and the success of the relationship between them.

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