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The darts player and Saudi doctor, Sarah Sami, made an excellent bid in archery and won the gold medal and first place in the 30-meter distance in the first championship of the Saudi Federation for women in this sport. Okaz met her and came out with this conversation:

• We congratulate you on winning two medals •• May God bless you.

• What does this achievement mean to you?

•• It means a lot to me, and it’s the first step to achieving my goal.

• To whom are you giving this gift? •• I dedicate it to my mother and father who encouraged me to practice this sport, and to my sister who shares my passion and always pushes me to do my best, and to me coach to educate and motivate me.

Relax and focus

• Tell us about your entry into the sport of darts while you are a surgeon? •• Based on my job as a surgeon, most of my time is spent at work, but I loved this sport, which allowed me to myself and the pressure of work, and also helped me increase focus and calmness.

• How was the beginning? A •• My interest in this sport started after watching the 2012 London Olympics, and I really enjoyed trying it, but at the time there was nowhere I could practice it and the tools were not available, so I made my first bow out of PVC pipe and made arrows out of wood The purpose of the cartoon, and I relied on the internet to learn the art of this sport, but, thank God, the Saudi-Arrow Federation of Arrows started and provided us with training centers, tools and trainers, which allowed me to practice it well.

• How did you develop and train yourself? •• I first relied heavily on myself by searching the internet and reading books to learn the basics and know the necessary tools, and my support was my sister who encouraged me have and practiced this hobby with me This sport better and develop myself and reach this level.

• What did you learn from darts, and what did it contribute to you •• You taught me focus and calmness and introduced me to a beautiful community and wonderful friends who are proud of their achievements.

No conditions but passion

• Are there any conditions that a person who practices darts must meet? •• One of the nice things about this sport is that anyone can practice it regardless of age, structure or experience as long as he has the passion to learn and practice It.

• How did you find the interest of Saudi women in this sport? •• A beautiful and remarkable turnout as the number of female players is good and there are new players joining the club from time to time.

• Do you have goals you want to achieve in darts •• I hope to take part in international competitions and win and represent my country, such as the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

• Do you practice a sport other than darts? •• No.

This is how I gather the two interests

• You are a surgeon and a darts player, how do you combine your work with sport? •• It is difficult to combine my work in the field of especially health and surgery with sport, but my love and passion for both requires that I get time for both. And most of my time is devoted to my work as a surgeon between my shifts in the hospital and the treatment of patients, and between studying to increase knowledge and reach the highest level possible to give my patients the best treatments. The rest of my time I devote a large part of it to the darts sport, between formal training and training at home, and studying the basics of this beautiful sport.

• Have you ever participated in external darts tournaments? •• No.

• What did you achieve from your dreams, and what was left of them? •• My childhood dream was to be a surgeon, and thank God I was able to make this dream come true.

• Today, Saudi women excel in sports. What is your message to her •• Nothing is impossible.

• A moment of joy that happened to you that you will not forget •• The moment of winning the gold medal.

My goal is global distance

• What are your future projects? •• Praise God if you have managed to win a distance of 30 meters, and I will now start practicing for the next distances to reach the world distance of 70 meters.

• Do you support the presence of darts in schools? •• Yes.

• Do you have a plan or proposal to spread the darts sport •• I suggest increasing the clubs and training centers that specialize in darts.

• How do you see the women’s sports media? •• I see that Saudi women have proven their skill in many sports, praise to the Lord, and the media has helped to record and publish the achievements that have been made.

Wipe away children’s tears

• What is your specialty and in what kind of surgery •• I got a general surgery specialty. Now I am completing my academic journey to get a specialty in pediatric surgery.

• What is your ambition in the medical-surgical field? My ambition is to contribute knowledge and work to the surgical field of children by doing research and developing surgical procedures so that I can wipe away the tears of pain and illness in children and a smile can recover to their faces.

• A word to conclude I would like to thank my dear kingdom; Represented by the Saudi Federation of Arrows to give us the opportunity to practice this beautiful sport and to organize competitions that have contributed to the spread of this sport and increased our experience and love for it.

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