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The edition of the awards series is one of the best-selling series in the publications of the Egyptian General Book Organization under the direction of Dr Haitham El-Haj Ali. The book authority has published a list of the best-selling titles in the series during the last period, and it came as follows:

1 Wei Wei makeup

2 farm paintings with yellow flowers Nicoletta Fellini Robbie

3 The disappearance of Miss Chen Jinfang Shi Yifeng

4 The Dream and Other Stories by Ibn Knoll

5 The Road to Ida Ricardo Biglia

6 in the evening a collection of poems by Elsa Laska Schuller

7 Memories of Thomas Transstromer

8 broken glass now Mabanko

9 The pure white heart of Khyber Marias

10 Enough Eve Enough Adam Emily Nottomb

11 Violent Circle Natasha Apana

12 Nilkoun Fat Philae

13 One of us Willa Cather

14 songs from Norway Bjornstern Bjornson

15 Penelope Margaret Atwood

16 Hunter Zero Pascal Rose

17 The happy city of Pyranbaru

18 Song of the Executioner c1 Norman Mailer

19 Song of the laxman C2 Norman Mailer

20 Small Island Andrea Levy

21 Exodus Virginia Woolf

22 A Flaming Secret T: Muhammad Ramadan

23 Love Stories (Enemies) by Isaac Bashevis Singer

24 The Silent Mother Tiziano Scarpa

25 Raqqa by David Foenkinos

26 The thing around your neck Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

27 The radio thief’s son Mo Yan

28 The Naked and the Dead c1 Norman Mailer

29 The Naked and the Dead C2 Norman Mailer

30 Translator Alexandra Marina

31 The woman who is obsessed with Juan Jose Mias

32 The Collapse of a Man Part 1 Michael Thomas

33 A Man’s Collapse Part 2 Michael Thomas

34 The land of women T: Saleh is secular

35 She married a communist, Philip Roth

36 Respirator Ricardo Biglia

37 Habits Franz Bartel

38 The Bread of the Early Years T: Hassan Al-Hadidi

39 Summer in Baden by Leonid Zypkin

40 ambitions in the desert, Albert Qussery

41 The mountain lover, Ojo Igino

42 Voss Patrick White

43 Laura and Julio Juan Jose Mias

44 The bitter taste of freedom Jean Devasa Niyama

45 Molloy Samuel Beckett

46 The Conspiracy of the Clowns of Albert Qussery

47 Notre Dame Nyl Scoo Elasties

48 White Camel, Ichimoji Village

49 The wooden fortress of Khossy Diath Fernandez

50 The besieged fortress of Qian Gong Shu

51 The False Act Lev Tolstoy

52 You said: be in the manna

53 Eroica Cosmas Politis

54 Flowers of the Tiza River Dante Marianaci

55 Childhood of Jesus JM Cotsi

56 middle-aged Chen Rong

57 Himalayan Poems Ko Eun

58 Memoirs of Sheham Alan Mabanko

59 from Urdu literature, Saadat Hasan Muntou

60 Sense of the End Julian Barner

61, Argentina, Andres Neumann

62 The Tree-dwelling Baron Italo Calvino

63 gourmet lo wen fu

64 The looters Dor To Yilmaz

65 The mutant worships Charles Simic’s labyrinth

66 The Caged Beast a group of writers

67 Our sweet days

68 Broddick Philip Claudel Report

69 Variations of Annoyance by Lydia Davis

70 men never stop playing Mo Yan

71 Women’s Yelena Chigova

72 Knights Without Existence Italo Calvino

73 The Last Night of Prince Abdul Qadir Al-Jamaa

74 Anthology of Contemporary Hungarian Poetry: The Poets of the Seventies, a Group of Writers

75 Desert Battles Jose Emilio Pacheco

76 Nixi Marangu dies

77 The Adam and Eve Diaries Mark Twain

78 Diary of Crazy Lushun

79 klok sylvia plath

80 Where the tigers are in their homeland part 1 Jean-Marie Place de Robles

81 There are the tigers in their homeland, part 2, Jean-Marie Place de Robles

82 Inreg get together

83 The tour and other impactful accidents CJ Le Clezio

84 Slave Isaac Bashevis Singer

85 Olive Kittridge Elizabeth Strouit

86 Teo Patricia Grace

87 The Madness of the Labyrinth, Adam Foulther

88 The Oswald Tale, Part 1, Norman Mailer

89 The story of Oswald C2 Norman Mailer

90 My life Isadora Duncan

91 Surprise and trembling Emily Nottomb

92 hibiscus flower purple chimamanda ngozi adichie

93 Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill

94 The King of Tierno Muninmbo

95 Mondo GMG Le Clezio

96 and the temple of Siegfried Obermayr building

97 The gold digger Jean-Marie Gustave

98 The King bends to kill Herta Muller

99 The human stigma Philip Roth

100 Angel Jr. Norman Mailer

101 Alabama Folk Songs Jill LeRoy

102 Honorary Award Writers

103 Painting and calligraphy book by Jose Saramago

104 Lavinia Ursula Ke Li Guin

105 I wish I had not met myself today Herta Müller

106 Real Madrid, Karos Arneches

107 petrified trees of impro dabila

108 Destructive love DY Bechard

109 Al-Hout

110 The Dying Beast Philip Roth

111 The Broken Word, Adam Fulds

112 with Andrew Miller

113 Ghostly Woman Gioconda Bailey

114 The last conference Mark Brusson

115 That old man can Doris Lessing

116 Become a Crow Louise Dean

117 The elegance of the hedgehog, Muriel Barbery

118 Where are you going Daddy Jean-Louis Fournier

119 The house of Mr Biswas FS Naipaul

120 Peter Kamintsend Hermann Hesse

121 The grief of a teacher, Daniel Banak

122 Day LL Kennedy

123 Oom Ma Jan Devasa Niyama’s journey

124 Paper Wolves Steve Penny

125 years escape Plinio Apulio Mendoza

126 Feelings of heritage Jan Divasa Niyama

127 Morning Walter Kabacher

128 eagle chair Carlos Fuentes

129 Almal Philip Roth

130 Memoirs of a Good Neighbor by Doris Lessing

131 The Walk of the Elephant Jose Saramago

132 Pleas of My Religion Jan Divasa Niyama

133 We want to talk about Kevin Lionel Shriver

134 The Good Terrorists Doris Lessing

135 Falls by Joyce Carol Oates

136 Fifth child Doris Lessing

137 Infamy JM Cotsi

138 The World, Juan Jose Meas

139 The grass sings Doris Lessing

140 Little Uncle Sherko Fattah

Cave 141 José Saramago

142 Play with the tiger Doris Lessing

143 Great Plays, Part 1, Harold Pinter

144 Great Plays, Volume 2, Harold Pinter

145 Ben travels the world through Doris Lessing

146 Earth Revolution Jose Saramago

147 In a country on the border Sherko Fattah

148 Cinematic Kisses by Eric Futorino

149 The King of Afghanistan Did Not Marry Us, Ingrid Topois

150 Heritage of loss Kieran Desai

151 Halfgeel son Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

152 This is what unity was Juan José Millas

153 Diary of a bad year JM Cootsi

154 Seize The Opportunity Sol Bellow

155 Little memories Jose Saramago

156 Mrs Melanie Brigitte Kronauer

157 Elizabeth Costello JM Cotsey

158 Baghdad Pos Jose Jose Miguel Barras

159 Brick Lane Monica On

160 When Ambaro Dabila is torn apart

161 About Beauty Zadie Smith

162 March Ger El Din Brooks

163 The slow man JM Cootsi

164 The stone raft Jose Saramago

165 Unique Ylink Exclusions

166 Three days with my mother, François Virgan

Miguel Trendsstraat 167 “FS Naipaul”

168 Fire and Doubt Brigitte Kronauer

169 Unique Lovers Yelink

170 The Butterfly and the Tank, Ernest Hemingway

171 The Diatomee Burgomaster Italo Calvino

172 The universe in the palm of the hand Gioconda Pelli

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