“Tic Tac Toe is home to a new kind of shopping culture: social business”

Dubai: Last year, DickTalk overtook Google as the most popular website, according to cybersecurity firm CloudFlare. The unprecedented popularity of the short format video application has given rise to waves of new content creators and influencers, giving rise to new types of content and shopping trends.

Consumers of technology-related content on the platform in the GCC increased by 302 percent last year as users became involved and learned more about new devices and virtual technologies. Meanwhile, beauty-related content in the region has increased by 169 percent, according to a recent Dictok report on WhatsApp. Food and fashion, the two leading content categories, grew by 197 percent and 287 percent, respectively.

One of the most notable recent trends on the platform is the rise of #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. Videos uploaded with the hashtag had 13 billion views worldwide as of June 2022.

Furthermore, a global TikTok Marketing Science survey conducted by Kantar found that 92 percent of TikTok users say they take action after watching a TikTok video, and that one in four worldwide is excited about ‘ research or buy a product.

“At Dictok, creativity takes many forms, especially when it comes to brands,” Fahad Al-Maghraby, head of Dictok’s Global Business Solutions Alliance in Saudi Arabia, told Arab News.

“As a result of DickTok’s community-based approach, we’ve seen entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs on the platform and creators become entrepreneurs.”

Al Maghraby shared more information with Arab News about TikTok’s growth potential for entrepreneurs and how this site helps independent and small businesses.

Fahad Al Maghribi, Head of Business Partnerships for Global Business Solutions for TikTok in Saudi Arabia. (If)

Can you share some examples of small businesses and entrepreneurs using TikTok as an effective marketing tool?

We create an environment where brands, creators and communities are in perfect harmony. An example is abdulrahman_khaalid, who uses the site to educate entrepreneurial followers and improve his e-commerce courses.

Smaller companies like Uncle Fluffy in Dubai, owner of Japanese cheesecake, also use the website. Uncle Fluffy, known for his impressive content, built his brand strongly on Dictoc. The Dictoc brand offers a high level of organic (brand) engagement that can have a huge impact on awareness.

To further strengthen this involvement, Uncle Fluffy wanted to take his TikTok presence to the next level and reach more followers. They advertise their organic content through Spark Ads, a unique advertising design that allows brands to promote their own organic content (or content from other creators) in their TikTok ads.

In just 14 days, Uncle Flavi reached 1 million followers, and gained 878 thousand new followers, through the efforts of this campaign.

What are the advantages of small businesses using TikTok over other social media sites?

TikTok offers a realistic, community-based approach, providing a platform for brands and marketers of all sizes to express their creativity and personality in new ways.

The nature of our engagement creates a whole new way for brands to connect with their communities – making product discovery and shopping a unique, engaging and entertaining experience for users, not just other sites.

The magic of TikTok is not limited to creativity and expression; It’s an opportunity to discover – and to discover. With TikTok for Business, our goal is to create tools for everyone, from traditional brands to local SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and to connect with a wider community.

With TikTok for Business, small business owners can represent the most authentic version of their brand on TikTok without limits or judgment, found by a captivating audience elsewhere, in an audio gaming environment, and easily earn money – advertising campaigns within minutes for Reach out to their best customers.

In addition, with our TikTok self-service platform, we offer businesses of all sizes a simple and affordable option to reach the people who matter to them.

Are there any TikTok related businesses?

TikTok is the birthplace of a new kind of shopping culture: social commerce, the combination of community, entertainment and shopping that makes product innovation unique on TikTok.

Social e-commerce is a place where consumers look for verification when making purchases, and the TikTok community is a trusted source for peer review and word-of-mouth recommendations.

It is not limited to any specific business; Whether it’s clothes and accessories, beauty and personal care, technology and electronics, or food and drink, there’s an opportunity to network and thrive.

To give you an example, by 2021, according to our What Next report, the consumption of fashion content in the GCC increased by 287 percent and the consumption of beauty content by 169 percent. Needless to say, our societies thrive and want to make contact.

What should entrepreneurs know about advertising on TikTok?

We looked at how entertainment drives product innovation and provides shelves for brands. Our society is fundamentally changing how people enjoy work. We want to create an experience where brands can express their creativity and personality in a new way, and people can easily move from innovation to purchase.

Business advertising solutions are available through TikTok for Business, which supports the marketing needs of any business, whether it is to drive traffic to your website, increase online sales or attract new sales.

An example of an ad available through our Ad Manager is Spark Ads, which we launched in the region last year. It is an ad serving format that allows brands and companies to not only promote their popular organic placements, but also to increase the relevant content shared by the community.

We also provide TopView, when you open TikTok for the first time, you will see that it is the first content. It is voice activated and lasts up to 60 seconds. Our other solutions include brand hat branding, brand acquisition and feed advertising challenges.

What measures of success should small businesses look for?

TikTok has the advantage of being a new player, enabling it to create an ecosystem of measurement solutions with new eyes – disrupting the marketing industry that can create gaps by improving technology and regulations, and allowing visitor behavior to be new and discover better ways. Achieving brand and business goals.

This takes us to the goal of our measurement framework, which enables brands to make the best advertising decisions in dictation, with a full range of metrics designed to make a large-scale commercial impact. The TikTok solution is a multilayer architecture that is customizable based on the measurement goals set by the advertiser.

The TikTok measurement framework has three primary objectives. First, our branding solutions ensure that ads are served by the right people in a safe and fraud-free environment.

Second, build performance with our range of tools, which help advertisers learn campaign impact and improve campaign performance. Third, analyzing the impact of TikTok on the impact of multiple media investments.

Brands should consider these three strategies as push buttons based on the goals they are trying to measure. The idea is to implement one, two or three to create a meaningful force on the TikTok platform, giving brands a clear output to measure success.

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