Designer Claudia Granberg: The “luxury” project combines modernity in design, heritage and comfort

Dubai is not a road for designer Claudia Granberg, who has been in the emirate for more than 20 years, far beyond her time in her home country, Nicaragua. Dubai was the starting point for the design of luxury interiors in the city, Southeast Asia, and a place to get closer to people and Emirati heritage. Motherhood, home, work and travel are all components of the open-minded designer, who considers any project to be very “personal”. In the following dialogue, Claudia Granberg talks to “Mevrou” about her design philosophy, her definition of luxury spaces, and the fragments of her life …
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Designer Claudia Granberg

Claudia Granberg; Chief Interior Designer and Coordinator for my company, ESTILO Design, Dubai. My passion for beautiful interiors, art, architecture and design has led me to spend more than twenty years furnishing and designing homes in Dubai and Southeast Asia. Transforming the look of any place into another is a very personal task that I approach with care, respect. and a comprehensive understanding of the needs and lifestyle of the space dweller. In addition, I believe that interior design conveys messages through its “quiet” elements and integrates with simplicity, and I express this philosophy in my work.

24 beautiful years in the UAE

How long have you been in the UAE? And what is left in Dubai, from Nicaragua, your motherland?
I am proud to say that to this day I have spent 24 wonderful years in the UAE, and that is more years than I have lived in my home country, Nicaragua. I carry Nicaragua in my soul, and I see that my identity represents me.

How would you describe luxury in contemporary projects?
To answer your question, I quote the architect, designer and author Le Corbusier: “Designers and people in general are attracted to ‘modern’ as ‘modern’ is rapidly aging.” So, I see that the project categorized as “Luxury”, in summary, modernity of design combines with heritage, elegance and comfort.

You have traveled the world in search of unique furniture and artwork. What can you tell us about this stage of your career?
I was lucky enough to spend years of my life in exotic places, riding my vespa motorcycle, looking for antiques and funky interior accessories on a reasonable budget, so whoever got it would love to take it home take. This stage is a favorite of mine, in my career, as I defined myself at the time, with the following phrase: “I am not an architect or designer, but rather a shopkeeper.” At the time, reconciliation was motherhood, home, work, and travel to reorganize priorities in a smart way. However, these years have made me who I am. I will feel confused if any of these blessings (work, motherhood, home and travel) that push me to get better are taken away from me.

Part of a residential project from the designer’s work

Classic is basic

Your projects are described as “contemporary”; Do you enjoy mixing different styles of decor and being eclectic? What about classic design schools?
I prefer to keep the design harmonious so that the eyes fall on it, and the ideas flow smoothly, rather than having eclecticism incorporated into any residential project, after the family heritage has been respected.
Classically, I see it as the basis of everything we do in life. The same goes for design projects.

You focus on the design of the walls; How do you converge on these surfaces?
The walls provide a focal point in the design, and they fill the space; Thus, decorating said surfaces with impressive artwork or draping surfaces with the right materials makes the room immediately the focal point it deserves.

The dining room in a residential project designed by Claudia Granberg

Do not miss paintings on your residential and commercial design projects; How do you see the integration between visual arts and design?
I think visual arts and interior design are meant to communicate, so it’s hard to separate them as they share common mediums, as both art and design require a medium, such as stone or paint, to name a few. call, to a story and change into reality.

“Pure beauty”

You took part in a camel ride in the Emirates Desert a few months ago; How was the experience? How has the desert inspired your work since then?
The experience was fantastic as it was a great privilege for me. Participating in this event gave me indescribable feelings, and forged friendships that will last a lifetime. It was a wonderful occasion from the Hamdan bin Mohammed Center for the Revival of Heritage. The desert teaches one that every element has a place, and that all belief about the desert environment that it is harsh is not true, but this environment represents pure beauty in reality.

What are your plans for the future?
I am currently on an ongoing learning journey, and I hope to develop my designs. I also work with interior designer Gema Blanco, who will lead to many exciting projects.

The interior design broadcasts messages through its “quiet” elements and integrates with simplicity

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