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Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that any state has the right to issue a ban against an unwanted person or group, as it is a sovereign decision par excellence. But on the other hand, it is its duty, according to diplomats. norms and moral legitimacy, to issue a statement from the competent authorities explaining the prohibition with confidence, clarity and responsibility. A basis for legal states and with real institutions, and examples abound in this scramble between nations

Except in Algeria, which has shown everyone that it is a country without institutions and rational statesmen. This is because the decision to deny access to Oran was taken by supreme orders against Moroccan journalists. opinion internally and externally, especially that the issue is an extraordinary sensitivity between the two countries .. In addition to the nature of The Mediterranean event between the people of the two coasts..More than all this, this statement of clarification will be a positive point in the record of this military regime, if there is justification to prevent the Moroccans from entering .. It will also be a condemnation of our country ..

None of these procedures.

Consequently, I am now convinced that Algeria is a state without official and real institutions. It relied on one of its horns known for shouting from the stands called Hafeez Al-Darraji to speak on behalf of the Algerian state and its presidency and to reveal, through a tweet, the reason for the ban due to the disappearance of spies and informants in the journalist’s hat.

We will take this accusation seriously, considering your great and trustworthy closeness to General Tawfiq (Lord of the Days), as you mentioned him in your book (The Dominoes Game) … or in a special section titled 🙁 Thank you , Mr. General).

These facts made me confident in the reason why the access of the Moroccan media broadcast to Oran is being prevented. I stand with all the countries of the world on this extraordinary achievement achieved by the Algerian security services while getting to know the informants and spies even before the start of their work. This is an unparalleled global precedent. appeals to mr. Al-Darraji to hold a press conference on the remote sensing device that thwarted the espionage scheme against the strike force system in the world … and the countries of the world that do not discover the spy in their country benefit from it after a long period of accommodation ..

But the fundamental and fundamental question in the matter, Daraji, is the Algerian regime with this type of rulers and generals .. and this error and weakness in the joints of the state .. and the decrease in its influence internationally .. and regionally isolated .. this state even deserves attention .. so what about planning the process of disappearing spies inside Journalists hat.

Algeria is now exposed and lies by the roadside..she inside kitchen is penetrated by the so-called conflict of wings..half of it is in jail..the rest is watching the other half ..

A country with this rivalry does not have to send informants .. the information comes from within and is found on the net .. and the memoirs of former men and generals ..

And the state in which the military controls the joints of government, the election of presidents and the management of the state’s foreign policy. He is ready for any uncreative chaos to preserve his privileges and power, which is not even worth thinking about.

You are nothing according to the logic of the concept of the state and its international weight, influence and radiance .. Even the balance of the seventies of the last century eroded the alienation of yesterday’s friends of your country..and its mentality has continues to destroy the future of future generations.

It is true that our country has reached full security maturity and its experience has been fermented and able to be successfully and safely exported and used in the influence of the first world countries.Souls within European countries, Germany, Spain, France, America, and many African countries

With this security intelligence, you will challenge us to discover some malicious acts that are being hatched against us from neighboring countries, such as the Ben Battoush scandal, which killed the Algerian security minds. And you are now trying to restore his virginity through this. stupid accusation ..

Unfortunately..there is no confidence in your state system and its horns..and there is no time for our official institutions to respond to the hallucinations of your rulers and their hostile decisions..but even in the Bin Battoush crisis and there is no official word against Algeria, the source of fraud..because it is a waste of effort with a failed regime with the mentality of the last century ..

That mentality that will never realize that today’s war revolves around access to security information … and that Morocco has become a difficult figure in global intelligence to the extent that immediate oversight is required today of the security, safety and security of the global football audience in Qatar ..

Supervise stands that hide your screams, cyclist, while covering international interviews

You are safe under the eyes of Moroccan security and in uniform. You will no doubt read this slogan:

God the fatherland is the king ..

It will remind you of your rudeness as you turn it into

God is the homeland (Algeria ..)

This rudeness and others of your masters do not create a country that even deserves attention .. how to spy on it ..

You deserve nothing but pity and healing from the illusion of greatness and selfishness and the production of lies and forgery without shame or shame .. the last of which is this cyclist, who horribly denied the hospitality and good reception during his visit to Morocco by a Moroccan journalist. who is present today in the sports mission that accused this denier of espionage and espionage.

I do not blame you, you will be nothing but a natural extension of the leadership of Oujda, who stabbed Morocco in the back after reaching the verdict.

And she will go away as they go, with a lump in her name in their throat

Morocco..with the motto of God the fatherland is the king

Youssef Gharib

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