He changed from a famous artist to Shahat, who eats one meal a day … The tragedy of the Egyptian artist, who was let down by everyone, and Suhair Ramzy spent millions for his treatment!

Nine years have passed since the departure of comedian Muhammad Abu Al-Hassan, who entertained us with the character “Hanafi”, the husband of “Fawzia”, ​​and the famous song “Every year and you are a head, my uncle “, in the play” Sak Ali Banatak “.

On July 19, 1937, the artist Muhammad Abu Al-Hassan Abdullah was born in Cairo. He completed his basic education and then the Faculty of Agriculture at Ain Shams University. During his studies, he was a well-known star at university level, where he embodied many acting championships.

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After graduating, he worked as an agricultural engineer in his editorial directorate, but the love of acting remained in him and he never forgot, so his life changed completely when he was appointed to Egyptian television, and in the directed and acted in children’s programs. , to help put smiles on young people’s faces.

Abu Al-Hassan entered the world of acting when actress Najwa Salem presented him in the play “Hajeh Takhbat” in 1971, and his theatrical works continued thereafter due to his wit and the comic character he enjoyed. Try to understand, smart. “

In 1980, the comedian gained notoriety, and through the role of “Hanafi”, the good son-in-law in a time when kindness was lacking, in front of the great artist Fouad Al-Mohandes, in the play “Sik Ali”. Banatak “, his name has been etched in the audience’s memory until now.

This play has gained great notoriety, and its stories are still in our minds, such as: “You were a prisoner, he caught her, Fawzia .. So, so, take for Nadia .. Haj Abdel Mawjoud is present.”

Cinema, television and radio played a part in the life of the late Muhammad Abu al-Hassan, where he participated in a number of films and series, but never enjoyed a heroic role despite his self-imposed talent, but he could draw laughter on the faces of many, to be the total of 90 works, between theater, theater and television. .

Some of his most prominent films are: “The text of a dozen madmen, madmen on the road, a criminal against his nose, Shawish Nis al-Layl, The Prince, They Kill the Beast, To Whom It May Concern, Hassan Bey Al-Ghalban, ”in addition to a number of series, including: The System, The Hardest Decision, Al-Zahir Baybars, yes, I’m still a woman, on the sidelines of the biography, money and children, guardianship, division and part, eyes.

In 1986, Abu Al-Hassan went on a trip with heart disease and traveled to Paris to undergo surgery by changing 7 arteries, and artist Suhair Ramzy carried out the task of that operation. Then, “Where is the justice, Egypt?” He placed his picture next to it, and stood in front of the radio and television building, to draw attention to himself, and the directors would question him and return to acting.

Abul-Hassan said in one of the television interviews: I made this vigilance, as many professionals do, to ask for work.

I’m the artist Mohamed Abu Al-Hassan .. a former artist and currently a beggar

After that incident, in December 2009, the comedian Abu Al-Hassan sent a message to journalist Moataz Al-Demerdash, in which he said: “I am the artist Muhammad Abu Al-Hassan … a former artist and a beggar now, “so Al-Demerdash presented himself on the” 90 Minutes “program.

In the episode, Abu Al-Hassan talked about the fact that he was no longer on the artistic scene after his illness, and none of the artists and directors asked about him, as characteristics of sadness and pain appeared on him, because he was not used. in the artwork, despite the many roles the Egyptians enjoyed.

And he said: “I am really a beggar of art and not of money. All glory to God, our Lord no one forgets. I beg art because it is life, and it makes people happy and happy. Laugh and smile is charity, as the prophet taught us. “

The deceased artist continued: “People eat three meals a day, and I eat one meal from the hand of my faithful wife, and I am very satisfied, and may God put the blessing in the small bite, because I do not have the three not. etes. “

The late artist has presented many works to television, such as the series “Al-Mal and Al-Bunoon”, on the sidelines of the biography, “Ayoun”, “The Respected Heirs”, “Welcome to my dear grandfather”.

In 1986, the disease began to enter the body of Abu Al-Hassan, as he was surprised during his work with severe pain in the heart, as a result of which he was transferred to the hospital, and his condition required him to go to Paris for surgery. perform by changing 7 veins in the heart, which was worn by the artist Suhair Ramzy, and since then I have said his works until it achieves nothing.

During the last period of his life, he remained bedridden and suffered from various heart diseases, until he died on June 8, 2014 as a result of a heart attack, which left an inheritance of nearly 100 works of art, along with four sons. two sons and two daughters “, and eight grandchildren.

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