Tarek Shawky: The development of technical education is an investment in human capital

Today, the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, in collaboration with the “Mr El Kheir” Foundation, celebrated the graduation ceremony of the first group of the Martyr Captain Ahmed Hamed Talab Hotel School of Applied Technology, which in collaboration with Americana Company and the international education partner City & Guilds.

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The ceremony was attended by dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, dr. Muhammad Mujahid, Deputy Minister of Education for Technical Education, dr. Amr Basileh, Head of the Central Administration for the Development of Technical Education and Director of the Operations and Management Unit for Applied Technology Schools, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Executive Director of the Foundation, and Engineer Ahmed Ali President Programs Executive Officer, Dr. Saber Hassan, Head of Education Sector, Amarbal Sandhu, CEO of Americana “Restaurant Sector” and Oksana Staniszoska, Director of Personnel Affairs at Americana “Restaurant Division”, David Asefa, Director of the Egypt Branch, and Mohamed Hassan, Chief Financial Officer.

In his speech, dr. Tarek Shawky welcomes the participants and emphasizes that the applied technology school system, which the Ministry has been establishing since September 2018, aims to form an integrated education system capable of developing and keeping pace with technical education in Egypt with the best technical education systems in the world, by preparing curricula Sophisticated based on a competency methodology to keep up with the real needs of the labor market, and qualify teachers according to the latest systems and standards through accredited training by experts from within and outside Egypt, which will inevitably lead to the preparation of qualified graduates to keep pace with the various disciplines required by the local and international labor market.

Dr. Tariq Shawky pointed out that the development of technical education is an investment in human capital to ensure a prosperous future for economic development plans, and explained that the Ministry aims to launch more schools of applied technology in various economic and service fields, with new specializations. addressing future careers, and that To provide the opportunity for a greater number of students to enroll in these schools, which represent the schools of advanced technical education.

Dr. Muhammad Mujahid, Deputy Minister of Technical Education, said that the ministry introduced the school model for applied technology three years ago, as a new model for advanced technical education, in which the private sector and the public business sector participate in its development, based on on their social responsibility towards the homeland, as well as the benefit they will receive.And the Egyptian industry should train qualified technical cadres capable of meeting the needs of the labor market.

Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, Executive Director of the Misr El-Kheir Foundation, said there was great interest in the Misr El-Kheir Foundation, in technical education based on Egypt’s Vision 2030, and in the gap between education and the labor market to overcome.

Mohamed Abdel Rahman added that he is proud and pleased to take part in the graduation of the first group of students of the Martyr Captain Ahmed Hamed Talab Hotel School of Applied Technology, explaining that this is the first step towards development of technical education, and note that the Misr. El Kheir Foundation since its inception 15 years ago and education is one of the key axes working He explained that there are more than 1,000 community schools affiliated with the Misr El Kheir Foundation, and more than 2,000 grants are internal and external given, some of which were in technical education.

The CEO of Misr El Kheir Foundation emphasized the role of technical education in promoting development, explaining that it is the locomotive of development and progress in developed and developing countries, and praised the state’s interest in technical education, which soon it will bear fruit in promoting the wheel of development.

He pointed out that these schools work on the application of the theoretical side based on curricula based on the merit system and internationally accredited, and the practical side by providing practical training to students together with the industry partner Americana. Students are also trained in life skills and the English language.

He added that the project is working to form a partnership between the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, the “Mister El Khair” Foundation and the Americana Group for a period of 10 years, to establish an educational complex which specializes in the management and operation of the restaurant, according to the 3 + 2 + 2 system, in collaboration with a specialized international educational partner City & Guilds.

Engineer Ahmed Ali, CEO of programs at Misr El Kheir Foundation, in turn said that study in the applied technology is secondary schools for hotels specialized in restaurants, for a period of 3 years, during which the student is an international received accredited technical diploma. who qualifies to work in restaurants as a team member in the restaurant Team Member of educational partner International City & Guilds.

The first phase of the 3-year program is being implemented at the Martyr Ahmed Talab School in Nasr City, which is the first applied technology school in Egypt to apply the specialty of restaurant management and industry – the three-year system. The school is based. on cooperation between the Department of Education and Technical Education and Americana Company.

Dr. Saber Hassan, head of the education sector at Misr El Kheir Foundation, revealed that the activities implemented during the project periods were the signing of a protocol with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education in June 2018 and the signing of a collaboration protocol with the Egyptian Company for Tourism Projects (Americana) in March 2019. Specialization (restaurant industry technician).

He pointed out that personal interviews were conducted with the students of the preparatory stage, the preparation of the study plan, and the effectiveness of 10 teachers for technical specialties was increased through exercises on the concept of class management, the role of the teacher in class management and the factors that influence classroom management, as well as organizing the physical environment of the classroom, time management and training on the competency system and its concept.

It is noteworthy that the tasks entrusted to the “Miss El Kheir” Foundation are to provide school uniforms for students and materials for practical training in the school and to carry out the reward incentive for teachers, in addition to encouraging field supervision for teachers, as well as follow-up and supervision of practical exercises in school and on-the-job training and participation in obtaining city and guild certificates.

The tasks of Americana Company also include the reward incentive for teachers and the field supervision incentive for teachers. Students are trained in field training in Americana restaurants and participate in obtaining city and guild certificates.

The number of students has so far reached about 319 students in all academic years, and the number of students to be graduated in the celebration has reached 95 students, and 9 students will be honored, which is the first.

The celebration witnessed the honor of a number of the top students in the applied technology schools, which are considered to be Egyptian schools of international quality, based on the partnership between the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, private sector companies and prestigious educational and development institutions around the maintain the quality of the school and its educational process.

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