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I do not know why I remembered the artist Gustav Klimt and his painting “Le Baiser” when I watched the race of sensors in Arab countries to suspend television series, or prevent them from broadcasting permanently on screens, due to footage that as described as frightening and deviant. of the general moral correctness prevailing in societies. Moral correctness has camped on our “angel world”, which is feared to be spoiled by a stolen kiss on the actress’ cheek, or to disrupt its delicate scales, a warm embrace of two people on the runway from an airport between travelers, or the earth shakes under its feet a look of admiration exchanged for invalidity.

It occurred to me that the great Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt, was unaware of the danger of what he was doing while racing with everything and everyone. With the movements of his body, his fingers, his feathers and his colors. Between 1907 and 1908, he was giving the final finishing touches to his famous painting “The Kiss”, capturing the moment of embracing a lover who embraces the beautiful face of his beloved, while kissing her cheek. . There are rumors by the “good tongues” that his beautiful portrait shot represents himself with his beloved. He chose for her a space with flowers and a background in gold. This amazing painting was saturated with analysis by many of those who know the secrets of colors, angles, shadows, lightfall and spaces.

YOU And because the world has not yet emerged from the suffocating mantle of the Covid, which stretched out its crucifixion, was accompanied by miracles, and suffocated everything, people are still looking for fun in their homes, and they are looking for other stories to tell them. presented by screens.

Yes, that immortal painting called “The Kiss” aroused the interest of many of his psychological, political and aesthetic decoders, but Mr. Gustav Klimt did not know it after a century, or a little more, or less, and in the era. of super-technology, and the simultaneous overlap of continents, the era of information, the development of science, the artificial mind, robots, the atom, and the reconstruction of distant planets, because its “kiss” on the cheek has been rejected in some societies and create terror, and even a serious social, political and security crisis can occur as a result, and it can cause an earthquake on the teachings of a “genius.” And a very modern tribal war, and a three-dimensional conflict, which, God forbid, can lead to unimaginable consequences.

The impending preacher Sheikh Al-Mundhir, who swung the keys to heaven and an extensive map of hell, protested as he turned the screens and their rival series in Ramadan, before and after Ramadan, to the attention of the to draw viewers, while carefully looking at the details of the moving bodies and then turning:

Are we not in Ramadan?

– Yes, “Rafik” – answer according to his profession, the tolerant jurist – it is the holy month of Ramadan, the month of worship and dignity, but it is also the month of long stretched nights and nights, so it must be provided with which entertains people and reflects the pulse of their societies, their lives, their psyche, their dreams and their hopes.

And because the world has not yet emerged from the suffocating mantle of the Covid, which stretched out its crucifixion, was accompanied by miracles and paralyzed everything, people are still looking for fun in their homes, looking for other stories presented to them by screens, compete among themselves and rush to broadcast their select series and movies after breakfast. Viewers gather around screens instead of special devices for relaxation and entertainment. They watch games, movies, stories and tales, not for a thousand and one nights, but for just one month. It can entertain them, relieve their existential anxiety, bring them closer, reconcile and invite them to discuss life matters.

But imagine that there is an eccentric person, with a big head, unaware of everyone, hiding there. not far away. He has been interfering in the affairs of viewers for the past twelve months and the next in what he does not worry about their freedom of choice. Squat near the TV screen. soon. He stared at her with an open mouth. looking for something. He lifts his glasses down so he can see well. To reveal the secrets. Do not escape the details of the mutual kisses between the characters of the drama from him: kisses on the head, on the hand, on the shoulder, on the mouth, on the forehead, on the cheek, it does not matter, Sian .

YOU Moral justice hangs over our ‘angel world’

The owner of the big head is very serious. It calculates with infinite accuracy the number of kisses and the distance between the actress and the actor. Between their lips and their nose. It measures the heat released by their bodies. He guesses how fast their heart beats. Analyze their views. He suggests many things that he thinks offend modesty and do not come up to the spectator. He adds to the script of his brainchild. His big head is filled with derogatory questions, and then he rushes to submit his dangerous reports, top secret, to the controlling authority. He is aware that the responsible authorities will respond to him, salute him and promote him, because they know and from previous experiences that the idea of ​​prevention will distract people from their daily problems, reveal to them their true arch-enemy who destroy their habits, beliefs and essence.

With God, the owner of the big head is an intelligent detective. How could he not have discovered a real bomb that almost drives the universe to nothing?

yes. That bomb / kiss. He found herself rolling between the aisles of the TV series Doe. He must be stopped, even though he has millions of followers. They do not understand, and do not know their interest better than he. In fact, it looks very urgent! The “authorized” regulatory authority responded quickly, and the drama was banned from being broadcast on private or public television channels. No difference. And observers stationed in the brains of the people will feel the victory. How can they not when they see in the kiss something important that spreads corruption among the people. It is a dangerous “nuclear kiss”, and they must fulfill their patriotic, historical and ideological duty to stop broadcasting, otherwise it can cause concussion in a healthy society and its clean brains.

Many who are like that big head report to the controlling authority, appeal to it in the name of the exalted morals that exist in our flawless, angelic, platonic societies, and thank God, appeal to them in the name of social and political peace, to stop every series or movie that dares to pass a shot during which the hero puts his mouth on Cheek the heroine, to deceive the spectators of a kiss. It does not matter if the actor plays the role of brother or lover or cousin or son, it does not matter.

What is important for the present to tell the absentees is that we are a people different from the rest of God’s creation. Our relationship with everything related to the body falls within the framework of taboos. None of us accept anyone in our angelic community! Our people are like that .. they are born, grow up, multiply and die without kissing or kissing .. Sorry, Mr Klimt. Take your plate / kiss and walk away.

But Gustav Klimt does not like this reaction and considers it an insult to his universal painting The Kiss. He feels sad and then sorry for the owner of the big head and his surroundings. He needs to find a way to convince them of the need for a kiss between people. Because the cheek you kiss does not slap. Then it is not fortunate for mankind that the kiss is no longer subject to the class condition, as the author of “Herodotus”, the historian of the first Greeks, said in his talk on the Persians in the fifth century BC. Thank God, you are not forced to kiss the ground or the feet of your loved one instead of his face, just because you are less rich and social in stature than he is.

YOU The immortal painting called “The Kiss” aroused the interest of many decoders of its psychological, political and aesthetic symbols.

Mr. Gustav wants to convince the big-headed guy who chases kisses on screens, and spreads their horror, that people have started kissing each other since the beginning of creation, without necessarily erotic charge, and not necessarily for a purely sexual purpose. , but for innumerable human reasons, counted by anthropologists and disintegrators of ancient texts. He wants to prove it to him historically and convince him that the kiss is very old and present in the literature that comes from the depths of human history in India 1500 years BC. And the kiss has always been a symbol of love, loyalty, dedication and discouragement to others, as various texts have been told over the centuries from Gilgamesh to Homer to Shakespeare.

Mr. Gustav was confused between mentioning the owner of the big head and those behind him in the words of Antarah bin Shaddad: I wanted to kiss the swords because they / they shone like your smiling smile

Or with something from Imru ‘al-Qays’ hair while bragging: I kissed her ninety-nine kisses / And another kiss and I was in a hurry / And I hugged her until her knots were cut / Even the rings separates from the ring of her bosom / As if scattering the pearls of the collar / The light of lamps flying from the flames.

But a hell of an idea suddenly flashed in Mr. Gustav’s mind, and it seemed as if he had invited the big-headed film lover with the audiovisual control authority to watch a clip from the movie “Salama”, in which she explores the planet of the East , Umm Kulthum, and sing in praise of the “kiss” between The Lovers, from the poetry of Bayram al-Tunisi and the music of Zakaria Ahmed in 1944 some eighty years ago, may they respect people’s minds and give viewers the freedom to to select as long as they can change the screen if they want, and can bypass the kiss / core bomb with the push of a button.

  • Published in agreement with the London cultural magazine “Al Jadeed”.

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