The current IT infrastructure has a major impact on …

(NAME- Akhbar Al Khaleej)

Salesforce published the results of a study that surveyed more than 600 CIOs and working decision makers in the field of information technology, in order to understand how information technology addresses the requirements and challenges that companies face today.

Given the uncertainty in macroeconomic performance across different markets, employment, costs, etc. In addition, technology managers and senior management at the corporate level are becoming more focused on effective growth. Save costs and increase productivity. As a result, companies are turning to process automation more than ever before to create immediate value within various business categories from technical divisions to other divisions such as sales, customer service, marketing and trading.

The vast majority of study participants (91 % ) to the huge demand for automation of work teams during the past two years. In detail came the demand for automation of the following four divisions: Research and Development (39 % ) Administrative / Operations Division (38 % Customer Service (33 % Marketing (26) % ).

The study also revealed that the current IT infrastructure has a major impact on the speed with which IT teams can meet business automation requirements.

Almost all study participants (96 % ) that modifying and rebuilding automation processes is a challenge in light of changing systems and business requirements. 4 out of 5 respondents also reported that restructuring existing applications and data to support automation could double the size of the technical debt of their companies.

On this occasion, Matt McClarty, Global Head of Technology and Vice President of the Digital Transformation Office, said: MuleSoft “Companies across industries want to automate processes and customer experiences as quickly as possible. The use of the wrong tools and techniques in this rapid trend is a major obstacle to efforts to achieve real innovation. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations become more capable and resilient to adapt to changes in the technology landscape. To successfully automate processes and link data and applications in a comprehensive way. In the absence of a flexible approach and the ability to adapt and develop, companies run the risk of doubling their debt technology instead of reducing it.

As companies seek to unlock the full potential of automation not to drive growth but to achieve it To grow in an efficient, faster and less business-friendly way, almost half of the participants confirmed In the study ( 44) % ) They now use API management and integration capabilities to fully support their business process automation efforts. 53. said % of participants that they have used the integration and management capabilities of the API “to some extent”, indicating that there is a great opportunity to automate workflows more efficiently and deliver linked customer experiences Faster

This comes at a time when an increasing number of companies are seeking to regulate their use of technology and tools and multiple platforms to automate business and IT processes within an excellent automation strategy.

The study revealed that 80 % Many companies will adopt a super-automation strategy in their IT plans for the next 24 months, which means they need the right tools and capabilities to build and modify automation processes.


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