Today’s news events | “The Finance of Representatives” invests in the session to discuss the reports of the Audit Bureau

today’s events – The Parliamentary Finance Committee has convened the period to adjourn the 19th Ordinary Session of the National Assembly to discuss the Audit Bureau’s reports for the years: 2018, 2019 and 2020, with the hope of completing them and submitting a report thereon. submit to the Assembly. .
In its weekly meetings, the committee listened to the views of general managers and officials in various government companies and institutions, and recommended that the file of some transgressions be referred to the judiciary, and others in some regions, with reference to the Integrity and Anti- Corruption Commission, in addition to other explanations to address them.
The “Finance of Representatives”, led by Representative Muhammad Al-Saudi, devoted his meetings last Tuesday and yesterday to discussing what was stated in the Bureau’s reports on the institutions: Aqaba Development Company, Aqaba Water and Nuclear Energy, and recommended the Aqaba Development Company file to the Integrity Commission.
It is likely that the current parliament will ask Eid al-Adha for an extraordinary session, as the committee hopes to discuss the Bureau’s reports on the agenda of the session, in which no other item may be discussed without is mentioned in the royal will related to parliament’s call for an extraordinary sitting.
In the event that the discussion of the Bureau’s reports is not included in the exceptional table, this means that its discussion will be moved to the next ordinary sitting of the Board, which recommends that the file of the purchase of shares of the Aqaba Development Company is referred to the Integrity Commission and its liquidation, given the extent of its losses and the futility of its existence.
An explanation from Diwan for the year 2019 showed that the General Meeting of the Aqaba Development Company approved the decision of the Board of Directors on the purchase of its shares owned by a shareholder in the Investment Markets Development Company Limited Joint Stock Company for 995 thousand dinars.
He pointed out that the company has a loan balance of 3,065,082 dinars and accumulated losses of a total of 1,378,914 dinars, without demonstrating the feasibility of this operation.
It took place yesterday in two separate meetings of the committee, chaired by Saudi Arabia and in the presence of the president of the Aqaba development company Hussein Al-Safadi, the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, dr. Khaled Toukan, the former director general of the Jordanian nuclear power company Salah Malkawi, representatives of the Ministry of Finance and secretary general of the audit bureau, dr. Ibrahim Majali, and Assistant Secretary-General Diwan for Technical Affairs, dr. Bilal Okasha.
Al-Saudi said at its first meeting the committee discussed the Aqaba Development Company’s explanations, which focused on administrative and financial matters, as well as violations related to exchange documents and decisions of the board to dispose of sums of money and complaints. pay. the company’s expenses and expenses for other parties that are not related to its goals and objectives, or to make decisions to spend from a previous year’s budget, including the payment of large amounts of rewards and incentives, without the existence Of bases and criteria governing its payout, breaches in sales and development agreements (land sales), partnership, lease, investment, bid, financial analysis, revenue and sales and leases.
The committee called for the preparation of an organizational structure for the company, to address distortions, ensure non-recurrence of violations, strengthen internal control, and not oblige it to any decisions of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, and cancel previous decisions, pointing out that these decisions lead to overlap in the powers and tasks between the company and the government.
Al-Safadi stressed that the new administration has been involved in closing and addressing files related to the Diwan for the past few years, pointing out that more than 63% of the explanations received have been corrected, as the rest are completely will be completed, without new offenses and placing the interests of the homeland and the citizen among the priorities of work.
Regarding the tender for the works of a car park building, Safadi referred to the formation of a committee to audit and investigate the tender procedures, and to determine the responsibility of those responsible for the presence of violations, whether in the design or implementation stage, and to provide the Bureau with the results of the committee, which promises to prepare an organizational structure for the company, to rectify any deficiencies.
The committee also discussed the breaches of the Nuclear Electricity Company, and according to the Diwan’s report, the company was established in the implementation of the terms of the agreement between the Jordanian and Russian governments in March 2015, for the company to work on the implementation of the first phase of the project (development) and in the event of a move to the second phase / investment (construction) and operation) The Russian side, or any other investor identified in the development stage, will have a stake in this company buys, according to its share in the ownership of the project, so that the company owns and operates the construction project.
An explanation from the Diwan indicated that, according to the Prime Minister’s letter, a committee had been set up under the direction of a representative of the Ministry of Finance and the membership of representatives of the relevant authorities to carry out the studies and works submitted to the company entrusted is to be considered, and their expiration dates, as the company was later placed under liquidation and the case is still being followed up.
At the meeting, the items contained in the explanation were discussed, as the participants raised questions related to the liquidation of the company, the value of the assets before and after the liquidation, and the issues that the employees raised against the company. .
Toukan, in turn, reviewed the stages the company went through in terms of establishment and activity, emphasizing that each dinar was spent in its place at the station, according to the principles, principles and standards.
The representatives of the Ministry of Finance in turn indicated to the members of the liquidation committee that the committee concluded the observations regarding the company with the relevant authorities, but 8 cases remained in the courts, and we can not the company ‘s door does not close. until after a final court ruling has been issued.
Al-Majali said that as long as the company is in liquidation, the matter rests with the relevant liquidation committee, as some delegates in the meetings have demanded to take measures to address the incoming violations and correct the observations, and not to tolerate those who abuse public money.

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