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Cairo: Medhat Safwat
The first book is a step in a long way, especially if the author’s field is literary writing, because literature is really long, as they said in the old days, and the good writer is naturally developing, and his tools are always in renewal, changing his view of writing, at a time when he believes in some form that it is optimal for creativity, Before abandoning that form and looking for another.

In a wave of love for publishing, some writers may pay publishers or printing presses their first texts, and despite the concerns many have about self-confidence and the quality of work, a concern that affects even experienced writers, referred to in some critical writings such as “creative songs”, obtained The title of “author of so-and-so book” is something that carries a lot of sparkle.

After a while from the release of the first work, many creators feel that their production does not express it, and often feel a little embarrassed when they talk about it, leading them to drop it from their creative memory. Here we remember the position of the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish from his first book “Birds Without Wings” which he dropped from his poetic heritage while he was still alive.

In more than one position, Darwish rejects the Diwan, which was issued in 1960, and its owner is no more than nineteen years old, and because the Diwan is a dreamy endeavor built mainly on romantic complaints and dreamy expression, which then developed into more mature attempts that put forward the poetry of rejection in its true meaning, it seemed. According to the mural, it is “an unspeakable act.”

In an interview with Lebanese critic Muhammad Dakrub for Al-Tariq magazine, Darwish explained that “my first printed book is not worth stopping by. I was in my final year of school, and I was not. more than 18 years old when I wrote his poems, and it was an expression of amorphous efforts. ” He adds Lebanese journalist Abdo Wazen in an interview with Al-Carmel magazine: “Personal teenage poems, published in the days of the fatwa.”

Not all first works can be embarrassing. Of course, anyone can write a “best seller” or achieve incredible success from the first moment. Sometimes all it takes is passion, encouragement, a desire to tell a story, or even just inspirational dreaming. Indeed, some world-class writers gained notoriety at an early age, and all of them had successful first novels that catapulted them to fame, and some of them may not have intended, but they are also happy with readers who continued to produce them.

The American critic and journalist Jacob Bancroft lists a number of writers who have gained overwhelming fame since their first book, the first of whom is Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, the English writer and wife of the poet Percy Shelley, who explores the world of literature by her author entered. “Frankenstein”.

The Frankenstein writer was hit hard at an early age, when her mother died, and things went awry when her father married Marie-Jeanne Claremont, who was probably the inspiration for Cinderella’s evil stepmother. Later in her life, Mary Shelley struggled financially and lost her first child a few days after her birth. A year later, while enjoying time with her family, she made her first attempt at writing horror stories, with the launch of “Frankenstein,” or “The New God of Fire,” which tells the story of Victor Frankenstein. , a young scientist who creates a strange. , healthy being in an unconventional scientific experiment.

The American Stephanie Meyer, best known for the romantic vampire series Twilight, her writings have been translated into about 40 languages, her books have sold about 70 million copies, and have actually earned millions of dollars. writing girl who has fallen into a love triangle between a vampire and a werewolf, she published the novel “Twilight” and became one of the most famous writers.


Meyer’s story is no less strange than the story of Joanne Rowling, or better known as “JK Rowling”, one of the most influential writers alive today, especially after the publication of her “Harry Potter” series, and she struggled to find a purpose. for her life after her divorce, and moved with her young daughter to England to be closer to her sister, and while Rowling was there, Rowling was well off, and had trouble caring for her and her child. One day she had an idea for a story about a young magician with a lightning bolt on his forehead while she was on the train, and soon worked on her first novel.

It is not easy to this extent, and dreams do not come true with a dice roll. The novel was rejected several times by some publishers, until it sold the rights to the idea for $ 4,000, which is a small amount, and soon the novel became one of the most famous international books.

Success does not only depend on fiction books. Who among us has not heard or read about the author of cookbooks, the American Irma S. Rombauer, and although there are thousands of cookbooks, only one book has gained fame, which is entitled ” The Pleasure of Cooking ”, published in the year 1931, and she published it at the age of fifty, simply because she did not want to be a writer, but only wanted to share her recipes with others, but her useful advice and artistic prose has helped make her recipes accessible to all.

strong relationship

The love of the first book is not only related to its success, as it may not achieve any success, and its relationship with its owner remains strong, as he is the “firstborn son” and “the first joy”, a situation that was once described by American author Jamie Ettenberg, and after she became the author of “The Middlestein” novels. Her best-selling debut novel, “Instant Love”, is “Fatiha Khair”.

In a report on themillions website, Ettenberg says: “I have a real fondness for my first book, I was not enrolled for an MFA program then, and it’s been more than a decade since I wrote as a undergraduate student, so I built the book primarily on emotion, sound, and life experience, rather than anything strategic, structural, or academic. I really stumbled my way through writing it, had no expectations, and was glad to have it. to publish, now this book seems to me as pure as anything I have ever written.When people tell me they have read this novel, I feel a little suffocated to think of that time in my life.I am serious I definitely think this book is my first love. ”

The Canadian novelist Emily St. John Mandel rewrote her first novel, “Last Night in Montreal”, to make new changes and corrections, a process that Mandel considered “exciting”, especially since she considered the novel by far the weakest of her books.

Emily Mandel says: “I’m surprised because it gets more attention than my second and third novels, and if I were to write that story now, I would write it in a completely different way, but I was reassured that I found it I did not hate the work, looking at the novel again was like opening a time capsule.A feeling of ‘Oh’, that’s how I wrote it in my early twenties, when my feelings was completely different.

be proud of yourself

Are you proud to call yourself a writer? Proud of what you wrote? Are you proud of what you are going to do one day? ” The question that author and editor in the field of health and nutrition, Meg Doyle, her article “Be Proud to Start a Writer” began, is to advise writers and writers to be proud, just to be creative.

Whatever the position on the first writings, and whatever the vision of the first book, Doyle says she may feel ashamed to declare that she is in the entertainment publishing industry, but she does not feel any discomfort as she admits that she is a much of her time is spent sitting in front of a computer screen and writing stories.


American novelist Anthony Mara sees his novel “Constellation of Vital Phenomena”, which reached the New Times bestseller list at the time of its publication in 2013, as a reference to a long time ago, and it’s like a gesture to an old friend, though he admitted that he had forgotten many of the details of his novel, to be happy when he called it Readers of the First Editions.

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