Mikati will request the members of the Finance Committee to expedite the approval of the budget and Lebanon before two important weeks, and all the files related to the demarcation of the borders

Al-Gomhouria newspaper has learned that “designated Prime Minister Najib Mikati will listen to the approaches of the blocs and MPs to the new government’s form and tasks in parliamentary consultations today, at Parliament’s headquarters in Nejmeh Square, knowing that experiences have shown that the most important thing lies in the political consultations that begin in Behind the Scenes after the protocol consultations have ended.

I also learned that “Mikati’s consultations will include 129 deputies, not 128, and the additional deputy” figuratively “is the Economic and Social Council, which will attend its administrative body at the invitation of the President-elect, who wanted Piccard expand the deliberations and listen to the opinion of the council concerned, based on its position and composition, by contributing from the tunnel. “

Political circles opposed to Al-Gomhouria have indicated that “consultations on authorship will begin today amid three basic scenarios discussed in political salons and the media:

The first scenario is based on the idea that the President-elect will not form his fourth government, so he retains the status of a President-elect and a caretaker Prime Minister for three basic reasons:

The first reason is that he is aware of the complexity of authorship and the divisions and differences of opinion that it causes in the pursuit of a government that will quickly turn into an emerging government, while its current government can do this task in the best way , especially since it is harmonious and the differences within it have not emerged, so why replace it with a political and insecure government and time will not It helps her to play her original role.

The second reason is that Mikati prefers to devote himself to dealing with the financial crisis and negotiating with the International Monetary Fund, rather than negotiating with the political forces over the formation of a government whose formation is uncertain. is in this short period from the end of President Michel Aoun’s term, because the first negotiation can alleviate the seriousness of the crisis finances, while the second negotiation will inevitably aggravate it.

– The third reason, to be aware that the demands of the covenant party are innumerable in the last government of this covenant, and to simply negotiate with it means conflict with its terms and demands, and the attainment of the formation of a government will gives the impression that it has complied with the terms of the covenant, which will negatively reflect on Miqati within the Sunni environment and its Gulf extensions.

She explained that “the second scenario is that Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement cross each other to put political pressure on the president-elect to form a government that meets their political conditions, as the party wants to turn the page on the governments of specialists imposed by the revolution, even with a government that has a short life. ” And the aim of breaking with this type of government is to join the next era, the introduction of which should ideally start with a political government, while the current one’s calculations are summed up in the management of the presidential elections from an advanced government position, and withdraw that can be withdrawn from appointments that support his position in the next phase, and that he is a president “Free Patriotic Movement” representative Gibran Bassil in the position of representation of the alliance during the presidential vacuum phase.

And the same circles indicated that “the third scenario, that most political powers pretend to be eager to form a new government in the implementation of the constitution, activate the political life and address the financial crisis, because the caretaker government is not in able to bear the burdens and challenges of the crisis, while most of these forces are aware of the difficulty of forming in For a short time, the priority has shifted to the presidential elections, which will henceforth take the lead in all follow-up, discussion, preparation and political preparation.

And she felt that “in all cases the title of authorship will remain one of the titles on the table until the constitutional period for the election of a President of the Republic is entered into at the beginning of next September.”

Mikati and the Money Committee

Al-Gomhouria has learned that “Mikati will attend the meeting of the Parliamentary Finance and Budget Committee today, before the start of consultations at Parliament’s headquarters. Mikati’s participation in this meeting aims to encourage MPs to approve the accelerate general budget for the current budget. years and other projects, on the basis of what is required, now urgently Complete the requirements to complete the final agreement with the International Monetary Fund and thus stop the downward slide, “and then differ we’re about whether we should go right or left. “

warning strike

The sources of the Syndicate of Bank of Lebanon employees focused on Al-Gomhouria on his call for a general emergency meeting this morning, to consult and take the position that it deems appropriate for the employees, that “the union on its way is to stop working for one day, in preparation for an open strike that paralyzes banking life in Lebanon. ” , unless the Supreme Court Council and the Minister of Justice intervene to put an end to the actions of Judge Ghada Aoun, especially as there are requests for response which she does not accept, and a litigation has been filed against her refusing to do so. and does not respect the law during humiliating investigations with directors, employees and deputy governors of the Banque du Liban.

Dokan visits

Official references by Al-Jumhuriya doubted that “there is any specific date for the visit of the person charged with implementing the decisions of the” Cedar One “conference, Pierre Dukan, to Beirut, and said that” Dukan’s visit is possible at any time, as he follows any development on the line of relations between Beirut and Paris, which means reform, financial and administrative matters, but there is no information about a visit to him in light of the resignation. of the government and in such current circumstances. “

Lebanon faces “critical” two weeks … All files related to “border demarcation”

Lebanese ministerial sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that “Lebanon faces two decisive weeks,” emphasizing that “all Lebanese files, including the formation of the incoming government led by Najib Mikati, are related to the course of the border negotiations between Lebanon and Israel, which at present constitute a pressure factor Lebanon and directly or indirectly control all the claims.

She stressed that “there is no doubt that the government’s file is partly internal, but the border negotiations play a pressure factor on all parties inside and outside, through international interaction with Lebanon and the assistance that is supposed to be provided to it. to become.” note that “in any case there will be no resolution before That the demarcation negotiations become clear, as if everyone is waiting for the path they will take.”

The sources indicated that “officials in Lebanon expect to receive a response from the US mediator, Amos Hochstein, in the next few hours, regarding the Israeli position on the Lebanese proposal, although the data indicate that there is no response from Tel. Aviv until now, after the political complications that have arisen in Israel. ” “. She pointed out that” two critical and difficult weeks to determine the parameters of the next phase, including the formation of the government, either we see a solution of all files, including the gas and electricity file, or we go to more complexity. “

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