The Ministry of Trade is studying 130 applications due to customs tariff distortions, and solves 240 problems with rules of origin.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has announced its harvest of what the ministry has achieved over the past 8 years since President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi took over the presidency, to include that the ministry will study 130 applications submitted by 75 companies and destinations affected by distortions in the customs tariff.

The ministry indicated, according to its harvest of trade agreement indicators, that four rounds of negotiations had been held to conclude a free trade agreement between Egypt and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, in addition to preparing a technical study of a commercial and economic point of view for all draft agreements, protocols and memoranda of understanding, drafting and negotiation thereof, in addition to solving all problems.The removal of all obstacles related to the rules of origin that Egyptian exports faced, which annually about 240 problems count, which helped to maximize the entry of these exports to the markets of the countries of the agreements and the benefit from it.

The Ministry has also drawn up protocols and memoranda of understanding relating to commercial, economic and industrial affairs in all joint commercial, economic and technical committees between Egypt and Eastern European countries, and studies all commercial and industrial cooperation proposals, responding to inquiries arising from procedures, commercial laws and specifications for Egyptian goods, and the study of 85 topics on the application of procedures.

In addition to the adoption of a number of agreements that contribute to increasing the flow of trade between Arab countries in the areas of trade in services, investment, capital transfer, customs cooperation and the regulation of transit transport. The transparency and binding mechanism for member states in the region has also been adopted, in addition to the application of rules of origin. Detailed Arab from June 2020, acceptance of the certificate of origin issued electronically, sets out the legislative framework for the establishment of the Arab Customs Union, as well as the negotiation of the mechanisms of customs revenue and compensation mechanisms.

The ministry added that studies have been prepared to monitor the performance of trade exchanges, identify available export opportunities within the markets of Asian countries, suggest quantities that each promising market can absorb, such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia. , and to make the business community aware of the trade agreements concluded by Egypt and the accompanying rules of origin.In addition to participating in all joint commercial and economic committees between Egypt and Latin American countries, and to contribute to the formulation of protocols and memoranda of understanding arising therefrom with respect to commercial, economic and industrial matters.

A business forum was also held between Egyptian businessmen and a number of Brazilian businessmen to discuss opportunities for trade and investment cooperation and the possibility of establishing a Brazilian industrial zone, and the establishment of the National Committee for Rules of Origin in March 2021, which is concerned with the study of the rules of origin discussed in the World Customs Organization and the World Trade Organization, as well as Rules of Origin under Preferential Trade Agreements.

Within the framework of the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement, detailed rules of origin have been finalized for all Arab goods.

Within the framework of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, the general provisions of the rules of origin protocol, as well as the indicative guide to the protocol, have been finalized, helping economic users to understand these provisions and the optimal application of the agreement. .

Within the framework of the agreement of the three African blocs and the COMESA agreement, the list of electronic issuance of certificates of origin within the framework of the agreement has been completed.

Within the framework of the rules of origin of the Egyptian-British Association Agreement, the negotiation of the chapter on the rules of origin of the Egyptian-British Association Agreement was completed

In the Euro-Mediterranean framework, the final version of the new regional institutes for the new Euro-Mediterranean rules of origin (transitional rules) was completed in 2019

Within the framework of the Preferential Trade Agreement between the grouping of eight developing countries, the Egyptian side has lifted the reservation on the rule of origin proposed in the agreement, which is represented in the percentage value added.

Preparation of studies concerning the export of some commodities, which led to the issuance of 65 ministerial decisions to regulate the export of these commodities, and the taking of legal measures concerning foreign trade issues of all kinds, which exceeded more than 42 000 cases , and the study and decision on 79 042 foreign trade issues. trade issues and taking the necessary measures in their connection.

‘The success of the efforts of the Egyptian delegation participating in the Twelfth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization in Geneva to win the rights of developing countries that are net importers of food by including in the ministerial statement issued by the conference,’ a decision on the emergency response to tackle food security crises, aimed at giving these countries sufficient flexibility to increase their production capacity and gain access to Appropriate financing to finance their food imports

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