Director of Al-Shuaib Directorate in Al-Dhalea Hussein Al-Khaili in an interview with Al-Umana: (70,000) people are deprived of the simplest service projects – Al-Umana Net

Director of Al-Shuaib Directorate in Al-Dhalea, Hussein Al-Khaili, in an interview with Al-Umana: (70,000) people are deprived of the simplest service projects

(“The Trustees” exclusive dialogue 🙂

The regions are suffering from drought, and all projects in health, education and roads have been halted for years

Al-Shuaib represents a strong side of the human and military governor

Operating budget is worth nothing in light of high prices

There are a number of ministerial branches that are not active in the Directorate

90% of Employment in government facilities has reached suitability for retirement

The director-general of the Al-Shuaib district in the Al-Dhalea governor, Mr. Hussein Hassan Askar Al-Khaili, said that about 70,000 people are residents of the Al-Shuaib district, and they are scattered among eighteen polling stations that include more than one hundred and twenty villages, deprived of the simplest service projects in that sprawling villages on a high mountain range that are missing Most of them are for roads and the difficulty of transportation in light of the severe drought and the lack of drinking water.

Al Khaili pointed out that the directorate’s budget of one million six hundred riyal barely meets the minimum needs since the investment program’s activities ceased since 2015, leading to the failure of all projects in the fields of health, education and roads – according to Al Khalili, who spoke on a number of security and service issues in the Shuaib directorate.

Everyone came into the dialogue that Led by “The Trustees” with the Director of Al-Shuaib Directorate in Al-Dhalea, Mr. Hussein Hassan Askar Al-KhaliSo to the text of the dialogue:

“The Trustees” special interview:

  • First, do you know of the strategic importance that Al-Shuaib District represents for the governor?
  • The district is located in the southwest corner of Governor Al-Dhalea, over a high mountain range, bordered by the Haban district in the north, Yafa district in the east, Al-Hussain district in the south, and Qataba- district in the west. Its population is about 70,000 people. It represents an important strategic location as a border area and a strong sideline of the governor in terms of human and military terms, and it has a long history and arm in the battle and struggle in the various stages and turns through which the country went. , the last of which is the Houthi war and the purification of the governor of his legions.
  • What about the population census of the district? And how many villages are scattered? And what are the current conditions of his regions?
  • The population of the district is about 70,000 people and is spread among eighteen polling stations which include more than one hundred and twenty towns and more, spread over a high mountain range, most of which have no roads, suffer from severe drought and scarcity to drinking water.
  • What is the role of the local authority in the Shuaib district in terms of service aspects?
  • The local authority is working to activate the service aspects due to the weakness that accompanied the issue during the previous period and the service war that forced the country in general as the local authority tried to remedy the previous situation charge and work to achieve performance in the field of health, electricity, communications, water and other aspects according to the available capabilities.
  • With regard to the operating budget of the Directorate, how much can you estimate? And what is it spent on?
  • We are talking about operating expenses, which amount to about one million six hundred riyal per month, spread over the following facilities: (Local administration and local council – health – education – works – finance – agriculture, which are worth nothing in light of the high prices, especially fuel, oils and spare parts, taking into account the expenditure is nothing with these Expenditure, which is the approved branches within the scope of the local authority, which is the expenditure of goods and services).
  • Are there vital resources in Al-Shuaib that can be used to improve services and conditions of citizens?
  • There are no vital resources in the general sense, as there is no reliable economic basis in this aspect. The only resources within the general budget in the area of ​​duties, works and taxes within the directorate’s account at the bank are tax money and zakat which finances only the investment program.
  • What about the main projects in the directorate Is there a statistic of what has been achieved over the past five years and what has faltered?
  • Unfortunately, the implementation of all the major projects in the Directorate of Education, Health and Roads has stalled due to the cessation of donor support since the unjust war in 2015, despite the existence of a list of projects under implementation and the failure of the state-funded security administration building since 2014.
  • Is the work of the local government executive offices in the directorate effective in all aspects?
  • There are a number of ministerial branches that are not activated according to the administrative structure and the local government system and its executive regulations, for example (industry and trade – youth and sport – planning – donations – legal matters), and others are activated (health – education finance – works – agriculture – local administration as well as security and branches of institutions).
  • What are the main problems and challenges facing the work of the local authority in the district?
  • Among the most prominent problems facing Al-Shuaib is the presence of almost 90% of employment in government facilities, suitable for retirement, and the lack of jobs in general, as well as the cessation of investment program activity and the unavailability of a government building like other directorates.
  • If we talk with some clarity about the health and security situation, as well as education and the life and economic aspect of the district, what do all these areas look like? What is your role as a local authority?
  • Honesty is the safest way to achieve the suffering we suffer in various aspects. In the health aspect, hospitals lack qualifications and expertise in the fields of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and there is an association by contracting with organizations and for specific periods. Also in health units and centers in the directorate there is no furniture or equipment, and in the field of education there is a shortage The staff and the lack of jobs since 2012, and a number of schools do not have walls and bathrooms. for the security field, security, thank God, is stable as other directorates, but there is a difficulty in the field of weapons and food.
  • What are the most prominent blocked projects in the Directorate?
  • We have talked before that the cessation of the investment program’s activity since 2015 has led to the failure of all projects in the fields of health, education and roads, as well as the stumbling block of the government-funded security administration building project, as well as the stumbling block of the asphalt road Al-Awabil – Bani Muslim – Al-Jabal and Sabour.
  • Recently, you made a contribution to move the Martyr Ali Qaid Sharibah road project. Tell us first about the importance of this project? What are the problems that hinder its performance? And where did he arrive? What is your role as a local authority?
  • The project has the importance of connecting the villages of the mountain to the transport network and alleviating the suffering of citizens who have been deprived of roads. The road will connect the directorate with the Dreamers Directorate. To this day, there are no problems and everyone is on track As far as our role is concerned, it is supervisory and we will request businessmen to provide more help and assistance to implement the project.
  • What is the relationship of the local authority with businessmen and money inside and outside the country? Do they have a role in the service of the Directorate? And what does it represent?
  • We have a strong relationship with the money and businessmen inside and outside the directorate, and the relationship has deepened with the implementation of a number of projects with self-efforts by businessmen and the generous continuous support of the directorate, whether in the field of projects or the HMOs and others, and they are in our opinion a difficult number under these difficult circumstances.
  • What is the plan of the local authority for the next year and what are its priorities for work?
  • The local authority is working hard to lift the current situation of the directorate and its ministerial branches from the current situation after reform and increase the efficiency of performance in the future, and this requires joint efforts from all political spectrums with the local authority .
  • Are you satisfied with the performance and role of the local authority and the extent of the state’s interaction with your claims?
  • The reality that the country in general experiences in the light of the services that are forced on us, our performance is positive and efforts and capabilities are scarce in the light of the virtually total absence of the state due to the war that is on everyone was enforced.
  • Security issues that have recently appeared in the directorate, including criminal and civil issues. This was accompanied by a security breach that worried the public. In your opinion, who bears the responsibility and how do you evaluate the work of the judicial authorities, and what do you think of those cases that are restricted to unknown persons, and what is the role of the local authority?
  • Al-Shuaib District is one of the best governorates in the field of security and stabilization of security and stability. What has happened in criminal and civil matters does not mean a security chaos in all cases, and the security department works according to what is available with the help of community committees Such issues occur in the most developed countries, and what has happened is borne by all and we can not be held responsible. A specific party, but we like the current situation of the country, what has happened and what can happen, and all issues are before the relevant authorities, whether civil or criminal.
  • A last word or a message you would like to convey to the public?
  • We call on everyone to work in the spirit of one team and assist the local authority in carrying out its tasks, establishing security, stability and public tranquility, and combating immoral and illegal phenomena. .

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