Emirates News Agency – In collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, “Strata”, “Hyperganic” and “EOS” sign a partnership agreement to manufacture home air conditioners that are considered the most efficient in the world

The new system consumes up to 10 times less energy than conventional air conditioning systems at the same cost.

Sultan Al-Jaber: The partnership contributes to the country’s industrial sector being able to develop competitive and marketable products according to international standards.

Sarah Al Amiri: The project represents a good addition to the industrial system in the Emirates, based on the technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


ABU DHABI, 28 June 2020 (WAM) – A partnership was announced today between Strata Manufacturing, the leading digital manufacturing company based in the UAE, and Hyperganic, a specialist in artificial intelligence-based engineering platforms headquartered in Germany and Singapore and recently opened in the UAE, and 3D printing company German industrial dimensions “EOS”, to manufacture the world’s most energy-efficient air conditioner. This partnership comes as a result of the efforts of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology to coordinate between partners in line with the ministry’s role in creating an attractive business environment for local and international investors in the industrial sector, which is growing of supporting national industries and improving their competitiveness, stimulating innovation and the adoption of advanced technologies in industrial systems and solutions, and improving the state’s position as a global destination to lead the industries of the future.

The three partners today signed the Industrial Cooperation and Partnership Agreement during a signing ceremony attended by His Excellency Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, Sarah bint Youssef Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology, and Musabah Al Kaabi, CEO of the UAE Investment Sector, Mubadala Investment Company.

The agreement was signed by Ismail Ali Abdullah, CEO of Strata, Lynn Kayser, founder and CEO of Hyperganic and dr. Hans Jay Langer, pioneer of industrial 3D printing and founder of EOS.

Under the agreement, the Algorithmic Engineering partners will combine HyperGanic solutions with EOS 3D printing of industrial metals with advanced technologies provided by Strata to produce more efficient and less energy-intensive home air conditioning units. By up to ten times compared to conventional air-conditioning units, which improves its global competitiveness in the market.

This partnership, which benefits from the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, will contribute to increasing the energy efficiency of air conditioners, while meeting the highest international standards for environment and energy efficiency, and achieving a quantum leap in the industrial sector. 2023

On this occasion, his Excellency Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber said: “In line with the wise leadership’s guidelines to support and develop the national industrial sector, the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology is keen to develop the national industrial system to create economically viable opportunities that contribute to the support of the local product.We are pleased to conclude this partnership which embodies the The importance of cooperation and integration of efforts and capabilities to develop clear industrial solutions based on innovation and contribute to the promotion of sustainable development and the achieving a positive economic impact.

He added: “The partnership between Strata, Hyperganic and EOS confirms the ability of the industrial sector in the UAE to develop and launch commercially viable local products that meet the needs of local and global markets, thanks to the capabilities, catalysts and benefits that these products are able to enter and compete in global markets, in a way that contributes to promoting the growth of the industrial sector in the country and creating a positive impact on the national economy and society.

In turn, Her Excellency Sarah Al Amiri said: “This positive partnership represents a good addition to the industrial system in the United Arab Emirates, and reaffirms the role of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology in attracting global partnerships, especially those that between Emirati companies and innovative companies in the world, which rely on modern technological technologies and the techniques of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in line with the leadership’s vision to make the UAE a global headquarters for advanced technology based industries.

It is mentioned in this regard that the International Energy Agency expects to triple the energy demand for air conditioners by 2050, equivalent to the addition of 10 new appliances every second over the next 28 years, and today air conditioning units represent 10% of electricity consumption around the It indicates the importance of reducing energy consumption and meeting environmental requirements.

Hyperganic announced the opening of its UAE office in early July, and its team, which is expected to grow to 20 engineers by the end of 2023, will work with teams from Strata and EOS to implement the project.

Musabah Al Kaabi, in turn, said: “As a responsible investor, we are primarily contributing to Mubadala’s energy and sustainability strategy in the UAE through our global investment portfolio. This partnership is strengthened between Strata, our world leader national manufacturing company, with both” Hyperganic “and” EOS “brand” Made in the UAE “, through Strata’s focus on embracing digital transformation, and this collaboration is in line with its new strategy to expand its business outside the aviation sector and further contribute to the strengthening Mubadala’s role in Accelerating the economic diversification of the UAE and strengthening its position as a global industrial center.

In turn, Ismail Ali Abdullah said: “This partnership represents an inspiring model for industry pioneers, in terms of benefiting from the attractive industrial environment in the country and the benefits and capabilities provided by the UAE, leading to stimulating partnerships based on innovation and creativity to expand in modern industrial fields.

I must pay tribute here to the role of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology in building an investment-attractive environment, especially with the “Make in the UAE” campaign, which is an open invitation to investors, manufacturers and innovators to invest in the industrial sector in the UAE. He added: “We will be working through this project, with Hyperganic.” and EOS to establish the advanced technological manufacturing processes required for product success.

This partnership represents a real leap for Strata based on investment in the technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will contribute to the construction of new industrial areas in line with Strata’s strategy for advanced industries and the achievement of the national vision for the development of the industrial sector and the establishment of partnerships based on innovative solutions. ” Lynn Kaiser said: “Our mission at Hyperganic is to use technology to solve humanity’s most difficult challenges. The UAE is a place where the best international talents work, and the country’s vision for the future is clear in a way that makes it unique from the countries of the world. ”

Dr Hans Langer said: “We accept sustainability in EOS’s policies, and this project cannot succeed without the deep integration of engineering and manufacturing, and we will continue to work with our partners in the UAE to bring the latest technology. promote.”

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