Joe Jabr … “DJ” feeds Beirut evenings despite cerebral palsy

At the beginning of each week, nightlife lovers dance to the tunes of his music and musical combinations in one of Beirut’s nightclubs, while others wait for him in the middle of the week in another nightclub, and on different days in a third bar. . Joe Gabr (25 years old) lets go of his tumultuous fingers and hands, scrolling hard between the buttons of the electronic music game panel, before agreeing and interacting in his own way with each song and melody.
The young Lebanese man who became a DJ through YouTube and without anyone helping or teaching him, realized his dream and passion in the world of music and singing. He started private parties in homes and restaurants since 2013, before becoming one of the well-known music players about a year ago, setting Beirut’s nights and bustling atmosphere on fire.
The young man known as “DJoe” has had cerebral palsy since his birth due to a medical error that caused movement disorders, poor balance and muscle coordination, in addition to problems with speech and expression. But through a walking aid he can get to work, where he sits in his usual place in his chair, accompanied by a broad smile. He prepares the DJ’s console and equipment and carefully reviews his music program, before taking the audience into a world of dance and joy, with diverse music styles from house and disco to techno and other genres, songs and remixes.
“They make fun of me because I’m different from them, and I laugh at them because they are copies of each other,” so begins his story of his suffering and his long journey. He told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: “I have suffered from an oxygen deficiency since I was born, but the treating doctor did not put me in the incubator, so I developed cerebral palsy, which led to movement disorders and problems. with talk, so only those close to me understand me. ”
He also talks about the sacrifices of his family and their tireless succession of his growth, care and psychological and physical support: “My mother collapsed for two months. Tears until I went to the Sizobel Foundation (care), and I was only eight months old, and here I started the march to a bright future. The social worker accompanied my mother Gladys, and she was a great support for us.The staff also helped me to progress, accept myself and master life with joy in spite of all problems. “. He continues:” I entered kindergarten, and learning to be independent was not easy. Being able to eat, shower and dress on my own required great pain and constant challenges and many years. I could not walk and my mother accompanied me on a wheelchair, but I held her With prayer and hope, give us the strength not to give up or lose hope. ”

He laughs when he remembers how they underestimated him (Hussein Beydoun)

Nights of crying, fatigue, perseverance and struggle accompanied Joe and his family through his treatment. When he reached the age of five, his attending physician decided to perform an operation on the muscles of the legs. After continuous physiotherapy, the surprise was that Joe was able to walk on his own with a K-Walker, a young man who had not stood on his feet since birth. Confident steps he then took and tried to say what it means: “Have you seen the hero, he walks?”, Erasing such a bitter past and embodying a dream to which the family has long been attached.

Joe, a young man robbed of life at birth, perseveres through rhythm and music to revive hope in the hearts of the Lebanese, just as he expresses himself and his dreams. In his speech, he laughs as he recalls how they used to underestimate him, and how some bars and nightclubs refused to hire him, pointing out that his story “is the story of every human being who suffers from physical or psychological problems,” who goes through the labor of childbirth at every moment, but if he believes in his worth as a human being, he accepts himself. ” As it is, life is worth living in constant celebration.

Obtains a training certificate in the field of information technology (Hussein Beydoun)

The ambitious young man who received an Information Technology (IT) degree from Sesobel and Saint Joseph University (Jesus) talks about how he learned to read and spell letters through speech therapy techniques, as well as writing with a computer and telephone, for he can not hold a pen, and how He became a cheerful young man who loves life and loves music: “In my unit I write poetry and write prose and thoughts. I have the story of wrote my life and my bitter suffering, and in 2017, I won an award for best story. ” He continues: “Today I can do almost anything. I have learned that difference is rich, and that each person is distinguished from the other, regardless of his shape or color.”
A medical error was enough to change the life of a newborn child into constant suffering. Gladys was Joe’s big band. He says: “My mother accompanied me in the most difficult moments, and she always said to me: ‘After winter comes spring, you suffer like nature today, but you will bloom with joy, because your spring is approaching.’ Gladys, who helped him move forward and stay alive, is described by Joe on his Facebook page. He added in the rules of his story: “My mother, my fortified shield and the mighty mighty woman who made me to love myself in spite of the weakness of my body, and love life in spite of its difficulties, is the source of my happiness and my constant joy. ”

His father accompanies him with all his parties and nights (Hussein Beydoun)

Joe, the volunteer at the Knights of Malta in Lebanon, was happy on the day of the Beirut port explosion (August 14, 2020) because he escaped death but was injured which required 31 stitches, due to flying window glass and fell to his knees while sitting in his house in the area Ain El Remmaneh (south of Beirut).
In a few words, the family spoiler sums up his love for his father: “My father taught me how to live,” and notes that his father accompanies him with all his parties and nights, and is always present for any support and assistance.

Joe’s pages on social networking sites are full of his daily experiences, loyal to all who supported him and his aspirations for life and the homeland, as well as a sense of humor that you touch when you talk to him. He amazes you with his positive energy and a smile that never leaves him. To merge with the melodies of music, to wave his hands with the melodies, he delights his fans with the push of a button and a bouquet of the most beautiful songs.
Joe’s sun rose after a long autumn to willingly embody the condition of many people with disabilities in Lebanon, who are struggling despite the limited, or in most cases, non-existent means.

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