“Municipality of Representatives” discusses the problems of random bumps, roads and parks in Dakahlia

The Local Administration Committee of the House of Representatives during its meeting tonight, Monday evening, chaired by Eng. Ahmed El-Sigini, Chairman of the Committee, discussed a number of requests for information submitted by deputies of Dakahlia Governor regarding the Governor’s problems, in the presence of dr. Ayman Mukhtar, governor of Dakahlia and a number of governors.

The meeting saw a number of delegates criticize the governor of Dakahlia due to a number of issues in the governor, related to civil services.

Among the information requests was the information request submitted by Representative Dhaha Mustafa Assi, regarding the conversion of some of Mansoura’s public gardens “Shajarat Al-Durr Park – Suez Canal Street Gardens – Army Street Gardens – Zoo” into kiosks and shops.

Representative Dhaha Asi said what was done to Mansoura gardens was disturbing green spaces as well as cutting down palms and perennial trees with the aim of removing the central island in Al-Gomhoria Street to widen the road.

The requests also included two requests for information submitted by Representative Ashraf Al-Shabrawi regarding the failure of the executive bodies in the Dakahlia governor to perform their duties, which led to the deterioration and weakness of services provided to citizens in various sectors such as hygiene are provided, health, education, social solidarity, catering, street occupation and the closure of some of them and construction.The offender in terms of heights, especially in the centers of Dekernes, Sherbeen, Bani Obaid, and what the city of Mansoura has become in terms of of the distribution of garbage, and the deterioration of its streets.

Representative Ashraf Al-Shabrawi reviewed the request for briefing using photos that monitor the condition of the streets in the West Mansoura district, and the accumulation of water and garbage in it.

Al-Shabrawy also criticized the governor’s removal from the Mit Ghamr post, after spending large sums of money on its establishment, pointing out that there was a difference in the governor’s dealings with the governor’s deputies regarding citizens’ requests.

The requests also included three requests for information submitted by MP Makram Radwan, the first of which concerned measures taken by the government to prevent citizens from setting up arbitrary industrial speed bumps and violations on public roads, whether affiliated with the Public Authority for Roads and Bridges, localities, the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, or even those that pass between agricultural lands. To preserve the lives of citizens and the state’s money wasted in this regard.

Also a request for an information session on the failure to complete the pavement of General Buhaira Bank Road, although it is one of the main roads connecting the centers of the northern Dakahlia governorate, and between the centers of Sharkia and Damietta governors.

The third request came from Deputy Makram Radwan, to stop the procedures for allocating the piece of land in Ezbet 12 of the Yusufiya Local Unit – Bani Obeid Center and City – Dakahlia Governorate, and its area is 16 thousand square meters for the benefit of the Egyptian Silo and Storage Control Company

Representative Makram Radwan reviewed the reasons for his request, including the existence of silos in the area that meet his needs, and that the construction of other silos will lead to increased loads on the roads in this area, which will lead to an increase in their wear and tear and an increase in traffic jams and congestion.

Radwan stressed the region’s need for this land to complete the projects of the “Dignified Life” initiative, in addition to the waste of public money, which will hamper the privatization procedures, as it is state-owned land granted free of charge to a holding company. .

The requests also included a request for information submitted by Representative Khaled Al-Haddad on the extraction of part of the land from the landfill in the El-Gamal facility, Minyat Al-Nasr Center – Dakahlia Governor – in the erection of an advanced butchery serving the Minya Al-Nasr center, provided the old butchery is moved outside the block, to stop the development work of the existing butchers Inside the apartment block.

As well as the information request submitted by Representative Muhammad Naguib regarding the non-payment of compensation to homeowners on the Salam Canal Bridge and Manzala Lake, which has been removed since 2017, which counts 150, even though these homes are legalized as “rent “. ”By the Fisheries Authority.

Dr. Ayahl Mukhtar, governor of Dakahlia, in turn said the governor had contracted to exploit the public parks in El-Gish Street in Mansoura to establish kiosks and barns, and businessmen in Dakahlia were offered to develop and beautify those parks. in exchange. because they gave them their names for life, but no one responded. The offer therefore accepted the offer of the company carrying out the kiosk project.

And the governor added in his response to the request for information submitted by Representative Dhaha Assi: “The people of Mansoura are among the richest people in Egypt, and they travel to Cairo and Alexandria to buy from brands.”

On the congestion crisis in the streets of Mansoura, he said the number of owners’ cars in Mansoura is 130,000, in addition to more than 300,000 cars that drive Mansoura daily.

He explained that this was the reason behind the speedy implementation of the road rehabilitation plan, saying: “We do not want to talk about projects before they are implemented because I am working on a circular principle about your candle being tied.”

The governor of Dakahlia has indicated that the governor has replaced and renewed the sewer and water network in Mansoura, after it was proven to be deteriorating as the sewer line in Port Said Street exploded three times within 8 hours.

Eng. Ahmed El-Sigini, Chairman of the Committee, in turn emphasized the importance of cooperation and mutual appreciation between the executive and the legislature in order to ultimately serve the citizen, and emphasized the importance of the monitoring tools used by the delegates word.

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