Oman Cables Industry wins Manufacturing Excellence Award for Empowering Local Talent 2022

Muscat, Oman: Oman Cables Industry Company (SADC), the leading industrial cable manufacturer in the Sultanate of Oman, won the Manufacturing Excellence Award for Empowering Local Talents during its participation in the 2022 Manufacturing Summit organized by Oman Magazine . . Economic Review “.

The company won the award because it increased its employment rate by almost 50% this year by providing training and development programs to hone the skills and abilities of the local workforce.

The summit provided an opportunity for the company to present its plan to support Oman’s 2040 vision by relying on world – class innovative production technologies to improve the country’s competitiveness.

The summit was attended by Cinzia Varese, CEO of Oman Cables Industry and CEO of the Prismian Group for the Middle East, Turkey and India, who in turn explained the company’s commitment to supporting economic diversification in the Sultanate of Oman through the production and delivery of the most advanced cable technology.

Oman Cables Industry Company adopts the vision of “empowerment, innovation and excellence”, which includes its products and services in addition to the opportunities available to its workforce.

As part of the Prismian Group, the company focused on access to the Prismian Academy, which includes Prismian Business School, Prismian Vocational School and Prismian Digital School, which enables employees to benefit from training programs organized in partnership with international business schools on individual skills development.

The company has also launched several educational initiatives to achieve long-term sustainability for the growth of the company and its workforce, where development programs are designed to improve employee skills and empower local talent in sales, control and finance.

Each program lasts three to five years, with digital and technical training and project experience, enabling employees to learn about workplace cultures in Italy, North America and Asia to enhance the learning experience.

Oman Cables Industry Company also offers the opportunity to earn a Mini MBA degree to provide middle and senior management with leadership skills that will enrich their careers and take them to greater heights.

The company also offers a youth program that has so far provided Omani employees with experience in the Pressman group of companies in a number of countries, namely: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and the United Arab Emirates.

Cinzia Varese, CEO of Oman Cables Industry and CEO of Prismian Group for the Middle East and Turkey Region, said: “The Sultanate of Oman is moving to a new stage of technological advancement in the manufacturing sector through innovation, and the expansion of the Omani industrial sector through innovation is in line with the approach of Oman Cables Company.In investment in employees and empowerment, to prepare an Omani team that has the skills and experience needed to lead change and the strategic goals of the company and the nation. ”She explained that winning the award confirms the company’s commitment to Omani and national industries and prepares Oman Cables to build a sustainable future in line with the Sultanate’s vision for the future.

The company’s CEO confirmed that “Thanks to collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation to implement targeted plans and programs within the company’s comprehensive strategy, we were able to be a workplace that learns and develops helps within an environment that includes 13 different nationalities, and the company will continue to empower its employees and develop their capabilities to achieve their professional goals.

It is noteworthy that the Manufacturing Summit 2022 was an ideal opportunity to explore opportunities, challenges and a roadmap for realizing the full potential of the manufacturing sector in Oman, as the summit focused more on the topic “Smart Manufacturing: Improvement of competitiveness, innovation “. and Transformation ”, and brought together civil servants and managers

Managers, consultants and analysts to take advantage of Omani’s creativity in parallel with the most innovative production techniques in line with the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq to develop a modern and technologically advanced manufacturing base.

The summit was held on 27 June 2022 under the auspices of His Excellency Dr. Saleh bin Saeed Al-Masn, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Promotion of Investment for Trade and Industry, and shed light on all aspects of manufacturing. process. It also addressed a number of major topics such as: consumer-driven manufacturing, smart factories, and the industrial revolution. Fourth, the digital economy, the improvement of quality skills and lean manufacturing practices, and the improvement of quality levels to achieve world-class performance. .


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Oman Cables Industry Company

Oman Cables Industry Company (SADC), the leading cable manufacturer in the Sultanate of Oman, develops, manufactures and markets a fully integrated diversified range of electrical products, including medium voltage power cables, low voltage power and control cables, instrumentation cables, pilot cables, overhead cables power transmission line, conductors and building wires, Oman Cables Company also offers cables with special features and suitable for different types of applications, environmental conditions or as per customer requirements. Oman Cables Industry Company owns SADC) has offices in Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and has an extensive network of distributors and agents throughout the Middle East, Turkey, Asia and Europe.

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