The Agricultural Bank opens the data center within the comprehensive development strategy

Alaa Farouk, chair of the board of the Agricultural Bank of Egypt, inaugurated the project to develop and modernize the data center “Data Center” at the bank’s head office, so that for the first time the bank has an integrated technology system according to the latest international standards that meet its operational needs and the needs of its customers, as part of the comprehensive development strategy implemented by the bank in all its sectors, including the development of the technological infrastructure in line with the latest methods used is engaged in banking, and assuring its ability to expand services and digital products and updates in the bank’s business in the future, with the highest levels of quality and security standards.

The head of the Agricultural Bank inspected all the data center units, and listened to a detailed explanation about the center, which includes the latest equipment for data centers in the world, and one of the few centers in Egypt that has managed the international To obtain UPTIME. accredited by the American Institute UPTIME Institute, where the center is located on an area of ​​1,000 square meters, with a capacity of 54 shelves and a capacity of 10 kVA for each rack, which is enough capacity to run all the time accommodate and meet -termin updates.

He pointed out that the center is equipped according to the latest technological systems and applications, and designed according to the standard standards of Tier 3 data centers, and has all the elements of performance at the highest technical level for information networks, in addition to security and security factors such as early warning systems for fires, self-extinguishing and other elements.

He pointed out that the data center development and modernization project was entrusted to Raya Information Technology Company to implement the project, which is one of the leading companies in the field of establishing and equipping data centers using the latest technical solutions and in accordance with the highest international standards and specifications, in collaboration with the international consulting and information systems company “ACIS” which has the expertise. The project is also under the supervision of the Sabbour Engineering Consulting Office, which is one of the well-established consulting offices. to a team from the information technology sector at the Agricultural Bank of Egypt, who monitored the progress of the project during the implementation period in accordance with the standard specifications and the bank’s needs from the data center 24 hours a day.

The opening of the data center was attended by Sami Abdel Sadiq, Vice-Chair of the Business Sector Board, Mohamed Ihab, Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for Support Sectors, ing. Ahmed Abdullah, managing director of the international consultation. and Information Systems “ACIS”, ing. Hisham Abdel Rasoul, managing director of Raya, and ing. Omar Sabbour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sabbour Engineering Consultancy Company, Ihab Al-Wazzan, Chief Information Technology Officer at the Bank, and a number of the Bank’s leaders and representatives of the implementation and oversight companies.

Alaa Farouk thanked the companies implementing the project, emphasizing that they are partners of success and spared no effort to complete this project in accordance with the highest international standards and specifications for the design of data centers, and for the acquisition of international accreditations for the center despite the challenges they faced during the implementation phase.

Farouk said: “The data center was established and equipped to keep pace with the bank’s requirements to modernize the technological infrastructure at the highest level to suit its peers around the world, and in accordance with our directives that the bank best banking services and financing solutions and services to meet the needs of its clients of all categories and segments, according to the highest quality standards. ”

He added: “For the first time, the bank owns a data center that contributes to accelerating the implementation of our ambitious digital transformation strategy to keep pace with the major developments in the banking sector, in line with the state’s vision and the directions of the Central Bank of Egypt under the leadership of His Excellency Governor Tariq Amer, given that digital transformation is the basis on which the state depends to apply the idea of ​​the “New Republic” in the implementation of the prescriptions of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, and in an effort to improve financial inclusion and attract more groups to the banking system, the most important of which is the youth group, which uses technology to complete all its transactions and the Central Bank’s activate digital transformation initiatives.

He pointed out that the bank is currently implementing its plan to digitize all our banking and finance services and to launch a set of digital products and smart applications that meet the needs of its customers to use digital banking services and to find alternative pay channels.

Farouk emphasized the bank’s zeal to provide the necessary training to its human cadres, who are responsible for implementing this strategy, through intensive training programs to develop their skills, and to attract the best banking expertise to benefit from it. in the electronic banking, information technology and other sectors, which enables us to offer banking applications and digital banking products according to The highest quality in the banking sector.

Eng. Ahmed Abdullah, managing director of ACIS, in turn confirmed that the opening of the main data center of the Agricultural Bank of Egypt is a great achievement for all the partners in this project because of the value it will add to the Agricultural Bank of Egypt in the in particular and to the banking sector in general, to contribute to the provision of technological services. And digital banking products that benefit a wide range of customers, in line with the state’s guidelines to digitize all services.

Eng. Hisham Abdel Rasoul, Managing Director of Raya Information Technology, praised the collaboration with the Agricultural Bank of Egypt to establish the data center to contribute to the achievement of the bank’s objectives to keep pace with information development and to ensure compliance with international standards , which comes as a result of Raya’s extensive tools and expertise in data center development Data and its ability to adapt technological solutions to achieve the highest levels of performance. In addition, Raya is committed to adopting the designs of the UPTIME International Institute Center, which specializes in the study and evaluation of global data centers, making the Agricultural Bank Data Center one of the few centers to succeed. have to obtain this certificate. , which sets out many determinants that must be met to ensure the highest levels of quality.

Ing Omar Sabbour expressed his congratulations on completing the project according to the requirements and needs of the Agricultural Bank of Egypt to keep pace with technological developments in the banking market and in line with international standards, noting that the consulting firm Hussein Sabbour supervised all the project’s work and adopted the highest levels of quality in implementation, including construction, architectural and civil works, without affecting the workflow of the main building.

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