The government lost people and the opposition did not win them

date of publication:
27 June 2022 10:56 GMT

Update date: 27 June 2022 13:30 GMT

The head of the Egyptian Karama party, Ahmed El-Tantawy, acknowledged that the Egyptian opposition was living in a bad situation, as “the government lost people, but the opposition did not get them either.”

In his interview with “Erm News”, Al-Tantawi rejected the Egyptian government’s justifications about the current living conditions and attributed them to urgent global crises, such as: the Corona epidemic and the war in Ukraine.

Before the start of the first national dialogue sessions scheduled for the first week of next July, Tantawi touched on several axes, most notably Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s criticism of him during the inauguration of Egypt’s future agricultural production project on the 21st of last May, saying: “Be aware and be aware of the decline A man against a man and you talk while you do not know the subject, people hear you, and when you find the words in order, you think the words are true, and you have wronged yourself and you have wronged the speech, ”and a few days before Tantawi came out in a dialogue in which he harshly criticized the Egyptian government.

I know what to say

Al-Tantawi said: “Personally, I speak only what I know, and I am a responsible man. I speak accurate and disciplined words, and I do not allow myself otherwise, and although the opposition is not obliged to find an alternative ”but my approach, to which I have committed myself since the first day I presented myself to people, is that I propose the alternative, but I do not refuse the non-specialist to express his pain,” and adds, “I’m ready to have any debate. Official, with the information I have in the files I speak.”

Al-Tantawi continued: “Since a message was sent to me personally, I confirm that I only speak what I know with accuracy, responsibility and discipline, but I have the right to ask the government: Where is the law on freedom? of information circulation? Where are the guarantees of the Egyptian people to own a press, and a free media that is not controlled by it? Professional rules only?

He added, “What is required is that every official in the country does his job and is not arrogant that he listens to the people of knowledge, experience and competence, and ultimately any authority and any member thereof, regardless his position., is an employee of the people. ”

Opposition challenges

On the criticism leveled against the Egyptian opposition, as it is not expressive of the street and separate from it in the escalating disputes between its components, El-Tantawi did not deny the bad situation in which the opposition lives, saying: “I can say that the government has lost people, but the opposition has not won them,” he wonders at the same time, “Is that fair? That there is an expensive price for those who oppose, or just because they express their opinion peacefully in in accordance with the constitution and the law? With reference to the taxes paid by the opposition in Egypt.

Al-Tantawi sent a message to unidentified parties in his dialogue, saying: “I learned the hard lesson at an expensive price. The rules have changed, and the only way to silence me is to die or As for the harm to others around me again, it’s useless to me, “and adds,” Of course it’s painful for me and I have acknowledged that You have succeeded in pressing my heart, but You will not be able to break my will. ”

Tantawi mentions some of the official bodies he refused to name, explaining the fact that he was prevented from appearing in the Egyptian media, saying: “I am unhappy, as my position on the Tiran and Sanafir agreement, my name is only named after defamation accusations and defamation amounting to insults and defamation. “

government justifications

Al-Tantawi criticized the Egyptian government’s handling of the current difficult situation and attributed its causes to global emergency crises, such as the Corona pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, saying that before those crises, the government “did not achieve impressive results”. do not have. , ”And adds,“ With regard to economic and social standards, human development and human rights. ” Human rights and citizens’ freedoms. We are regressing in international indicators, and we are regressing from our peers in countries that live in similar conditions to ours. ”

Al-Tantawi was of the opinion that “the role of the state in providing for the basic needs of citizens is declining sharply, not on the indicators of speeches and official statements, but on the indicators of international official bodies conducting annual assessments,” and pointed out that “international figures issued by institutions from which the Egyptian government seeks good explanations. In terms of growth rates, it says catastrophic words, indicating that two out of every 3 Egyptians are either poor or around the extreme poverty line,” he said.

colliding seine

And on the presidential call for national dialogue, and what was recently raised about the position on the Muslim Brotherhood, and whether it has a place in the dialogue ?, Al-Tantawi said that “this question is addressed to the person in control of the call, ”and adds,“ there are conflicting and incomprehensible signals, so we hear from those who trust us that they do not speak their tongue, then we see a brochure issued by the National Training Academy of the group as one. of the factions that welcomed the call for dialogue. “

And the head of the Karama Party added: “In general, comprehensively and with clear words, every Egyptian citizen respects the constitution and the law. The Egyptian state must abide by the provisions of the constitution and the law in dealing with it. in the opposition seats.

peaceful trade

Regarding the fears of the ordinary citizen about the opposition’s movements for fear of slipping into chaos, Al-Tantawi said: “I say to these people, we are people who believe in the constitutional and legal track, and others are those who confiscate it. “Skin side, which the country can not afford and we should not risk it.”

He stressed that “the people have the right, and it is the duty of the government to ensure a peaceful exchange for it through elections that meet the standards and guarantees of integrity.”

The position of the army

Regarding the Egyptian military establishment, Ahmed El-Tantawy expressed his full appreciation for it, adding: “He who thinks these countries can have a list is insane when his army, God forbid, is subjected to an earthquake and I’m a healthy man. “

The head of Jaz al-Karama continued: “If we appeal to the constitution, if we appeal to patriotism and history, then the Egyptian military institution is the jewel in the crown of Egyptian patriotism … Who offering blood is not proud of him for giving money. “

Al-Tantawi recalled a previous conversation with him during the discussion of constitutional amendments in the previous parliament in 2019, during which he stressed “the inviolability of linking the fixed with the variable, and the removal of the military institution from the status quo” of national consensus, until it becomes a substance in the quarrels of politics, ”and the need for“ no one to come into contact with it and no one to turn behind it. ” “That is not true, since the military establishment is the pillar of the tent for the Egyptian state.”

The Renaissance Dam Crisis

Al-Tantawi also indicated that talking about internal crises and disputes between the opposition and the government prevented sufficient attention to the crisis of the Renaissance dam, which threatens the existence of the Egyptian state, and said: “We are days away from it. to move after a catastrophe. greater than collapse and humiliation (referring to the third filling of the Renaissance dam).), at a time when we did not speak a single word about the dam crisis, and in this file “We are serious about the level of solutions and it is the duty of the government to listen to them. Because this disaster will not only fall on the head of the government, but it will change the current form of the Egyptian state,” in considered that “the authority has no right to monopolize the decision in this file.”
On the characteristics of their vision of their intention to present to the Egyptian leadership through the national dialogue on the dam crisis, Al-Tantawi said: “Within the bounds of what is right to be said in public, we have a vision of how to utilize the comprehensive military, political, economic and technical resources of the Egyptian state, based on specialization, study and experience in this matter.

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