Tips for decorating a small home

Families with few individuals are more likely to buy small apartments so that the area of ​​one of them does not exceed 130 (or 150) square meters, which saves the price of the property, as well as the requirements for cooling, heating and lighting. .. How can a house with a limited space be decorated so that it looks attractive in its appearance?
In the following, the interior design engineer, Reham Farran, answers the question of “”, and talks about the conditions associated with the soft colors and the sedentary lines, to which the designer must attach importance in the preparation of the decorations of the small house.

Small home decor essentials

Light colors, especially neutral, are desirable for walls in a small house

Light colors, especially neutral, such as white, sugar and gray, are desirable for walls, whether the latter painted or covered with wallpaper (even with wood). As for the ceiling, it is inevitable to paint it with white paint (the color of milk) or to choose the aforementioned color for the plasterwork that adorns it.

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In terms of floors, engineer Reham points out that “dark or multi-material, that is, the floors covered by two types of marble (or ceramic), one of which is light in color and the other dark, indicates a lack of space. ” Therefore, she asks that the floors of the rooms of the house with limited space (except for the floors). Bathroom) with the same type of tiles (ceramic, for example marble, or parquet) are tiled, as well as the same color (sugar, beige, beige gray, white or light wood).

Interior Design Engineer Reham Fran

The lighting in the rooms of the small apartment combines yellow and white colors (sun and moon), which ensures the color of the space, with the importance of choosing the descending units (chandeliers) and “spotlights”.

Small home decorating tips

Furniture in a small living room has a good look and provides comfort to the occupants
  • Entrance: The wall opposite the front door of the house is covered with mirrors, which gives a feeling of comfort. The said space may include a shelf above a natural plant.
  • Lounge: The room performs the functions of gathering family members, as well as receiving guests, which requires that it be equipped with appropriate, beautiful and comfortable furniture, or the family members now sit with the purpose of watching TV or even lying on it. In this context, the engineer, Reham, lists the appropriate colors for furniture fabrics, which are: gray, beige, light blue or light pink, that is, light colors in general. Engineer Reham emphasizes the importance of having a dining area in the space, as long as the table and chairs are well thought out in terms of sizes and comfort, and away from the choice of dividers that insulate between the corners. The walls are decorated with colorful (or fiery) paintings and accessories. As for the floors, it is spread with small pieces of ordinary carpets, and the windows are obscured by light curtains which, in terms of size, do not exceed them just a little. The TV is installed in a place so that it can be viewed by those sitting in the sitting area, such as in the dining area, provided that the aforementioned place is covered with mirrors, with two pairs of shelves running lengthwise to the right and left of the TV screen. The four shelves are decorated with crystal accessories, candles or books, as well as plants.

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  • Master bedroom: It is suitable for painting the walls of the master bedroom, with a light color. As for the bed, a fabric-lined one is finally in vogue, and it fits in with a narrow room, as long as the material is chosen in gray, light gray (or pink, light blue or gray). Cabinets with mirror fronts also replace the space, as well as a mirror table built into the wall, complete with drawers, and with a separate mirror.
It is preferable to choose light colors for the master bedroom
  • Boys ‘(or girls’) bedroom: It is equipped with two beds stacked on top of each other, which holds a place for storage in its practical design. The storage space takes the form of a ladder that connects the two beds. But if each of the two beds is spread out on a wall in the room, perpendicular, then the space in the middle of the two beds is for the entertainment of the occupants of the room. In the lower space of each bed in this design there is a place for storage.
    A bed built into the bottom of another bed, to be pulled out when it’s bedtime

    On the other hand, the engineer, Reham, suggests choosing one bed, with another bed integrated into it, so that it is pulled out when bedtime arrives, indicating that the room is larger than it actually is . The cupboards are painted in a light color that suits the occupants of the room, with shelves spread on the walls.

The kitchen in the house is small in size

Narrow kitchen cabinets “closed” and white

Small kitchen cabinets look “closed” and white, with kitchen “accessories” spread out on one wall. Another idea is to distribute the kitchen units in the shape of the letter L. Whatever the shape of the kitchen, it is necessary to pay attention to the hidden lighting in it, with the choice of floor white (or gray), the walls covered with white ceramic, and the ceiling painted with white paint. In this space, engineer Reham does not advise the presence of accessories and plants, and asks for an increase in the number of cabinets and drawers so that none of the stuff appears on the sink, indicating that the place is cluttered.

It is appropriate to choose a large mirror for a narrow bathroom

The bathroom in turn includes white sanitary ware, a large mirror and light-colored rugs. The bathroom walls are clad in ordinary light-colored ceramics, and the shower cubicle is framed by a transparent frame to make room.

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